Racy Antique Valentine’s Post Cards

The snow is coming down here in Virginia and I have yet another day off from school.  We’ve missed the entire week!  I love staying home and have enjoyed every second of this unexpected vacation. 

Today I’m sharing some “racy” postcards from 100 years ago.  The saying on some of them really make me laugh because I always think about people in the past being so prim and proper. 

This is my favorite!



The next two were sent between my relative, Lizzy Hughes, and a girlfriend.  I love how the girlfriend put Lizzy’s initials on the girl and her boyfriend’s on the boy. 






Happy Friday!  I hope the day is a good one for everyone.  I’m hoping that Mr. SP and I might play a little tennis today.  I’ve played every day this week.  Not working is so much fun!


  1. These are just great! I hope you have a way of displaying them. I only have one family Valentine and I have it in a frame.

    No store opening today! Next week should be utter chaos at the store.
    I hope you don’t have any summer plans because you will spend your entire June in make up sessions.

    Go work on your tennis game.

  2. Don’t you just love vintage cards. Enjoy the snow….we have a very cold rain here. Not so much fun! 🙁

  3. Very fun Vintage Valentines!!!

    We DO have some interesting “hang overs” from the past that NOW have totally OTHER meanings – – –

    “Don we now our gay apparel”

    as just ONE example – – –

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