Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas

To me, winter decorating is all about making a room feel cozy.  With winter’s cold temperatures and dark mornings and nights, I want to feel cozy in my home.  Today I’m sharing how I decorated our living room to feel cozy for winter. Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas

I’m sharing my ideas along with a talented group of bloggers for a Cozy Winter Home Tour organized by my friend Amber from Follow the Yellow Brick Home.  I love Amber’s gorgeous old home and how she decorates it so beautifully with vintage style.  I look forward to seeing Amber’s decor in any season and if you’ve never visited Amber’s blog, I encourage you to do so.Cozy Winter Home Tours - Tour 22 homes decorated for winter and get ideas for your own winter decor.

If you are visiting from  Celebrate and Decorate, welcome!  Chloe is a talented decorator and I am looking forward to seeing how she decorated her home for winter.

Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas

I hope that my cozy winter decorations will give you some ideas for making your home feel cozy for winter.  I’m looking forward to seeing the cozy ideas that my friends are sharing.  You will find links to all of the ideas shared today at the end of this post.

Create a Cozy Mantel

Last week I shared my Walking in a Winter Wonderland mantel.  On the mantel, I used lanterns, frosted candles, votive candles, snowballs, and white berries; all things that give the mantel a cozy vibe for winter. Mantel styled for winter with a "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" sign, white lanterns and snowballs.

I display our Swarovski snowflakes each Christmas and leave them out until March.  The snowflake ornaments coordinate perfectly with the mantel’s winter vibe.Mantel styled for winter with a "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" sign, white lanterns and snowballs. Also wooden tree with Swarovski snowflake ornaments.

The art over the mantel is a free printable for my newsletter subscribers.  If you are a subscriber, the password to access the printables is in my newsletter.  Subscribing is easy and free, simply click here and you will get instant access to my printables.

Wood is ready for a fire on a cold day.  What’s cozier than a fire in winter?

Use Pine Cones for Winter Decor

On the table to the right of the fireplace, I created a cozy winter vignette.Marble table with antique oil lamp converted to electric, Finland plate with two children in a sled, cigar box filled with pine cones spray painted silver, a vintage glass candy jar filled with Hemlock pine cones

The vintage glass candy jar is filled with small Hemlock cones that I picked up near our house and the cigar box is filled with pine cones that I spray painted silver.Finland plate with two children in a sled, cigar box filled with pine cones spray painted silver, a vintage glass candy jar filled with Hemlock pine cones

 I found the cigar box in a trash pile on a winter run long ago.  The little plate is from Finland and was a gift from a friend who traveled there for work.Finland plate with two children in a sled, cigar box filled with pine cones spray painted silver, a vintage glass candy jar filled with Hemlock pine cones

On the table between the chairs in front of the mantel is another bowl of pine cones.Winter mantel, wing back chairs with white fur pillows, a table with an antique glass compote filled with silver pinecones.

This bowl was my grandmother’s.  I don’t know its pattern, if you do, please let me know.Pine Cones spray painted silver in an antique cut glass bowl.

We don’t have pines in my area that produce cones this large.  I picked these up in North Carolina on a business trip with my husband.  I gave them a quick coat of silver spray paint for winter.  I used the same sized pine cones for a winter door decoration.

When I was photographing this room, at one point the morning light streamed through this bowl making it look so pretty.  Pine Cones spray painted silver in an antique cut glass bowl.

Use Candles to Create a Cozy Feel

Candles give a room a cozy feel in any season.  On the mantel, I used DIY frosted candles and small votive candles.Lantern on a winter mantel with a candle covered in epsom salts with a snowflake surrounded by faux snowballs and faux berries.

The chest holds another cozy winter vignette that also uses pine cones and candles.Living room decorated for winter with vintage

I glued a silver snowflake to each mantel candle and tied the same silver snowflake to this pretty blue candle with silver cording.  Vintage German Christmas card, cream candle holder with blue candle with a snowflake ornament tied to it.

I searched through my grandmother’s postcard collection for a postcard to display beside the candle.  I didn’t find a postcard to use but I did find this beautiful German Christmas card.Vintage German Christmas card

These pine cones that I picked up near my home were given a spray of snow before being arranged in another of my grandmother’s cut glass bowls. 

This one she marked as “Block & Fan by Richards and Hartley”.  On her note, she also wrote that the bowl came from Mr. Kasey, a Vinton merchant. Blue and white antique crock with lid, milk glass ashtray filled with vintage jewelry, antique cut glass bowl filled with pine cones coated in faux snow.

Next to the pine cones is a crock that was my grandmother’s and a milk glass ashtray filled with vintage clip-on earrings.Blue and white antique crock with lid and a milk glass ashtray filled with vintage jewelry.

Last Look

I have been enjoying this year’s winter decor in our living room so much.  I spend a good bit of time in this room during the day petting Sherman.  It’s his favorite room and he enjoys a comfortable sofa while guarding his home both day and night.  I don’t need a doorbell if I have Sherman!


