Mackinac Island Vacation – Part Three

Our last full day on Mackinac Island was spent exploring the interior on foot.  We could have covered more ground on bikes but didn’t choose to rent them on this trip.  (Did you read Part One and Part Two describing the first two days of our vacation?)

You literally could walk or ride your bike all day on Mackinac.  We picked up a map at the visitor’s center and started walking.  The views on Mackinac never disappointed us.

Interior Mackinac Island Walk

It’s always fun to be passed by a carriage while walking.  The horses were so pretty and well behaved.

Meeting a Carriage While Walking

Cave-of-the-Woods was one of our destinations.

Cave on Mackinac Island

Cave of the woods

Cave of the Woods on Mackinac Island

Very close to the cave is another attraction, Crack-in-the-Island.  I thought this was going to be a lot longer than it ended up being but it was still neat to see.

Crack in the Island Sign

Mr. SP in Crack in the Island on Mackinac

We walked and walked, doing trail after trail, and enjoyed every minute.  For the most part we were alone, except for the occasional biker that would pass us by.

The last trail that we took led to the top of Arch Rock.  (I showed it to you from the shore in my first vacation post.)

Arch Rock from the Top

The views of the lake were incredible here.  I couldn’t get over how tropical the water looked being so blue and clear.

Lake Huron Blue Water on Mackinac Island

Lake Huron from Arch Rock Mackinac Island

A day on Mackinac couldn’t end without a final Fudgeville trip, so we met the rest of the family in town for ice cream.  We saw this dog riding with his master on a wagon while we were walking and then saw him again in town.  Talk about a happy looking dog.


If, you haven’t visited Mackinac Island, I would highly recommend it.  We flew into Detroit and drove five hours to the ferry, but there is an airport in Pellston thirty minutes from the ferry that would have saved us a lot of driving time.  If you’ve visited Mackinac, what did you enjoy doing there?


  1. I had no idea there was so much to see and do there. I may have to add this to my list. That is a really long list too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Suchbeautiful pictures of my home town. Not much has changed in the beauty since I left 36 yrs. ago. Of course the fields we used to play in are filled with housing for different hotels. I loved growing up there and wouldn’t have missed it for anything. Both my parents are buried there. I am so very pleased to hear you enjoyed your stay. The year round residents work very hard for the “fudgies” as we call them. Lol. Just about every employee works 6 days a week mandatory. They are proud. Rarely do they ever complain about their work cept maybe the pay. They all know and appreciate that they wouldn’t have a job without you the visitors.

    Please do go again. It’s a small island but you do not see it all in one trip. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    God bless,
    Carla Vanier VanRavenswaay

    1. Carla,
      We do hope to go again. I find it fascinating that you grew up there. Did you go to the school that I saw along the path that circles the island?

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