Winter Decorating Ideas – Living Room and Dining Room

Do you struggle with how to decorate for winter after Christmas is packed away? I’m sharing some winter decorating ideas that may inspire you!

Winter Decorating Ideas

Winter Decorating Ideas

After enjoying my Christmas decor for most of November and December, once the calendar turned to January, it was time for Christmas to be packed away and to decorate for winter.

I wanted a warm and cozy feel for winter and I’m pretty happy with how this year’s winter decorations turned out.

Formal living room decorated for winter

Use Candles

When I’m decorating our formal living room for a season, I always start with the mantel.

For winter decor, I used an antique mirror, gold sconces, and brass candle holders with white candles.

On the hearth is an antique wood barrel filled with firewood. We haven’t built a fire in this room in a number of years and I’m hoping to soon change that.

Mantel Decorated for winter with gold, brass, and white candles.

I love how the candles look lit but only do so when I’m in the room to supervise them. Since I love this look so much, I’m thinking about investing in some flameless taper candles.

Mantel Decorated for winter with gold, brass, and white candles.

Many of my brass candle holders came from Kirkland’s in the 1990s. I wish I had purchased more back then when they were so inexpensive.

Winter decorating with candles and frosted branches.

In the 90s in my area of Virginia, a wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without receiving gifts from Virginia Metalcrafters. One pair of candleholders is from Virginia Metalcrafters as is our fireplace set.

I also used a candle on the table in front of our fireplace. The glass surrounding the candle was originally a sconce in the farmhouse where my grandfather grew up. (See the farmhouse in this post as well as this one.) The candle base was my grandmother’s.

Winter decorating with candles

I also used candles on my grandmother’s chest of drawers. The oil lamp came from my grandmother’s house and has been patiently waiting in my basement for many years to be used.

It works perfectly as a candleholder and looks pretty beside a tiny oil lamp that was my dad’s when he was a child.

Antique oil lamp used as a candle holder with a mini glass antique lamp

Decorate with a Cloche

I love to use a cloche for decorating in any season. For winter, I used an antique postcard that was never mailed, a gold pitcher that Mama gave me, and cones from a Deodar Cedar.

Cloche decorated for winter

Isn’t it interesting that the Deodar Cedar cones look like roses?

New Year vignette with an antique postcard, gold pitcher, and cones from a Deodar Cedar.

If you are local, I picked these up on the Randolph College campus at The Maier Museum of Art. The tree grows to the right of the building.

If you love the look of these cones, order some to use for your winter decor.

I used my Econolite in my Christmas decor and left it in place to enjoy this winter.

Vintage Econolite used for winter decor

At night the Econolite looks so pretty when it is lit and turning creating the look of snow falling on the winter scene.

Winter decor using a cloche, Econolite, and antique oil lamps.

Fur Pillows

Another idea that I love for winter is using faux fur pillow covers. These are from Amazon and I used them for Christmas decor and left them in place for winter.

Formal living room winter decorations

Frosted Branches

Frosted branches are great for winter decor. This tutorial shares how easy they are to make.

Epsom salt coated branches in a vintage silver ice bucket

Frosted branches can be saved to use from year to year. I’ll be using these for Christmas decor when the time comes to decorate for Christmas once again.

Winter decorating with candles and frosted branches.

Dining Room Winter Decorations

Our dining room is adjacent to our formal living room. I like for this room to look pretty since it is one of the first things that people see when they visit our home.

I’m hoping to give this room an update this year.

Dining room decorated for winter


January makes me think of snow although there is none in sight for my area of Virginia. Instead of packing away my Swarovski snowflake ornaments, I leave them out to enjoy through March.

White wood tree on a tabletop decorated with Swarovski crystal snowflakes

Mr. SP’s grandmother made the crocheted piece on our table. His mom gave it to me very early in our marriage and it is on this table almost all of the time.

Use Blue

When I think of winter colors, blue comes to mind. I’ll share our family room winter decorations soon and you’ll see a lot of blue used in that room for winter.

On the buffet, to add a pop of blue, I used Czechoslovakian glass vases that Mr. SP’s grandparents bought on a trip back to their homeland.

Blue Czechoslovakian Bohemia Cobalt Crystal Vase

Mr. SP’s mom gave these to me very early in our marriage and I’ve always treasured them.

