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Vintage Inspired Christmas Porch Decor

Welcome to the Christmas season!  Today I’m taking you on a tour of our Christmas porch.

Vintage Style Christmas Porch Decor-virginiasweetpea.com

My porch is part of a two day porch tour hosted by my friend Amy of Atta Girl Says.  Be sure to check out the porches shared by my friends today and come back tomorrow for day two of the tour.

Links to all of the participating blogs are at the end of this post.

2017 Christmas Porch tour

Welcome to my Christmas Porch!

Vintage Inspired Christmas Porch - Get ideas for decorating your porch for Christmas. virginiasweetpea.com

Our porch is on the side of our home and we use it as our main entry.  I like to decorate this space so that it is welcoming for guests and also festive for us to enjoy.

Vintage Style Christmas Porch Decor-virginiasweetpea.com


I used mostly vintage items for this year’s porch decor.  Our door is to the left of the rolling cart and wreath.  As the seasons change, I enjoy switching out the wreath and also the decor on the cart.

Vintage Style Christmas Porch Decor-virginiasweetpea.com


Pine cones that I sprayed with faux snow fill one green vintage bowl and the other holds rose shaped pine cones that I picked up on a walk with our dog, Sherman.

Christmas Decor on the Porch - virginiasweetpea.com


I pulled out my dad’s childhood chalk board for this year’s Christmas porch decor.  He played with it as a child as did me and my brother.  Mr. SP did the Christmas art.

Vintage Inspired Christmas Porch - Get ideas for decorating your porch for Christmas. virginiasweetpea.com



Beside the Christmas art is a vintage Early Dawn Dairy crate from Waynesboro, Virginia, that my mom passed along to me.  Magnolia fills it for the Christmas season.

Vintage Reindeer Chalk Art and an Early Dawn Dairy Crate from Waynesboro, VA-virginiasweetpea.com


This is the first year that I’ve decorated the tree on our porch.  I spent several days making all of the ornaments on the tree.  It took a bit longer than I anticipated, but was well worth the time investment since I love how it looks decorated.

Vintage Style Christmas Porch Decor-virginiasweetpea.com


Mama made my Christmas tree skirt years ago and I look forward to using it each year.   The pillows on the chairs were made from a Big Lots table runner.  I cut it into four pieces to make two pillows.

Vintage Style Christmas Porch Decor-virginiasweetpea.com

The shutter is from my mom’s 1912 home and the sled in front of it was my brother’s.  The wood barrel filled with Magnolia was in Mama’s barn and she let me have it.

Vintage Style Christmas Porch Decor-virginiasweetpea.com


Our porch has Plexiglas panels over the screens, so it warm enough to enjoy almost year-round.  I hope to soon spend some relaxing time in one of these rockers while I looks at the tree and enjoy a book and coffee.

Vintage Style Christmas Porch Decor-virginiasweetpea.com


I inherited the crock from my grandmother and filled it with greens from my yard for the season.  The fruit cake tin was found at an estate sale and the thermos was given to me by a friend who knows I love vintage.

Vintage Style Christmas Porch Decor-virginiasweetpea.com


A 1950 Life Magazine is on the wicker table shelf.  It’s full of vintage goodness and I hope to share some of its contents with you in December.

December 25, 1950 Life Magazine - virginiasweetpea.com


I’m delighted to share my porch with you today.  And I’m glad that I decorated it early this year so that I’ll have a long time to enjoy it.

Christmas on the Porch - A porch decorated for Christmas with Vintage Style. virginiasweetpea.com


Our home is on a corner lot so our neighbors see our tree from both the front of our home and also the side.  As soon as I put this tree up, neighbors starting telling me that they love seeing the lights.  I was definitely first in my neighborhood to have a tree this year!

Christmas on the Porch - A porch decorated for Christmas with Vintage Style. virginiasweetpea.com


I turn the tree on in late afternoon and so much enjoy the lights as darkness encroaches.