Living Room decorated for winter with vintage

I hope that you got a few cozy decorating ideas to use in your home this winter.  

Next on the tour is Cecilia from My Thrift Store Addiction.  Cecilia is sharing Calm and Cozy Winter Decor Ideas and I’m looking forward to reading her post.

More Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas to Enjoy

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  1. Hi Paula,
    Nice video! I don’t remember seeing one here before! Do you use a comment plugin? I’ve just realized that people aren’t getting emails when I reply to their comments on my blog….
    Liberty @ B4andAfters.com

    1. Thanks for the video compliment. I started adding them to my posts last August. For a comment plug-in, I have “Comment Reply Notification” plug-in. I had that problem a long time ago, frustrating when you think you are reaching people and you aren’t.

    1. Thank you so much! I love using my grandmother’s things in my decorating. I know she would be glad to know that her bowls are still being used and enjoyed.


  2. You know I always love seeing your fireplace with the chairs flanking it…such an inviting spot. I can see why Sherman loves being in there! Your mantel is so pretty with all the white. Love the snowballs and how you displayed them this year. I remember admiring them last year too. I also love the shot of the pine cones in the crystal bowl. Let’s hope we get more sunshine this week! Great hopping with you again!

    1. Paula,

      So pretty and you have many treasures. You’re so right the sun coming through the window made the dish sing. I found big pinecones on a trip to Carolina too, ironic.

      Your home is beautiful and I love the shadesvif blue.

      Have a great day!


  3. You always find the perfect way to blend fun diy’s with treasured family heirlooms, Paula! I love all the pieces from your grandmother and how you made the frosted candle too. Your mantel is so pretty and such a fantastic way to welcome the winter season. Hugs, CoCo

  4. I love your sentimental old soul Paula. You have the best collections and decorate so beautifully. And your treasures mean something. Mine are just junk but I love them. Love this cozy room. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you, Cindy! I know that my grandmothers would both be so pleased that I’m enjoying their things.


  5. Paula, I always look forward to seeing your charming postcards. That little plate is so sweet, and I really love how you have displayed your pinecones so elegantly! Stay cozy, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  6. Everything looks perfectly cozy and classic, Paula. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I really adore your curtains. The color is so lovely, and your winter sign coordinates with that blue so nicely. What a great printable for subscribers! I love your collection of pine cones around the room and the beautiful dishes you use to display them. (That photo with the light streaming in is fantastic!)

    It’s always fun hopping with you, my friend!

  7. so many beautiful winter touches, Paula. that German Christmas card is just amazing. love the blue/gray colors. Did someone say furry white throw pillows?? LOVE them!

  8. Paula, what a fabulous snowflake collection you have and I love how you display them. I’d keep them up into March too! Spring rarely arrives here in Pittsburgh until the later part of April. I like how you carried the theme throughout the room. Best of all is the fabulous German card! It’s very special and looks perfect in the vignette.

  9. Paula, your living room is absolutely beautiful decorated for winter! Those blue curtains are so stunning, and I love that you have incorporated your grandmother’s items in your vignettes. I know you treasure those dear items. The pine cones in the cut glass bowls are so elegant looking. It has been so much fun being on this tour with you!

    1. Framing the card is a great idea, Michelle. I’ll bet that I even have a frame in my stash that will work.


  10. That blue and white crock is so unusual; I’ve never seen anything like it. I love your dovetailed wood cigar box; they are so great for styling. Blue and white is the perfect winter theme for this room with the blue curtains!

    1. I wish I knew where my grandmother got the crock. It was usually on her kitchen table on a lazy Susan.


  11. Paula I love your meaningful winter touches and your beautiful living room. Your grandmother’s bowls with pinecones are beautiful and I love the picture with the sunlight. The german Christmas card looks so perfect for winter, I just love it! Youwr wedding crystal snowflakes just mathcn perfectly and are such a beautiful winter accent.

    Thanks so much for joining the winter tours!

    1. Thank you, Amber! And thank you for organizing this winter home tour. I enjoyed visiting all of the homes so much.


  12. Paula I am loving your Winter decor and all of the special pieces from your g=Grandmother. That bowl and old German Christmas card are stunning! Thanks for the free printable and the fabulous inspiration! Oh and I love the symmetry you have going on in front of the mantel!

  13. Your cozy winter wonderland mantel and living room are perfect! Your grandmother’s postcard and crystal dish are my favorites. I love family heirlooms in my home too. Happy weekend, Kippi

  14. Wonderful winter decor Paula. Love all the ways that you used pine cones. The candles in the lanterns are really pretty. Your winter sign is a perfect focal point on your mantel. Thanks for sharing at Tuesday Turn About.

  15. I love everything about this! That German Christmas card is such a treasure and so pretty! I love the way you decorated your mantel and that Walking in a Winter Wonderland sign. The snowballs are such a cute touch! Love all the blues and whites.

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