The tiny bit of research that I did on this glass let me know that it is called Bohemian glass or Bohemian crystal.

I haven’t been able to find the name of this pattern, but I did find this bowl that looks very similar.

More Brass and Candles

I continued the mantel’s white candles in brass candleholders theme into the dining room.

White candles used for winter decor

The brass candle holders were used here for Christmas with red candles.

The white pillar candle is on a piece of wood that my grandfather cut and stained for one of my grandmother’s flower arrangements. It could have been made for a garden club competition or for an arrangement for chruch.

White candles used for winter decor along with an antique oil lamp with a white shade

The lamp here usually has a glass shade with a floral pattern but I changed it to a white shade for Christmas.

I love how the white shade looks with the white candles, so I kept the shade white for winter decor.

White candles used for winter decor

I thought that my candles were straight, but from this angle, I see that they weren’t!

I’ll be back on Saturday to share the winter decorations in our family room.

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  1. I am in love with the oil lamp as a candle holder. I have an old oil lamp that I used to use but it has been tucked away far too long. You’ve inspired me to get it back out and clean it up.

  2. Pretty winter touches, Paula. The candles are nice on the mantel, and you won’t be sorry if you go with flameless tapers. You’ll still be able to use your nice brass candlesticks. I love mine. I have VIrginia Metalcrafters sconces (in booth space) right now, along with a horse head brass clip. They’re always nice finds. I love your use of blue. That drum table you made over is fabulous.

  3. I love the oil lamps, Paula, and your Swarovski crystal tree is such a wonderful idea for winter decor. It’s one of the prettiest I’ve seen for a wooden tree stand like that. As always, I enjoy hearing the stories behind your home accents. And yes, those pinecones look like roses! Wow!

  4. What a beautiful home you have made, Paula! I love the brass candle holders on your fireplace, the lovely little vignettes with brass candle holders, candles, crystal, and your keepsakes. Your arrangements are perfect. I look forward to your next installment.

  5. Lovely decor. I love blues and whites for winter indeed. I’ll have a look at flameless tapers too, as I can’t use candles safely. I also love the stories behind your decor items.

  6. Everything looks so calm, peaceful and inviting. I am more and more drawn to homes like yours that feel ‘unfussy’. I don’t think I have ever seen your dining room before; it’s lovely. I love how it’s filled with so many family and personal mementos.

  7. I feel that the house is stark after Christmas, so adding some winter decor is a good idea. I love your snowy branches. I am going to give them a try. Your living room is gorgeous.

  8. You’ve inspired me to add some warm winter touches to our living room. It feels too stark after taking down Christmas. The weather here has been in the -35C (-31F) with windchill for weeks so I’m craving warm touches like your faux fur pillows, cozy blankets, and multiple candles. I’m heading over to your frosted branches tutorial next.

    1. Those temperatures sound unbearable! It’s 27 here which sounds tropical when compared to your -31 degrees F.

  9. Your formal living room is so pretty Paula! I hope you get to light the fireplace soon 🙂 I’ve never heard of the cones you showed – they are gorgeous so I ordered two packs! I plan on making a wreath with them. Thanks for letting us know about them!

  10. Your home is absolutely beautiful. I, too, love the warmth and coziness of real burning candles, but unfortunately, now that I am older, I only burn one candle at a time and it is on my kitchen island with nothing around it. I continue to use faux candles, but they just aren’t the same. However, it’s the safest thing to use so I use them. And many of the newer ones look almost real. Your Swarovski ornaments are gorgeous. I only have one and wish I had more. I started to collect Lenox snowflake oraments about 5 years ago, but so far only have 3. Some of them are pretty expensive, but I’m going to try to buy one each year. My girlfriend has the most beautiful Lenox ornaments on her tree. They are white musical instruments. That is all she puts on her tree each year and I LOVE IT. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful weekend; thank you for sharing your home with us.

  11. The candles are beautiful.
    I don’t decorate per se, but candles and oil lamps are a favorite of one to make the home feel so cozy!

    Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Sunshine Blog Hop


  12. Lovely Paula! I You have such beautiful collectibles and display them beautifully. Can’t wait to see your family room. Happy New Year!

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