Vintage Easter Decorations in the Family Room

It is hard to believe that Easter is less than three weeks away. I like decorating for Easter almost as much as decorating for Christmas. Today I’m sharing how I decorated our family room for Easter.

Vintage Easter basket filled with speckle painted eggs and a vintage German postcard

Vintage Easter Decorations in the Family Room

I’m so happy that this room is decorated for Easter because it is where we relax each evening and seeing my Easter decorations in this room makes me very happy.

Family decorated for Easter with vintage

We will start with the coffee table and work our way around the room to see my mostly vintage decorations.

Coffee Table Easter Decorations

On the coffee table I filled a toolbox that my dad made with pastel Easter eggs.

Pink, green brown speckled eggs displayed in a vintage toolbox

You probably remember this toolbox from my Ideas for Decorating with Vitnage Toolboxes post.

Most of these eggs came from Pier One and are no longer available. This set from Amazon is similar.

Pink, green brown speckled eggs displayed in a vintage toolbox

End Table Decorations

I had so much fun unpacking my Easter totes and deciding what to display where.

I filled an Easter basket that I found at Goodwill a long time ago with DIY speckled eggs that I made last year.

Vintage Easter basket filled with speckle painted eggs and a vintage German postcard

This was a simple project and they look a lot like the Pier 1 eggs that I used on the coffee table.

Handmade speckled Easter eggs

The postcard displayed beside the basket was sent to my great-great-aunt from Hattie and doesn’t have a postmark, so it must have been sent in an envelope.

I’m wondering if it was sent from Germany since the postmark says, “A Happy Easter” in German.

Ein Frohes Osterfest vintage Easter German postcard

The other end table also is decorated for Easter.

Spring and Easter decor in a family room

I decorated the table with a Hull pottery basket filled with a nest and feather, eggs in an old candy jar, chicks, and faux Forsythia in an unmarked vase my mom gave me when I was in college.

I found the Hull basket long ago in a local antique shop. This green version is also really pretty.

Forsythia in a white pottery vase, Hull USA basket pottery filled with a nest, chicks, eggs in a vintage glass lidded candy jar

I’m pretty sure that I remember candy coming in lidded jars like this in the 70s or 80s. I love how the jar looks filled with eggs and displayed with the two chicks.

Vintage glass lidded candy holder filled with faux eggs, two chicks, two antique books

The books are England, copyright 1906 and Bergen’s Botany Key and Flora copyright 1908. My mom gave both to me.

I love the pop of yellow from the Forsythia in this corner.

Vintage white vase filled with faux Forsythia

Corner Shelf Easter Decoration

This corner is decorated for Easter with blue. The cobalt blue vase is Blenko.

My grandmother and her next-door neighbor enjoyed traveling to Blenko glass in Milton, WV and this vase was purchased on one of their trips. This vase is similar.

The Blue Ridge Pottery lamb plate was my dad’s and dates to the early 1940s. A lamb plate like this must be rare as I couldn’t find one like it anywhere that I searched.

The butterfly art in the background is the work of Liz Bryant from Roseland, VA. My mother bought this in the early 1980s.

Vintage cobalt blue vase filled with pussy willow, vintage Blue Ridge Pottery lamp plate, nest in a Greek pottery bowl

My niece purchased the small blue bowl while in Greece and gave it to me after her trip. I filled it with a tiny nest.

Nest in a Greek pottery bowl

Decorations on the Pie Safe

The last spot to share is how I decorated the top of our pie safe for Easter.

Easter display on a chest in a family room

I started decorating this spot by hanging a mossy rabbit head on the chicken wire. I purchased this at the Montpelier gift shop a few years ago.

Easter Vignette with a 1942 and 1961 Peter Rabbit book, antique egg shipping crate, 1960 rabbit with honeycomb base and eggs

Next, I added a vintage egg shipping crate that relatives used to ship eggs from Roanoke, VA to family in Washington, DC. Don’t miss seeing the inside of this crate!

Moss covered rabbit hanging on a frame with chicken wire, 1942 and 1961 Peter rabbit books, and an antique egg shipping crate

On top of the crate, I displayed my dad’s 1942 The Tale of Peter Rabbit book. I photographed all of the pages and you can see them in this post. I couldn’t find a hardcover of this book for sale but I did this adorable 1942 oversized copy.

My husband bought the rabbit for me at an airport many years ago when he was on a business trip.

1942 The Tale of Peter Rabbit book

On the right side of the display, I used a 1960 Easter bunny honeycomb centerpiece that Liberty from B4 and Afters kindly sent to me.

Moss covered rabbit head on a frame backed with chicken wire and other vintage Easter decorations

I’ll share another 1960 honeycomb Easter decoration next week that Liberty also sent when I share the rest of my home’s Easter decorations.

The honeycomb forms the nest and the eggs for this Easter centerpiece. I displayed it on a glass platter and surrounded it with shredded book pages.

