Smith Mountain Lake House Update–Master Bedroom

2017 is rolling on by and I can hardly believe that it is March. Last week I shared the start of a new project at our Smith Mountain Lake House, a patio and walkway to the dock.  Work has started on that project and it’s going to be fun to see the changes each time we visit the lake.

We’ve added a few things to the interior of the house that I thought I’d share.  I’m not one of those people who are quick to decorate for a few reasons: I’m slow to make a decision and I have a tight budget.  All of what I’m showing you today is very budget friendly.

At the beginning of the year when I wrote my January 2017 SML house update, I mentioned that I planned to use two Ikea Rast chests as nightstands in our bedroom.  It didn’t take long to sand and stain them and they are now in use.  This was a thrifty addition to our home that we are really enjoying.  The Rasts cost just $34.99 each and I had the stain and polyurethane that I used for the project on hand.  The knobs are from our local Habitat ReStore and cost just $1 each.


Ikea Rast Chest Used as a Night Stand


I purchased our tufted headboard last summer from Birchlane and the lamps on the Rast chests are from Target.

Ikeas Rast Chest Used as a Night Stand


I’m currently debating what to do with the set of windows that overlook the lake.  We don’t need shades for privacy and I don’t want to obstruct the view.  Knowing me, it will stay just like this for a long time while I think about what I want to do.

Smith Mountain Lake House -Master Bedroom


This corner of the bedroom might be a great place for a chair in the future but for now it is home to the tennis racket table that we made last spring.  The lamp on top is one that I filled and decorated long ago for a blog contest.  I’ve since emptied it and am using it here.

Tennis Racket Table


I visited a small antique shop in Vinton, VA after Christmas and found several things that I’ve added to the lake house.  This framed Norfolk and Western calendar page from August 1959 is one.

Norfolk and Western Railway Calendar Page from August 1959


I found this paint-by-number at Goodwill a few summers ago.

Goodwill found Paint-by-Number


On the other side of the room, we added a mirror that I found at Goodwill and a 1960’s lamp that I rehabbed, also a Goodwill find.  The dresser is one of my first furniture projects and was found on the curb.  I need to add some décor to the top of the dresser but for now I’m enjoying the “less is more” look.

Smith Mountain Lake House Master Bedroom


Slowly but surely we are getting the house decorated.  It’s definitely cozy and a wonderful place to visit.


I have more interior updates to share with you.  Next week, I’ll update you on what we’ve added to the living room.


  1. The master bedroom looks great! I totally agree with the slow decorating! It’s the best way to not impulse buy and be stuck with “temporary” furniture for years.

    1. Thanks, Wendy! It won’t be long until we are both out on the lake enjoying some warm weather. Be sure to stop by if you boat down our cove.


  2. It looks like a very cosy room and the windows overlooking the lake are wonderful. In my dining-room I have no privacy problem either and I just added sheer curtains that are opened most time, but are nice to draw when I have one of those headaches when I can stand harsh light. I can see light white cotton sheer windows framing your raw of windows… I can almost see the lake breeze making them dance…

  3. Paula, I’m originally from Danville and grew up going the Smith Mt. Lake. I’m living vicariously through through your lake house pictures. Thanks for sharing! (I live in Tennessee now)

    1. I am so glad that you enjoy my Smith Mt. Lake posts. We love going there! I didn’t know about it until I went off to college and became friends with a group from Bedford. They talked about going there in the summer. Even after learning about it then, it was well after I was married that I first went there. I’ll have another SML update to share soon!

  4. Hello Paula, I love this natural decoration. I like your combination. You have a beautiful home with adorable decoration. I totally agree with you. I liked your blog and will surely remember all your tips Thanks for sharing such a nice blog. Keep posting!

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