Cozy Winter Family Room

 After the Christmas decorations were put away in our family room, I wanted to keep the cozy feeling that the tree and other Christmas decor evokes.  My goal was to create a Cozy Winter Family Room for us to enjoy on the cold and dark nights of winter.

Cozy Winter Family Room - How to decorate after Christmas to keep that cozy feeling. #winterdecor #winterdecorations #cozydecor

I’m sharing my Cozy Winter Family Room along with a talented group of bloggers for a Cozy Winter Homes Blog Hop.  This tour is organized by my friend Amber from Follow the Yellow Brick Home.  I love Amber’s gorgeous old home and how she decorates it so beautifully with vintage style.

If you are looking for winter decorating inspiration, you are sure to enjoy this tour.  You’ll find links to all of the participants at the end of this post.

If you are visiting from Belle Blue Interiors, welcome!  Shannon has a lovely home and is a talented decorator.  I’m sure you enjoyed visiting her cozy winter home.

Cozy Winter Family Room

Our family room is where we spend every morning and evening.  Winter is in full swing and we like nothing more than to spend our evenings on our sofas under a cozy blanket watching tv. 

Cozy Winter Family Room - Decor in this room make it feel cozy for winter.

At night our dog, Sherman, positions himself on the floor between the coffee table and sofa so that he can get lots of petting.  When he has had enough petting, he gets into “his” leather chair for the night.

Cozy Winter Decorations in the Family Room - Ideas for decorating for winter to make your home feel cozy.

Cozy Winter Detail – Snowballs in a Bowl with Lights

For a winter coffee table centerpiece, I filled a wooden bowl that belonged to my grandmother with pom snowballs that I got at Target before Christmas.  Target doesn’t appear to currently carry these but I found similar poms here.  I twisted fairy lights throughout the bowl of balls to up the cozy factor.  This bowl looks great at night with its glowing lights.

Our coffee table, end tables and lamps were purchased by my parents in 1968 when they got married.  

Cozy Winter Decor - Faux snowballs in a wooden ball with lights #cozy #cozywinterdecor #winterdecor #winterdecorations

At Christmas my aunt gave me a box of things that belonged to my grandmother that included this pretty glass shade.  I don’t know the story of this shade, but I’m pretty sure it was originally used on a sconce.  If my grandmother were still around she could tell me exactly who it belonged to and how she acquired it.  I sat it on a candle base with a candle that I’ve set to automatically come on at 5 pm for another cozy detail in this room.

Antique glass light shade used with a candle.

Cozy Winter Detail – Pillows

I made the white faux fur pillows on the sofas and purchased the buffalo check pillow covers.  I also used these pillows for Christmas and since they aren’t red or green, I can continue to enjoy them through winter.

The leather chair claimed by Sherman each night is decorated with a snowflake pillow that I made a few years ago.   At night when Sherman is ready to get into his chair, if the ottoman is in his way, he’ll stare at us until one of us gets up to move it for him.

The sheet music on the wall behind the chair is WWI era and belonged to my grandmother’s cousin.  The pie safe was made from cherry harvested from the farm where my grandfather grew up.  Granddaddy also had chest of drawers made for each grandchild using the same cherry wood.

Winter Decor in the Family Room - Ideas for decorating in winter to make a room feel cozy.

Cozy Winter Detail – Snowflakes, Pinecones, and Candles

To decorate the pie safe, I moved my Swarovski snowflake ornament collection from our formal living room where it was displayed for Christmas to the family room where I will display it for the rest of the winter.  Instead of displaying vintage postcards on the chicken wire like I usually do, I displayed a 1963 Coca Lumber poster.  Believe it or not, I found this poster in a dumpster outside of a house that an estate company was cleaning out.  See the other treasures that I found in the dumpster here and here.  Snow kissed pine cones in a vintage planter and a candle in a lantern that I made complete this winter vignette.

