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Traditional Fall Mantel with Vintage Charm

September brings fall with its cooler temperatures, crystal clear skies, and beautiful colors.  When I decorate for fall, I start with my mantel.  This year, I created a Traditional Fall Mantel with Vintage Charm.

Traditional Fall Mantel with Vintage Charm - Get ideas for decorating your mantel for fall. #fall #falldecor #fallmantel #vintagedecor

Fall Ideas Tour

I’m thrilled to share my mantel as part of a Fall Ideas Tour.  Be sure to check out the other mantels shared today, you’ll find links at the end of this post, and come back Tuesday for Fall Tablescapes, Wednesday for Fall DIY, Thursday for Fall Recipes, and Friday for Fall Porches.  I’m really looking forward to the ideas that will be shared this week.

Fall Ideas Tour - Get ideas for fall mantels, tablescapes, diy projects, recipes, and porch decor.

Traditional Fall Mantel with Vintage Charm

I like to decorate for fall with traditional fall colors.  This year, I focused on gold, orange and brown.

Over our mantel hangs an antique mirror from the Shenandoah Valley.  I added some seasonal interest to the mirror with a DIY wheat wreath.  Golden wheat wall decor from the 1970’s, passed along to me by my aunt, flanks the mirror.  I know she’s going to be happy to see that I’m enjoying her old decor.  My mom gave me the vintage box in front of the fireplace and I filled it with dried gourds.  The copper pot holds a fall mum.

Decorate a Traditional Fall Mantel that Incorporates Vintage - Get ideas for decorating your mantel for fall. #fall #falldecor #fallmantel #vintagedecor


Preserved leaves brushed with gold are scattered along the mantel along with acorns and Sweet Gum balls.  The acorns are faux, but I’ve picked up quite a few along with Sweet Gum balls on recent walks with my dog.

Fall Mantel - Get ideas for decorating your mantel for fall. #fall #falldecor #fallmantel #vintagedecor


A group of brass candle holders with burnt orange candles are on each end of the mantel.  I never lost my love of brass, even when it was out of fashion.  One set of these candle holders was a wedding gift and the others I purchased at Kirklands when I first started teaching in 1991.

Brass Candlestick Holders on a Fall Mantel


To the left of the fireplace is an antique music stand that I inherited from my great-great aunt.   The morning light looks so pretty shining through the vintage brown glass bottles displayed there.

Decorate a Traditional Fall Mantel with Vintage Charm - Get ideas for decorating your mantel for fall. #fall #falldecor #fallmantel #vintagedecor


Our living room is in the front of our house and is where our dog spends the majority of his day.  You can’t see him here, but he’s stretched out in front of the chest that’s shown to the right of the picture.  Be sure to come back later this week to see more of this room’s mostly vintage fall decor.

Traditional Fall Mantel and Fall Living Room Decor with Vintage #fall #falldecor #vintagedecor #vintage


I love fall decor and am so glad that I’ll be able to enjoy this room’s decor for a few months.

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Traditional Fall Mantel with Vintage Charm - Get ideas for decorating your mantel for fall. #fall #falldecor #fallmantel #vintagedecor

Get Inspired for Fall

Now it’s time to get some fall inspiration from my blogging friends!  We are sharing ideas all week, so be sure to come back each day to visit the participating bloggers.

Fall Ideas Tour

Fall Ideas Tour - 25 home bloggers share ideas for fall mantels, tablescapes, diy projects, recipes, and porch decor.

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  1. Love the natural elements … my yard is full of those sweet gum pods and I love to bring them inside and use them in my decor!

  2. Oh, it’s so pretty Paula. I love the way you mixed in the old with the new. I feel like anytime you can add a piece of sentiment in your decor it’s just a little more special.

  3. Your mantel is so pretty and classic. I adore all of your vintage items. It’s so nice to have a personal connection to items and think of the person who gave them to you every time you see them. Thanks so much for joing the tour again this year!

  4. Paula, your mantel is so lovely. I adore anything traditional! And I collect brass candlestick holders, too…even when brass wasn’t “cool”! 😉 Love how you’ve used yours here…makes me want to pull mine out.

  5. I’m loving all the vintage touches on you mantel. I’m a big fan of brass, too, and I love how well the gold and brass tones pair with your blue curtains. Such a pretty space.

  6. Oh my goodness you know I adore your vintage charm and I LOVE the fact that you have all the best stories and connections with those treasured pieces! This gorgeous room makes me want to touch everything, is that weird? haha maybe, but it’s all so beautiful – can ya blame me?! xo

  7. Lovely, I love the pops of color; I am a color fiend and tan, gray, and off white are seldom in my color pallette. I have always loved brass and copper, no matter the vogue! Drybrushing the leaves with gold is a great, thrifty thing to do! I have a friend who walks her tiny dog through oak trees and has to take her to the vet several times for blockages because she has eaten acorns–so be beware!

  8. Paula, Your mantel won my heart for one of my features this evening at Share Your Style! Please stop by tonight to read what I had to say about it.

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