What Breed is Sherman?

Sherman Skulina

Since adopting Sherman in March, we have been very curious to know what breed Sherman is.  The Humane Society advertised Sherman as a Shepard mix puppy but we soon realized that he more closely resembles a Rottweiler.

Sherman puppy


Sheman was a little over two months when we got him. He is a high energy dog and keeps us busy satisfying his exercise needs.

Baby Sherman Skulina in the Snow


Sherman has really grown in his first year.  He will be one year old on January 12.

Sherman Relaxing

We are lucky to live near many trails with a creek because Sherman loves to swim.  In fact, no matter what the temperature, Sherman is happy to take a dip in the creek.

Sherman Runs up the Blackwater Creek Bank


Sherman loves to run and play.  His hobbies include chasing deer and squirrels, hunting for moles, and eating.  He also loves to get a belly rub.

Sherman Skulina Running


Sherman lives a hard life!

Sherman Skulina Relaxing

We ordered a DNA kit from Amazon before Christmas to find out Sherman’s heritage.  When the results come back, we’ll know Sherman’s heritage through his great-grandparents.

Wisdom Panel 2.0 Breed Identification DNA Test



You can see that Sherman was pretty thrilled when the kit arrived.

Sherman and his DNA Test


What is your opinion on Sherman’s breed?  I’d love for you to leave a comment to let us know what you think.  The results should be back in the next few days and it will be fun to see who guessed correctly.  You can see Sherman’s DNA results here.




  1. He looks like rottweiller and lab mix. I had one with that mix. He was the best dog so sweet and kind (especially considering his first owner abused him). He passed away last year. He was 15 years old.

  2. Possibly part Doberman. My dear departed (2004) Tasha, whom I adopted from the local Humane Society when she was 11 months old and humungous! was a Chocolate Lab/Doberman mix. She had those same distinctive tan markings on her face and her ears were somewhat similar to your doggie’s. Will be interested to see what the DNA results are 🙂

  3. We had a girl dog named Maggie that looks so much like Sherman…..she was 15 going on 16 when she passed away peaceful and not a sick day in her life! Praise God! I miss that old girl!! She was my husbands dog (about 3 months old) when I met him and when she died, I told him that I had never know him a day without her in our lives. She was golden retriever/ rot mix……she had the body of the golden but the color of the rot. Cant wait to hear your results!

    And by the way, thank you for giving Sherman a home and adopting from a shelter….my husband and I both work with a local no-kill shelter in our area (he is chairman of the board and I work on fundraising) and we we are always striving to get people to adopt from the shelter…..it is a never ending task here in the south….one goes out for adoption and 2 or 3 more come in to fill their spot. But it is all worth it to see the stories like Sherman and his new life! What a blessing!!

  4. So glad I didn’t miss this!! I’m playing “catch-up” since Christmas and the end of the year!! I just love when the post has or is about Sherman!! My guess would be Rottweiler/Shepherd/Labrador and just plain HANDSOME!! You can just tell he is well loved!! The expression on his face when you showed him his DNA kit is priceless!!

  5. First, thumbs up for you and your family for adopting instead of buying a puppy! There are so many abandoned animals in all cities that I wonder what´s wrong with people´s hearts, where´s their compassion?
    I think Sherman is a shepherd + Rott mix. His forehead and eyes makes me think of a Rott (yet he has grandpa´s nose.. i mean the shepherd LOL. His color and love for water: that´s his Rott part!
    Both breeds are wonderful, loyal, loving, playful and very smart. You´ll never be disapointed by him, but be careful: Roots tend to believe they´re lap dogs, at least mine thinks so 😉
    Many blessings

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