Decorating for Winter - Swarovski Snowflakes, pinecones, candles, and a 1963 Coca Cola picture #cocacola #swarovski #vintage

Cozy Winter Decor – Antique and Vintage Watches

On the table beside the sofa I displayed a small collection of pocket watches and a vintage travel clock.  The travel clock and two watches in front belonged to my grandfather.  The pocket watch under the glass dome is very old and belonged to my husband’s German maternal great-grandfather.

Antique and Vintage Pocket Watches and a Travel Alarm Clock #vintage #vintagepocketwatch #vintageclock

This is Karl Nickel, owner of the pocket watch under the glass dome.  We believe that this photo is from the late 1800’s.

Karl Nickel

Room Decor – Maps and Framed Newspapers

We love old maps and especially love the collection of Civil War maps from the Official Records displayed over the sofa on the left. 

I’m not 100% in love with the vintage map that I have hanging over the sofa to the right.  For Christmas I made a sign that I loved that looked so good in this spot.  When I took it down, I couldn’t figure out what to hang in this spot, so I went with this old map that I’ve had for a long time.  If you are local, I bought this at Estate Specialist and it originally was used at VES.  You can see the brackets and faux roller that we made for this map in this post.

A family room is cozily decorated for winter.

Over our tv hangs a collection of 1945 maps from the end of WWII.  I found these at an estate sale last fall and had to buy them.  We have very little furniture that isn’t antique but our tv console is and exception.  Mr. SP fell in love with this credenza in Vermont at Clear Lake Furniture and had one made for our home.  

The large basket to the left of the tv credenza is very old and came from the farm where y grandfather grew up in Maryland.  It’s filled with throw blankets for evening tv watching.

Cozy Winter Decor in the Family Room - Ideas for Decorating for Winter to Create a Cozy Feeling. #cozy #cozywinterdecor #winterdecorations

Cozy Winter Detail – Plates, Pinecones, Antlers, and a Light

Another end table is decorated for winter with a Knowles plate with a winter scene, pinecones in a cigar box, and a candle. 

Cozy Winter Decor - Ideas for decorating for winter to give a room a cozy feeling. #cozy #cozywinterdecor #winterdecorationsOn the antique radio behind the end table I displayed a light that belonged to my grandmother along with deer sheds that Sherman found.

Cozy Winter Decor - Antlers and a lighted glass globe. #cozy #winterdecor #deerantlers

Cozy Winter Decor – Winter Corner

I change the art in the corner to the left of the arch for the season.  You can see more detail of this vintage winter art here.  

Cozy Winter Decor - Pom snowballs entwined with fairy lights. #cozy #cozywinterdecor #winterdecor #winterdecorations

When I think about winter colors, one color that comes to mind is blue.  I shopped my basement for blue items to use for winter decor for the shelf in the corner.  I started with a blue stoneware covered crock and then added a few more items including this 1906 “You can go as far as you like with me” postcard.  This racy 113 year old postcard was sent to my great-aunt.

1906 "You can go as far as you like with me" postcard #antiquepostcard #vintagepostcard #postcard #racypostcard

1906 "You can go as far as you like with me" postcard #antiquepostcard #vintagepostcard #postcard #racypostcard

My husband collected beer cans when he was a boy.  I liked the winter graphic on this Schmidt can and elevated it a bit using a blue book that just happens to be about Jesus.  This “The Words of Jesus” book was given to my grandmother December 25, 1926.  Oops, sorry to display beer and Jesus together, Granny.  You can see more vintage beer cans in my husband’s collection here.

Vintage Schmidt Beer Can with a 1926 "The Words of Jesus" book. #vintage #vintagebeercan #vintagethewordsofjesus

Get Cozy This Winter

Winter decorating doesn’t have to be boring.  Get out your cozy throws, add some winter pillows, fill a bowl with pinecones or faux snowballs and enjoy decorating for this season.

