I couldn’t have squeezed one more thing into this day. It was sunny and in the low 60’s here without a cloud in the sky. It was nice to see the sun after so many cloudy, drizzly, cold and dreary days.

I started the day with a 6 am cycle class with my friend, Suzanne. Suzanne is 6 months pregnant and is not letting her pregnancy slow her down at all. After class we went to the city market and had biscuits. Mr. SP and his friends do this every single Thursday after working out, but I never get to go because I have to hustle to get to school on time. It was nice to relax for a bit after class.

After I got home from the Y, I worked on some travel plans for a wedding that we are attending next month in Chicago. The reception for this wedding is at the Brookfield Zoo. This zoo has the most gorgeous landscaping. I’m looking forward to seeing the flowers and of course the animals. It will be interesting to see what a zoo reception will be like.

Some friends asked me to take a doubles tennis lesson this morning. Our pro worked us really hard and hopefully taught us a thing or two. I love our pro! He is such a good instructor. We were outside on the clay courts with the sun shining down. Life doesn’t get much better than that!

Following tennis, I worked in the yard. I had hoped to work in the yard all week, but today was the first decent day that I’ve had. I wasn’t planning on doing this project, but I decided to edge all of my flower beds before I start mulching. I had $350 (a dump truck) of mulch delivered on Tuesday. It is ready and waiting for me to start spreading. I edged for three hours and then it was time for more tennis.

I substitute for a lot of contracts. People like to call me because they know that I’ll almost always say yes if they need a sub. I played with three ladies in their early 60’s this afternoon. It was super fun. My partner and I won the first set and lost the second set. We were down 4-3 in the third set when it was time to quit.

After the second go around of tennis, it was back to edging. I edged until it was almost dark and then came in to work on a craft project. I’ll share my project with you in the morning. I can’t believe that what I did actually worked.

Why is it that I can do all of this exercise and activity and not really be all that tired? If I had taught all day and then played a little tennis, I’d be exhausted. Those middle school kids must be to blame. I dreamed last night that one of my thuggish boys was trying to smother me. I must subconsciously be dreading going back to work. Staying home is much, much, much better!! I like to see how much fun and activity I can fit into a day.

Tomorrow I’m going to the nursing home to see my grandmother and then Saturday I’m going to an auction. The auction is at a house near my mother’s. My great-great grandparents built it and relatives have lived in it ever since. The house is now empty and the contents are being auctioned. It should be interesting.

I hope to post before I go tomorrow on my craft project, but if I don’t, I hope that each and everyone of you have a great weekend.

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