Three Things

The sky is blue and the snow has finally stopped falling here in Virginia.  A lot of people get stir crazy after being cooped up during a snow but I like it.  I can always find something to do!

I noticed three things this morning that make me happy.  The first is my orchid.  It sent out a long shoot and is preparing to bloom.  I enjoy checking its progress from time to time.  Last year it bloomed in April, maybe it will be earlier this year.


My running buddy shared a basil plant with me.  It is a real treat to have fresh basil in the middle of the winter.


My grandmother made this wreath long ago.  She used it in the winter on her nursing room door.  She even decorated there.  I’m so glad that my aunt let me have it.  Don’t you like how Granny alternated using the tops and bottoms of the pine cones?  Hanging her wreath and enjoying it makes me happy.


Can you think of three things that make you happy today?


  1. Awhhhh – what a sweet wreath — my parents used to have one on their coffee table — haven’t thought about it for years — thanks for a “happy reminder”!

  2. wreath is sweet!

    1. sunshine through blinds (causing those lines of sun and shadow)

    2. moonlight – the color fascinates me

    3. knowing valentine’s day is coming!

  3. 1. Sunshine coming through my windows this AM!!! YAY!!

    2. Sunshine coming through my windows…. This one makes me so happy I have to count it twice

    3. The 2 Charleston prints I found at a great price at an antique market yesterday. So pretty!!!

  4. Love the pinecone wreath. 🙂

    Hmm… 3 things….

    1. My house is clean!
    2. Its Sunday, so no work
    3. Nice, cool weather here in Florida.

  5. I absolutely love your orchid and the wreath your grandmother made. Awesome. I heard orchids were hard to care for. Is that true for you? I am seeing them in the grocery store but I hesitate. I can’t bear to lose a plant!

    My three things:

    1) I am reading Julie and Julia and loving every page.

    2) I am happy that I am spending more time reading than blogging again!

    3) I am inspired by the book to spend the afternoon cooking a complicated recipe (don’t know what, yet. Maybe I will blog about it after I have finished the book!!


  6. Oooh, Paula, love your granny’s wreath! I do love the alternating sides!
    1. I had a great nap today, love that Sunday is a day of rest.
    2. Great friends and church family
    3. Warm, cozy home, even though it needs to be cleaned! ;D

    Congrats on your orchid bud!

  7. That wreath is GORGEOUS!! Love it. 🙂

    Happy for me today?
    1. The neighbor’s excavator
    2. Homemade Cafe Mochas
    3. Fresh baked Chocolate Chip Oat Bars
    4. Super Bowl commercials


  8. 1. We have a new baby in the family today-Emma Catherine-our new great-niece!
    2. I talked to my daughter Catherine in Richmond, and she is snowbound, happy, and learning how to crochet!
    3. My son David and his two dogs Timmy and Burt came out for a visit. We’ve been in hibernation since Thursday night and it was good to see some friendly faces!

  9. Can’t believe the snow outside your house! Hmmmm, three things that made me happy today?

    1) It was a beautiful day in South Florida today

    2) The Saints won the Super Bowl!

    3) Enjoyed lots of good food today.

  10. I love the wreath – it reminds me of hen and chicks.

    1. Yesterday, a warm cozy house and views of gently falling snow out the window.

    2. Today, bright, bright sunshine on a deep blanket of snow.

    3. Hearing my hubby talking excitedly about putting baseboards down in “his” room we just painted.

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