10 Amazing Mason Jar Ideas

Mason Jars have been hot for decorating and crafting for a few years now.  Even though Mason Jars have been an “in thing” for a number of years, I still like them, and I enjoy getting ideas for different ways to use them.

I am lucky to have a collection of mostly blue Mason and Ball Jars that belonged to both of my grandmothers.  

I keep my jars on a shelf in my basement.  Our basement isn’t finished, but this is a spot that is well lit and having them on the shelf where I can see them lets me enjoy them.  On occasion, I tote them upstairs to use in my kitchen as decor.  

Mama gave me blue insulators and the meat grinders belonged to my grandparents.  The shelf was already hanging in the basement when my husband purchased our home nearly 25 years ago and it is curved, making me believe that it was once part of a hutch or china cabinet.

Vintage Mason and Ball Jar Collection

This month the All Things Creative Team is bringing you a collection of 10 Amazing Mason Jar Ideas.  Scroll down to see all ten projects.

10 Amazing Mason Jar Ideas

Click on the links below to visit each Mason jar project.




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Amazing Mason Jar Ideas - 10 Projects Using Mason Jars That You Can Make - virginiasweetpea.com

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