Cozy Winter Decor in the Family Room - Ideas for Decorating for Winter to Create a Cozy Feeling. #cozy #cozywinterdecor #winterdecorations

Next on the tour is County Road 407.  I know you will enjoy visiting Cindy’s lovely Texas home.

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  1. I love the brown wooden furniture, and the fact that you haven’t painted it white. I collect and sell vintage dishes, so of course I love the Knowles plate!

    1. I found that Knowles plate years ago at a cheap price and have enjoyed using it every winter. I have nothing against painting furniture but there’s no way I could paint my antiques!


    1. Thank you, Laura! I enjoy looking through my collection of “stuff” to find things to use to create different seasonal vignettes.


    1. Thank you so much, Shelley! I had fun shopping my basement to find things to use to decorate this room for winter.


  2. Love celebrating MLK day by catching up on your blog! I love all of this room, but my favorites are the beer can vignette and the snowballs with fairy lights! Are they battery operated? XOXOXO

    1. I am so glad that you had some quiet time on Monday to visit with me. The lights around the snowballs are battery powered.They take 2 AA batteries and they stay on 24/7 and will last at least a month. I hope the rest of your week was good!I am so glad that you had some quiet time on Monday to visit with me. The lights around the snowballs are battery powered.They take 2 AA batteries and they stay on 24/7 and will last at least a month. I hope the rest of your week was good!


  3. I enjoyed the tour. My favorite thing though is how you used that old sconce shade. Very clever. Your wooden bowl is similar to one I inherited. Is yours marked “Munising” on the bottom?

    1. I was super happy to think of a way to use that sconce shade. I checked all of my wooden bowls and none are marked. I’ll have to look up “Munising”.


  4. I love how you incorporated vintage pieces into decor that have special meaning such as the pocket watches. It’s so much better to have things you love on display so you can enjoy them everyday. Happy to be on the blog hop with you Paula!

    1. I love rotating through my collection of “stuff” to create seasonal displays. Unfortunately the side effect is that my basement looks like an antique shop. πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you, Cecilia. I purchased the snowballs thinking that I would use them at Christmas but didn’t. I was glad to see them in my basement when I was shopping the house for winter decor for this room.


    1. Thank you, Terrie! Glad to have a sister in the “I still have dark furniture” camp! I don’t mind painting some pieces, but I would never paint my antiques.


  5. Love that you decorate with some of your family’s history and of course you know how much I love checks, so those pillows really caught my eye. Beautiful tour.

  6. I loved this cozy family room tour, Paula! So fun to see all your wonderful vintage treasures tucked in here and there. And I can just picture your dog looking up at you waiting for his chair; too funny!

    1. Thank you, Lora! We really enjoy this space, especially at night when the candles and fairy lights are glowing.


  7. I wanted to get a good Winter living room post up, but I wasn’t satisfied with how the area above my TV looked. So I skipped to Valentine decorating….
    I remember using a folding travel clock similar to that one….

    1. Most kids probably don’t know what an old fashioned alarm clock looks like. Their parents probably don’t even have clocks by their beds in this day and age of phones doing everything. I decorated my formal living room for Valentine’s Day recently and am glad that I did it in January so that I can have longer to enjoy it.


  8. This is such a beautiful and cozy room…perfect for enjoying a winter’s evening! I love the gorgeous rug. It makes such a pretty statement in the room. I also adore that you decorate with family treasures. They are what makes a house a home. It has been so much fun being on this hop with you!!!

    1. Thank you, Shannon! My rug is nearly 20 years old and I love it now as much as I did the day I purchased it. It’s also great for hiding dog hair which is a plus at my house!


    1. Thank you! My husband has given me one every year since we were married in 1994. I like to keep them out all winter.


  9. Paula, I love all the family memorabilia you have, which in itself adds coziness to any room. I really love the pom poms with the tiny lights on your coffee table. I also love that Sherman has his own chair, LOL!