Vintage1960 Easter Bunny Honeycomb Centerpiece

I found this cute vintage paper bunny centerpiece for sale on Etsy as well as this one.

The last thing to share is my cousin Mac’s 1961 Peter Rabbit book.

1961 Peter Rabbit book

Mac was nine years older than me and spent a lot of time playing with and taking my brother and me places when we visited his family each summer.

He was one of five children and many of their books were passed on to me and my brother. Sadly, at age 32, Mac died from colon cancer.

Mac now has a grandchild and I’m hoping to be able to send this book to his daughter.

I enjoyed sharing my family room Easter decorations with you. Next Monday I will share the Easter and spring decorations in the rest of my house.


  1. I love your style. It warms the heart, brings back childhood memories and shows your love of family connections. The vintage books and honeycomb Easter decorations are so sweet and I am lucky to have some of the same. Easter blessings to you1

    1. Thank you so much for sending this to me, Liberty! The other rabbit is on my porch and he looks adorable out there.

  2. Love all of your decorations and special pieces. The blue Blenko vase is stunning! I have the same 1961 (my birth year) Peter Rabbit book as your cousin Mac’s. It was my favorite book as a child and my mom told me I completely memorized it. Mine is about in the same condition. I like how you have it displayed. I think I will try the same. So sorry you lost your cousin so young. Gifting that book to his daughter would be so nice. 🙂

    1. Hi, Lynda! It is so neat that you had the same 1961 Peter Rabbit book. Before I send it to my cousin’s daughter, I plan to photograph all of the pages. I’m hoping that she will really treasure the book since it was her dad’s.

  3. I love it all, but especially what you did on the top of the pie safe. The piece from Liberty is adorable. And love the shredded book pages; I need to do some of that. Can’t wait to see the rest next week!

    1. Thank you so much, Lora! I was afraid someone might not like the shredded book pages but I used a discarded library book,so it didn’t make me feel bad to use something that if I hadn’t take it would have been thrown away. It was super nice of Liberty to send that rabbit to me.

  4. Your vintage Easter decor in the family room looks lovely, Paula! And how sweet of Liberty to send you some vintage decorations. So cute! Where did you get your forsythia branches? They are lovely!

    1. Thank you, Julie! Liberty was so kind to send me the rabbit. I have had the Forsythia branches for a few years. Most likely they came from Michaels but it is possible they came from Hobby Lobby.

    1. Thank you! I know my dad made that for fencing tools. If he were still around, it would tickle him that I am now decorating with it.

  5. I have been back through the pics over and over and don’t know which I love the best! I would like to know more about your end table lamps. The tall brown pottery jugs? I love them so much. I truly enjoy all of your decorating style.
    Blessings, Sharon

    1. Thank you, Sharon! The lamps were purchased by my parents when they got married in 1968. They bought them along with the end tables that they are on, the coffee table in the picture, and a sofa, recliner, chair and ottoman that my mom has in her basement family room. I wish I had more information on the lamps. When we rewired them, I had hoped to see markings for a manufacturer but there are no marks on the lamp at all.

  6. What pretty Easter decorations. (I can see why you have them in the room where you spend your evenings!) I especially like the bunny postcard. What a treasure.

    Thanks so much for sharing this at our Party in Your PJs link party.

    1. Thank you so much, Nina! I wish that postcard had been sent separately so it would have a stamp and postmark. I really would like to know from where and when it was sent. I suspect that it was sent from Germany but I am not sure.

  7. Paula – It’s so fun to read your stories behind all these pretty pieces. My favorite has to be the postcard. Thanks for getting me in the mood to decorate for Easter! Sue

    1. I love the graphic on that postcard. Now that I think about it, I should have displayed it with my two Peter Rabbit books since it is rabbit themed. I have a stack of early 1900s Easter postcards that I’m hoping to scan and share on my blog before Easter.

    1. I am working on getting Mac’s Peter Rabbit book sent to his daughter. A relative is getting her address for me.

  8. I love all your Easter goodies, everything is so pretty and calming 🙂 I think my favorite might be the vintage children’s books and Easter honeycomb piece!


  9. I really enjoyed this post, Paula. You have so many precious family pieces. Have to say that bunny head “mount” is just adorable with the vignette. I’m featuring your post on All About Home Monday evening. Thanks so much for coming by and linking up. I hope you have a wonderful Easter week!

  10. You have so many cute Easter decorations in your room! How nice to have a tool box that your Dad made:) And I am very partial to pussy willows too. It all looks so nice and Springy!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Paula, it’s always a pleasure to visit your home and see all of your fabulous vintage treasures! I love collecting children’s books, too. The photos are so adorable! The egg shipping crate is so cool…I’ve never seen one like it. And I love the darling blue lamb plate! I hope you had a wonderful Easter with Mr. SP and Sherman.

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