More Vintage Finds and My Plans for Them

This past week was a banner week for vintage finds.  You might wonder what I plan to do with all of the good stuff that I’ve been collecting lately.  Well, after attending Vintage Lynchburg last weekend, I’ve decided that I want to have my own booth at their next event.  I’ve cleaned everything that I’ve collected so far and have it neatly stored away.  The next Vintage Lynchburg event is in early December, so if I pace myself, I should have plenty of stock to sell by then.  Mama is going to join me in this venture, so between the two of us, we are sure to have a booth full of interesting items.

Let’s see what I found this week….

Suzanne and I stopped by a yard sale while running on Saturday where I spotted a chair for only $4.00.  The color is great but the person who painted it used latex over oil and it’s peeling.  I plan to repaint it and add more cushioning to the seat and a new cover.  What would you ask for this chair?



After running Suzanne and I made another forage into the dumpster down the street from her house and found more treasures.  A sturdy bulletin board may become a sign for my booth.  The frame needs glue and paint and then it will be as good as new.  I’m not sure what it will hold when I sell it, if anything.

Bulletin Board and Frame


We found a large amount of vases, many of which were broken from being tossed in the dumpster.  We salvaged the good ones and I ran them through the dishwasher making them sparkling clean.

Milk Glass Vases

Clear Glass Vases

Haegar and other Vases


I plan to buy new mats for these  prints and frame them in matching frames.  Opinions on a mat color?

Pea and Cauliflower Prints


Both of these appear to be original art.  I will leave the one on the left unframed and frame the one on the right.

Vintage Paintings


The Raggedy Ann and Andy bowl is marked 1969.

Raggedy Ann and Andy Bowl


I’m hoping someone will like these two trays.



These are pins made with lenses from glasses.  Maybe someone will buy them and maybe they won’t.  I will put a low price on them with the hopes that they sell.

Pins Made from a Lens


My aunt gave me these wheat wall art pieces from the 1970’s.  I think that I’m going to keep them!

1970's Wheat Wall Art


Mama doesn’t know who the little girls are in the photo below so we will sell it.  The game was my dad’s and we found it while looking through some of Mama’s things to sell.  I’m keeping it.

Vintage Little Girls and Game


Suzanne and I spotted these framed prints neatly stacked beside a trash can on an early run last week.  After a quick shower at the Y, I raced to get them before the trash truck arrived which made me almost late for school.  Whew!  I plan to paint the three matching smaller frames and I’m not sure what I’ll put in them.  The large frame would look really pretty with a mirror.



When Mama moved three years ago, she stored things at my aunt’s house and at our friend’s house.  We found several things to sell in both locations.

Russell, our old family friend, gave us a big dresser with a mirror and a matching chest.  They are in great shape and just need cleaning and a coat or two of paint.  I had a good time playing with Russell’s cute dog while we visited.

Russell and Me

Mama and I are excited about our booth and are starting to make plans for staging it.  We are going to Luckett’s on May 19 and plan to pay very close attention to what is selling, staging, and prices.

If any of you have any tips, we’d love to hear them!


  1. All those vases make me think that if you could find some good plates, you could make pedastal cake stands. I’ve seen it done with candlesticks – but I don’t see any reason why those vases wouldn’t work just as well. Especially those milk glass ones – you could display them with a lucious looking Christmas treat under a dome and I’ll bet you would have a lot of sale$ !!

  2. Oh, how exciting!! I can’t believe people don’t donate that stuff instead of toss it, but it worked out well for you. I like the chair a lot. If it was being sold at a yard sale, I could see it marked for $10….but I don’t know about a booth. I don’t go to those often enough…I’d do some comparisons at Luckett’s like you said before pricing it.

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