Vintage Monday – 1938 Wedding Shower Presents

Back in April I started a new series, Vintage Monday, where I share vintage things that I’ve inherited, purchased, or like especially.  The last  Vintage Monday I shared a vintage egg crate used for shipping eggs from the farm to family in Washington, DC.  Today I am sharing some of my grandmother’s 1938 wedding shower presents.

Sharing Vintage Family Items

These are my grandparents, Ed and Marguerite Ahalt, on their wedding day in 1938.  The belt buckle was worn with my grandmother’s dress.  She told me that the flowers on the belt buckle were originally white.

Ed and Margueite Ahalt - 1938 Wedding Picture

I don’t know any wedding details but I do know that my grandmother used and enjoyed the presents that she received for her wedding and her wedding shower her entire life.  In her later years Granny put notes on many of her things so that family would know the story behind the item.

This cake plate was one of granny’s wedding shower presents.  I love the colors and the crazing.  I often use this on my kitchen counter to corral my sugar bowl and napkin holder.  The cake plate has a brand name on the back that I can’t read but I can read a part that says “Hand Painted Japan.”

1938 Cake Plate


This note was on the cake plate when I inherited it. Granny's Note


This is the glass knife that Granny refers to in her note.Glass Fruit Knife 1938 Glass Fruit Knife Details 1938


Inside the box is a Christmas tag from Pearle.  Was this a Christmas gift from Pearl or a wedding gift or a shower gift?  I may never know.  And who was Pearle?  I’d like to know that as well.

Depression Glass Fruit Knife


These are the directions for using the knife.   Have you heard of a glass knife?  I haven’t?

Glass Cake Knife Instructions


This small canister is another shower present.  There was no note with this piece, so the story behind it shall remain a mystery.

1938 Vintage Canister


Not related to Granny’s wedding shower presents, my friend found this information about my grandfather when she was trying to find the date of my grandparent’s marriage.  Here is the link if you are related to me and want to click over to any of the other names.  Suzanne writes a history blog and she’s a pro at genealogy research.  If you ever need someone to help with research, Suzanne is it.

Paul Edwin Ahalt



I am so lucky to have inherited so many interesting things from both sides of my family and I look forward to sharing more of them with you.


This is going to be a busy week on the blog.  Come back later in the week for a farmhouse post for my Farmhouse Friends group; a thrift store makeover for my Thrift Store Upcycle group; and a woodworking project for my Power Tool Challenge group.  I’ve been busy getting these projects ready to share!


    1. Thanks, Suzanne. I’m surprised you haven’t run across one at the store. There are quite a few on Ebay, so they must not be rare.


  1. It’s so nice that you have these special things that belonged to your grandparents. I’ve never seen a glass knife before but it’s so pretty! I see a slight resemblance between you and your grandfather and I noticed his name was Paul. Were you named after him?

    1. I am named after my grandfather by way of my dad. My dad’s name was Paul Frederick and I’m Paula after him. My grandmother also had a brother named Paul. The funny thing is neither my dad nor my grandfather went by Paul. My grandfather was Ed and my dad was Fred.


  2. Oh how neat! I lLOVE looking through old things like this. I have a few things I’ve inherited and they are treasures. Love looking at old things like this at antique stores too. Thanks for sharing yours! 🙂

    1. I know that my grandmother would be tickled pink if she were around to see me sharing her things on the blog. My aunt who let me have a lot of her things is so appreciative that I treasure Granny’s things.


  3. Whoa! These items are so cool! How amazing that your grandmother left notes on so many items. I would never think to do that! Plus, she still had items from her shower. Wow! That glass knife is too cool!

    1. She was really good about writing the notes and I appreciate that she took the time to do so. Being from the Depression Era I think made her appreciate her things more than we do today.

      I looked the knife up on Ebay and every listing called it Depression Glass. I never thought about the knife being depression glass (I always think of glasses and plates) but I guess it is.


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