Winter Mantle

My winter mantle was inspired by old artwork that belonged to my grandmother.  Both scenes looked rustic and wintery and I thought they’d look good mixed in with some white pottery, a pinecone wreath, and a touch of brass.


I never lost my love for brass.  I like how my fireplace insert shines in the light.

Being a working girl, I had to wait until the weekend to take some pictures.  During the work week I only see my house at night.  It’s so nice to be home when the light is pouring in the windows.

The picture on the left was painted by my grandmother’s friend, Alice Fitzpatrick.  I am guessing that Alice gave it to Granny as a gift for Christmas 1929.

The picture on the right was painted by my grandmother’s cousin, Freeman Funk.  I’m suspect that this is a paint-by-number, but I could be wrong.

Freeman kept a careful record of his painting time.

Alice Fitzpatrick painted this picture that hangs in my dining room later in life.  I inherited it from my grandmother. 
Alice FitzpatrickAlice Fitzpatrick2

It has yet to really feel like winter in Virginia.

I’m dreaming of a snowy day with the hopes of hearing the magic words, “_______County Schools are Closed.”  If that happens, I’ll sit in this room and watch the snow fall while enjoying a hot cup of coffee.

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  1. Lovely paintings. You are right in style, brass is making a comeback I hear. But I always say use what you like,no matter the trends, it is your home.

  2. How cool to have paintings that are family heirlooms. 🙂 I think your mantel looks fantastic, and I am also waiting for a snow day!!

  3. I have a print sitting on my mantel that was done by local artist Nancy Duke called “No School Tomorrow”. I love it! She must have sold a ton to school teachers like me.

    I went to the local antique market Sunday to browse and was in awe at the amount of Virginia Metalcrafters brass in the booth. I know it has been out of style for a while, but I, too, love it.

    Schools here are tow hours late today!

  4. Your room looks so lovely and how wonderful to highlight the paintings. I have many needlepoint from my Aunt in frames. I should try that on my mantel. I hope you get some time to sit in those lovely chairs for a snow day…and relax. My grand daughter recently went to an historical house & they showed how they cooked in early American times. Come for seafood anytime to the Jersey Shore…We can go to the Lobster House and maybe even run into Taylor Swift!Where are you going on your next trip or boating this summer?

  5. What great paintings and is wonderful that you have that history with them.

    Would love for you to come over and link up your Winter Mantle tomorrow.

  6. Beautiful paintings and they look wonderful as part of your lovely mantel’scape!

  7. Well first I want to say “here here” on the brass! I just said the same thing about brass on my posting!
    I love your pictures and your connection to them!
    I love your wing backs, window dressings and how you set your chairs in the room. Great job!

  8. Our whole family wore our pajamas inside out last night and dropped some ice cubes in the toilet… but still no snow yet in Richmond, either! Here’s hoping!

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