Winter Decorating :: Silver and White

Silver with white says winter to me.  Glass candle holders, small silver compotes, white candles, and an ornate silver tray make a pretty display for my dining room table.

Silver and White1Silver and White2Silver and White4Silver and White5

More silver and white adorn the buffet beside the table.  Silver and White6Silver and White7

All I need now is some snow on the ground to match my silver and white theme!


  1. I used silver and white in my dining room over Christmas. Now I’m thinking I shouldn’t have put it away. I love the tray on your table. Yes, I’d say you’re properly winterized!

  2. I like your silver and white. Pretty vignettes! 😀 I still think we have time to have a cold winter, and maybe snow.

  3. I love silver and white for winter too. I remember last year you posted something about your pretty winter table, and I’ve always remembered it.

  4. Your silver and white looks great! I especially like the tray on your buffet–those silver pine cones look absolutely beautiful, and I like the pillar candles among them. I’ll bet both displays look beautiful all lit up!

    By this time last year we’d had three or four snows. This year, not a flake! I’ve even seen some redbud trees in bloom–what?!?

  5. Looks great! The new year always makes me think of silver and white too, and it looks great when you decorate with it. We are just now getting snow in Illinois, so my decorations are finally matching the weather!

  6. i love silver and white and pinecones this time of year. perfect. i found a porcelain white sparkly pinecone ornament at target that was on sale for a dollar. it was the size of a regular pinecone, so i just snipped the part that goes on the tree, and i have it layered into my winter decor.

  7. Very pretty, Paula. I love the crystal candlesticks!

    We have snow now {finally}. You can have some!!


  8. That tray is simply beautiful. It really sets off the other pieces. Your setting makes me think of my late Aunt Vic – a true southern lady who had lots of silver pieces on display in her home. (No snow here either.)

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