Winter Decorating Ideas – Family Room

After I decorated our living room and dining room for winter, I then moved on to our family room. My goal was to make this room feel cozy for winter and I think that I was successful. I hope you’ll find my winter decorating ideas inspiring.

Mixed nuts in their shell in a silver bowl, balls crafted with hemlock cones, hazelnuts, and cloves in silver bowls

Winter Decorating Ideas – Family Room

We love spending evenings in our family room. I’m on the sofa under the Walking in a Winter Wonderland art that I made last winter and used over our mantel and Mr. SP is on the other sofa.

Sherman is either on the floor or sitting in “his” leather chair.

Winter Family Room Decorations

After watching Hallmark movies for most of November and December, we are back to watching Longmire. We are really enjoying this show and I’ll be sad when we finish season six, the final season.

End Table Winter Decorations

To go along with the Walking in a Winter Wonderland sign, I decorated both end tables with things that made me think of a winter wonderland.

By the way, my Walking in a Winter Wonderland poster and an 8 x 10 printable are available in my free printable library. Subscribers to my blog have access to my library that is filled with all sorts of printables.

If you aren’t a subscriber, I invite you to follow along with me!

1960s end table and lamp decorated for winter

My end table lamps, end tables, and coffee table were purchased by my parents when they got married in 1968. I love the stone tops of these pieces.

For winter decor, I used a lantern with a white candle, a snowman candle holder that I made in November, and an early 1900s New Year’s Wish postcard.

Early 1900s New Year's postcard, gray lantern with a white candle, snowman candle holder.

The sentiment on this postcard are words that we all need in 2021.

Best Wishes for Peaceful and Happy days throughout the coming year, I send you.

Early 1900s New year's postcard, snowman candle holder, lantern with white candle

This card was sent by my great-great-uncle, George Funk, to his wife who must have been visiting a sister in Norfolk.

Early 1900s postcard

This postcard made me sad because George was distressed over his mother’s health.

Antique New Year's Postcard

The other coffee table also is decorated with winter themed items.

1960s end table and lamp decorated for winter

My cousin used to make her own Christmas cards and I saved every one of them because I loved her designs. Melinda also made cards for her Aunt Frances (my great-aunt) to send. Frances was her real name but every family member knew her as Tubby.

When I got this card out to display, I loved seeing Tubby’s handwriting and the sweet note that she wrote to me.

Stamped snowman card, antique blue crock, white pom-poms in a glass bowl

The blue crock was my grandmother’s and I am pretty sure that she purchased it on an antique shopping trip with Aunt Tubby. When my grandparents visited the family farm, my grandmother and Tubby would often do things together.

To go along with the crock and card, I filled a glass bowl with white pom-poms leftover from making a pom-pom wreath last winter. That wreath is now hanging on our porch.

Stamped snowman card, antique blue crock, white pom-poms in a glass bowl

On the antique radio in the corner I used three deer sheds that Sherman found and wrapped them in twinkle lights.

Deer antlers with twinkle lights

Coffee Table Winter Decor

For winter decor on the coffee table, I filled a tool caddy that my dad made with pinecones.

You can see more pictures of the tool caddy and get bunches of ideas for decorating with toolboxes here.

Family room decorated for Christmas

Walnut Table Winter Decor

The walnut table beside Mr. SP’s sofa was always on my maternal grandmother’s porch when I was growing up.

When I moved into a tiny basement apartment my first year of teaching, she gave this table to me to use in my tiny kitchen. My dad refinished it and I’ve been enjoying using it ever since.

It’s usually littered with bags of dog treats for Sherman, but I moved them for my pictures. Sherman successfully begs for multiple treats each evening.

My mom gave me the lamp and we bought the shade in downtown Staunton long ago. There was a shop there that sold this type of lampshade and my mom and I loved to visit that store.

Deodar Cedar cones in a cut glass bowl with a glass compote filled with pine cones painted with silver paint beside an antique oil lamp with a paper shade with pinecones and greenery printed on the shade.

When I think about winter decorations, pinecones immediately come to mind.

Deodar Cedar cones in a cut glass bowl with a glass compote filled with pine cones painted with silver paint

I filled my grandmother’s glass compote bowl with pinecones that I spray painted silver.

Pinecones painted silver in an antique glass compote

The cut glass bowl is filled with cones from a Deodar Cedar. I love how they look like roses.

I picked these cones up locally. If you love the look of these cones, you can order some here.

Deodar Cedar cones in a cut glass bowl

Pie Safe Winter Decor

I wasn’t ready to put this covered bridge tray away after using it for Christmas decor. I moved it from the top of the pie safe on the right-hand side of the room to this pie safe.

Vintage covered bridge tray, Vermont covered bridge Christmas ornament, and Vermont maple syrup postcard.

I also used the maple syrup candle and maple syrup postcard with this tray at Christmas. When I undecorated our Christmas tree, I snagged a covered bridge ornament to add to this vignette.

Also on the pie safe is my paternal grandfather’s pipe and tobacco box with one of his pipes and two Schmidt beer cans from Mr. SP’s boyhood beer can collection.

These cans are collectible and I love the graphics. I found the elk can for sale on Etsy but not the ice fishing one. On eBay, I found a skier can that I really like.