Christmas on the Porch - A porch decorated for Christmas with Vintage Style. virginiasweetpea.com


I hope you enjoyed my porch tour and maybe even got a few ideas for decorating your porch for Christmas.

Now check out the other bloggers’ porches for more inspiration!  Click on the links below to visit each Christmas porches.

Christmas Porch Tour - Festive ideas for decorating porches for Christmas. virginiasweetpea.com

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    1. Thank you, Pam! I had to hot glue that table runner together to make the pillows because I couldn’t get my sewing machine bobbin to cooperate.

  1. Your vintage filled Christmas porch is amazing! How fortunate you are to have to many meaningful items handed down to you! I love having a Christmas tree on our front porch, and like yours, so do my neighbors. lol Sadly, I didn’t have time to put one out this year.

    1. Thank you, Suzy! Putting up a tree takes so much time, doesn’t it? I know you’ll miss your porch tree this year and so will your neighbors.

  2. Paula, I love all of your festive vintage accents. The cozy space you’ve created is the very reason I would love a screened in porch! So happy to be participating with you–pinned & tweeted!

  3. I could see myself spending a lot of time on your porch this Christmas season, Paula. And it’s great that it stays warm so you can enjoy it longer. I love all the family items, handmade touches and vintage pieces you’ve incorporated into your porch. They’re beautiful, and the stories make them even more so. (And I’m glad your mama parted with that barrel!)

    1. Thank you, Amy! I’m glad she gave me that barrel as well. Even more so because shortly after she gave it to me, someone broke into her barn and stole a lot of her vintage goodies. Grrr! I used to keep Sherman’s dog food in it but I like using is as decor much better. Thank you so much for organizing this porch tour and for letting me participate. I’ve had so much fun looking at how each person decorates for the season.

    1. Thank you, Kristy! I added the fruit cake tin to a pile of things that I was buying at a local estate sale. The lady ringing me up looked like I was crazy to want it. She ended up giving it to me for free! It’s local, making it extra special to me.

  4. I love your porch and you’ve decorated it so invitingly. (I made that word up.) Your tree is beautiful, too. We set up a tree in the living room and added one to our sunroom, where we spend all our time. I love enjoying the lights.

    1. I also love the lights! I’ve been leaving this tree on 24/7. It’s especially pretty to see at night when I drive up to the house.

  5. Paula, I just love all the vintage items you have on your porch from the barrel, the crate, the rolling cart, and the fruit cake tin! How wonderful that many of them have a family history like that chalkboard and the tree skirt that was made by your mom. Your tree looks stunning lit up at night and I’m glad you captured a photo of that! Happy to be on the tour with you!

    1. Thank you, Jane! I have so much fun decorating this space and since we use this porch as an entrance, I get to enjoy it many times each day. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your Christmas decor this holiday season.

  6. You are THE BEST at using vintage items in your decor! Love the way you’ve decorated this porch. What fun it must be to be your neighbor (for a lot of reasons!).

    I think your dad’s chalkboard may be my favorite thing in this room. But as usual, I have more than one favorite thing among all your treasures!

  7. That chalk board idea is precious. So special to have your Dad’s. My mom made us a tree skirt when we were first married, and I still use to this day with our main tree. I know you love yours as well. Thanks for sharing your beautiful entry porch with us. LOVE it and yes it was worth the time and effort to make the ornaments. XO

  8. Wow! Looks amazing! I absolutely love the fact you have a mix of bought and handed-down things and ideas! I really want a tree skirt as it looks so pretty and the tree always looks a bit bare at the bottom! 🙂


  9. Your porch is so inviting – but the last photos of the lit Christmas tree are just gorgeous! I love the overall traditional, vintage look; it’s so cozy, warm and inviting. And as mentioned in previous comments, anything passed on from your family is just that much more special and unique! I am visiting from We Are Pinnable link party.

  10. Your porch looks so warm and inviting Paula, just perfect for the festive season. And all those special vintage finds that you got from you mom and brother add such a lovely touch. Great conversation pieces

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