Six Christmas Wreaths to Inspire

Christmas Wreath Ideas


Thanksgiving was wonderful and now we on on to the biggest and most anticipated holiday of the year, Christmas!  I’ve been a busy bee putting away fall and Thanksgiving decorations and getting my house decorated for Christmas.

I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of the wreaths I’ve crafted in years past.  Perhaps they might offer inspiration for your door or mantel decor for Christmas 2012.

One of my personal favorite wreaths is the giant Ornament Wreath – Monogram Style that I crafted for our front door.  A few years later it graced our mantel.  It was time consuming to make but worth it.

Monogram Ornament Wreath


Last Christmas I made Peppermint and Candy Cane Wreaths for my kitchen windows.   I wondered if these candy wreaths would last until the next year and I’m happy to say that they did.  I stored them in a dry spot wrapped in bubble wrap.


My Pinecone Door Decoration was crafted for January, but with a change to red ribbon, this would make a lovely December door decoration.

Another wreath favorite is an evergreen covered Monogram Wreath crafted from a wooden form made my Mr. SP.

Monogram Wreath


Not a Christmas goes by that I don’t craft Evergreen Wreaths for my mantel and doors.  I enjoy collecting greenery and letting it inspire the wreaths that I craft.

Evergreen Wreath for Christmas


This Easy Christmas Wreath went together in less than ten minutes.  It’s crafted using a faux wreath, so I’ve been able to use it several years.


  1. I like the new look of your blog! Very nice. My favorite is the one with the candy canes! I had forgotten about them and last year I told myself I would make them this year. I’ll have to go shopping!

  2. I love the candy cane idea- how cute! I may have to take a try at that.
    I ditched our old door wreath from years past and am starting with a clean slate this year- and I have no idea what kind of wreath I want for our front door- the possibilities are endless!

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