    1. Thank you, Carol! I thought that I would use the pom poms at Christmas but never found a spot for them. I’m loving the glow of the lights that are wrapped around them this time of year. Sherman rules the roost in this house! πŸ™‚


  10. Paula, this post is filled with the sentiment and treasures that made me follow your blog from the first time we met on the It’s A Wonderful House Christmas Tours last year! I love how you always share the stories behind your finds and how you lovingly display them. The antique picture and pocket watch are true heirlooms!

    You are so creative with your vignettes and your home truly has that welcoming, cozy feel coming straight through the pictures. I love your family room, I would stay right there all winter with a cozy blanket too.

    Thank you so much for sharing your cozy winter decor for this hop. Stay cozy all winter long dear friend!

    1. Thank you so much, Amber. I’m lucky to have inherited some special things and I love displaying them seasonally. Thank YOU for organizing the tour!


  11. Each photo on your tour held a treasure! I love, love all the vintage touches. I think your idea to use the sconce cover as a candle holder is beautiful! I love the snowballs in your Grandma’s bowl and all the clocks. All so wonderful!

  12. I love your living room, Paula! It’s very serene and cozy looking – a perfect winter retreat! I love the “snowballs” in the bowl with the lights, and your collection of pocket watches from yours and your husband’s grandfathers. What a treasure! I also love what you did with your grandmother’s light shade. And that racy vintage postcard – so neat! I am curious as to where you found your civil war maps? We are probably only 3-5 miles from the surrender ground – as the crow flies. Thank you so much for joining us and sharing at Homestyle Gathering this week. We hope to see you again.

    1. Hi, Kim! You and are a practically neighbors. I live in Lynchburg, not far away at all from the surrender grounds. All of our Civil War maps are from a book called, “The Official Records”. We purchased most of these at a shop that sold art in Nags Head that I don’t think is there anymore. A few were purchased on Ebay through the same shop. My husband says to search on Ebay for “The Official Records” and you should be able to find map pages like these. Each one of ours is a Civil War spot that has meaning to our family. If you’d like to see them sometimes, I’d love to show them to you. I’m happy to connect with another Virginia blogger!


  13. Paula – as always – I so enjoy hearing the history and personal stories behind so many of beautiful pieces. The sconce looks perfect with the candle; it’s a lovely piece. Your stories of Sherman make me smile; we have cats, and they also have their little ‘idiosyncrasies’ ! I have those same buffalo pillows and use them for winter just like you do! Thank you for sharing this little slice of your life! I came over from Finding Silver Pennies,

    1. Thank you, Linda! I have fun displaying different things on the chicken wire for different seasons. It’s time to change it out for Valentine’s Day!

  14. As usual, I really enjoyed your tour and looking at your family treasures. You are so lucky to have so many things from your family! I am another one that loves using old glass globes, especially the etched ones like yours as a candle globe. I love using a colored glass votive inside them, especially! Enjoyedl your snowballs, too!

    1. Thank you, Kathy! I am going to try your suggestion to use a colored glass votive inside of that glass shade. Good idea!

  15. I love all of the detail you have added to this space for winter! I especially love how so many things in this room have special meaning or came from family. Those are some of the best things to display. I love the maps and the sheet music. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for sharing at Sweet Inspiration!

    1. Thank you, Amy! I am lucky to have inherited so many things that I can use for decorating. It’s fun to rotate things around the house to enjoy.


  16. Paula,
    I absolutely love your family room. Sherman sounds so much like Bentley. He does the same. I so enjoyed reading the history behind your treasures. You are so blessed to have so many heirlooms. That lamp that belonged to your parents is gorgeous!!! Enjoy cozying up in there tonight. XO

    1. Thank you, Christy! Sherman rules the roost around here. I love seeing Bentley in your blog posts and also on IG.


  17. That is a lovely cozy wintery family room…I want to snuggle up on that couch right now! LOL! Thanks for sharing on “Sweet Inspiration”!

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