Breakfast on the Go with Jimmy Dean Delights

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Breakfast with Jimmy Dean Delights by

Weekday mornings are a big rush at our house. My husband walks our dog for a few hours before work and I try to go to the gym or run before racing to school to beat the 7:30 bell.  Our hectic morning schedules don’t leave time for preparing a healthy breakfast.  We have found Jimmy Dean Delights to be a convenient way for an on the go couple like us to start the work day with a good breakfast.

Jimmy Dean Delights English Muffin with Turkey Sausage


Jimmy Dean Delights come four to a package and are individually sealed with perforated edges.  This keeps each sandwich fresh and it makes it easy to take a sandwich to work to quickly prepare before the madness of the day sets in.  Our local Walmart carries several varieties of breakfast sandwiches.  We’ve already gone through two boxes of English Muffin with Turkey Sausage, Egg White & Cheese and next plan to try the same sandwich in the Canadian Bacon version.

Jimmy Dean Delights English Muffin with Turkey Sausage Packaging


It’s great to have a breakfast option that is under 300 calories, is low in fat and is high in protein.Jimmy Dean Delights Nutritional Facts2

We both appreciate that this sandwich is low calorie, just 250!

Jimmy Dean Delights Nutritional Facts


I like to pair a sandwich with some grapes or slices of orange.  On a morning when I have an extra minute or two it’s nice to enjoy my sandwich and fruit on a pretty plate.

Jimmy Dean Delights2

Usually I am racing for the door hoping to beat the 7:30 bell.  If I can’t enjoy my breakfast at home, it’s equally good in the car.

Relaxing before school with a Jimmy Dean Delight

Mr. SP’s style of enjoying a Jimmy Dean Delight is on his way out the door.  We both really love these sandwiches!

Enjoying a Jimmy Dean Delight before Work

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  1. Me too…love the dress! I’ve seen the JD commercials and wondered just how healthy they could really be. If you eat them, then they must be pretty good…

  2. Haven’t tried these, but they look yummy.

    Funny about the dress comments. My daughter was on a magazine cover this month (The New Era, if you happen to be LDS) and I got a lot of questions about where she got her dress! (Answer: magazine costume department, heh)

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