Vintage wood pipe and tobacco holder, 1970s Schmidt beer cans, and a wood Vermont maple syrup postcard

The 1943 Coca-Cola Lumber Poster was part of my family room Christmas decor and I left it in place for winter.

1940 Coca-Cola lumber poster, vintage covered bridge tray, vintage wood tobacco and pipe box, 1970s Schmidt beer cans

Winter Corner

On the other side of the room is a corner that I love to decorate seasonally.

In warm months I hang art in this corner that has a floral theme. For fall I hang vintage Virginia Tech things, and for Christmas and winter, I use vintage winter art.

A P. Buckley Moss ‘Solitary Skater’ cross stitch that I made in college is something that I enjoy displaying every winter. The cross stitch pattern is available here and I found a framed cross stitch for sale here.

Mixed nuts in their shell in a silver bowl, balls crafted with hemlock cones, hazelnuts, and cloves in silver bowls

To decorate the shelf, I used silver bowls filled with natural elements. Using natural elements is one of my very favorite winter decorating ideas.

The large silver bowl is filled with mixed nuts that I used in a wooden bowl with orange pomanders on our breakfast room table for Christmas.

A Styrofoam ball covered in hemlock cones is in another silver bowl.

I made this a long time ago along with another Styrofoam ball covered in hazelnuts and cloves. The silver piece that this is in is a trophy from an Oakwood Country Club event, probably a golf tournament. My friend found it at Estates Revisited and bought it for me.

Mixed nuts in their shell in a silver bowl, balls crafted with hemlock cones, hazelnuts, and cloves in silver bowls

A clove studded orange that I made a long time ago is in my dad’s silver porridge bowl.

The William Byrd High School class of 1941 presented this to my grandfather who was principal at the time. They arranged for my grandmother and my dad to be there when the gift was given.

Clove studded orange in a 1941 silver porridge bowl.

Why I Love January

A long time ago my mom told me what my Aunt Judy said about January and it stuck with me. Judy told Mama that she loved January because there isn’t a holiday to prepare for and there’s no yard work to do.

January is a quiet month and I enjoy the crisp winter days and cold nights cuddled up on my sofa in our family room.

Winter Family Room Decorations

I’m hoping that Mother Nature will send some snow my way so that I can relax in this room during the day and watch the snow fall.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our family room decorations and I hope that you got some winter decorating ideas to use in your home.

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Winter Family Room Decorations


  1. I always enjoy your tour of a room and seeing your family history on display. You have wonderful things that other people would not have appreciated enough to save. I’m glad your family isn’t like that. Love the lights on the antlers. I have a basketful of antlers – I think they need some lights!
    Longmire – we loved it. In fact we watched it again just a couple months ago when it felt like we had seen everything Netflix had to offer.

  2. Your room is lovely! May I ask where you bought the sofas? I am looking for something similar.
    We loved Longmire too!!

  3. I always love reading your posts… and your winter decor is especially pretty this year! Love those silver bowls with the natural elements, and I think it’s quite amazing that you have REAL deer sheds that Sherman actually shopped for for you! What a guy! 😉 Pinned, twice!

  4. I always love your tours, Paula. I look forward to seeing all the treasures you find and the stories behind them. It all looks beautiful. And what a great way to think about January! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Beautiful! I love how you share your family stories with us as you show us your home. The room is comfortable and cozy: a perfect place to watch snow swirling around outside. 🌨
    Thanks for the tour.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  6. Paula, What a wonderful blog today! loved seeing your rooms as they are so cozy and warm feeling! You’ve kept your silver bowls in EXCELLENT shape, so much better than I’ve managed to do with ,mine! I wonder if you’ve ever thought of removing the sliders under your chairs and other pieces and just putting them back when you actually need them to move a piece of furniture. Daily movement of a few inches usually doesn’t leave a mark and you might find it improves, dramatically, the total look of your room. Just a thot….

  7. Love all of your natural elements, but most of all I love YOUR love of your family. You do a wonderful job including your family in your home.

  8. I love all of the personal touches in this room, Paula. And how sweet of Sherman to help you decorate! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ’s.

  9. There are so many things to love about your winter decor, Paula. I particularly love seeing how you use your inherited vintage pieces. Of course, Sherman is the star of the show. I miss having my fur baby around to help me find treasures like your deer antlers. Pinned!

  10. Such a cozy space for winter! You have so many fabulous treasures! I just love the way you displayed the postcard, it’s so sentimental! Stay warm this winter! Donna

  11. Such cool ideas in this post! I LOVE the old tins and Vermont syrup pieces…those are SO COOL!!! Thanks for sharing your special items for winter!!

  12. Beautiful rooms and decor. Something caught my eye…..the snow flake on the candle…..it made me think of something my mother would do from time to time. When she went to yard sales or a thrift store, she would look in boxes of costume jewelry for ladies dress and suit pins. She found so many pretty pins. She would stick a pen onto a candle. Christmas pins were so pretty on Christmas candles. She would decorate her candles with ‘seasonal dress/suit pins’.

  13. I love your posts and seeing all the heirlooms you use on a daily basis. Your home makes me want to come for a visit and a long chat with you.

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