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Christmas in the Kitchen

Christmas in the Kitchen by virginiasweetpea.com 
Welcome to my Christmas kitchen!  Last year we traveled for Christmas and I chose not to decorate, so it has been a real pleasure this year to make my home festive for the season.


It’s been several years since I’ve shared kitchen pictures with you, so I’ll give a little bit of our kitchen’s history for my newer readers.  Our 1956 cottage originally had a very small kitchen.  In 2005 we added an addition which gave us a family room and much larger kitchen with an eat in area.  I love to cook and both enjoy and appreciate my kitchen daily.
Christmas Kitchen by virginiasweetpea  


I started a vintage Christmas punch bowl collection years ago and enjoy displaying them at Christmas.   I often wonder if these were ever used or if they were enjoyed like I enjoy them, on display.
Egg Nog Vintage Christmas Punch Set by virginiasweetpea.com 


Santa boots are another vintage item that I collect.  I’ll show you the rest of my collection shortly!  The cookie cutters in the glass container all were my grandmother’s.  They definitely were used a lot over the years.
Vintage Cookie Cutters-Vintage Santa Boot


On the other side of the stove you can see more of my punch bowl collection.
Christmas in the Kitchen by virginiasweetpea.com


I’ve been lucky to find sets with different patterns over the years.  Usually the set is missing a cup or two, but that doesn’t bother me since I’m only using them for display.
Jingle Bells Vintage Punch Set by virginiasweetpea.com 
Vintage Christmas Punch Set by virginiasweetpea.com


The other side of the kitchen houses our refrigerator and coffee station.  The coffee station is probably the most used area in the room!
Christmas in the Kitchen by virginiasweetpea.com  #christmaskitchen


I started collecting Lenox Holiday when I was a teenager.  Pulling it out for Christmas is always a real treat.
  Lenox Holiday in the Kitchen by virginiasweetpea.com


This angle shows the kitchen from the eat in area.  We both love to sit at the bar to either do work or to eat.  The corner shelves on each end of my cabinets are a favorite spot for displaying Christmas collectables.
2014 Christmas Kitchen by virginiasweetpea.com


On the left I’ve displayed some of my smaller Lenox pieces, all gifts from family, and part of my Santa boot collection.  I also like plastic Santa candy containers.  When I see one in an antique shop, it’s mine!  The chalk Santa who doesn’t have much paint left and the large Santa mug holding stick candy both belonged to my great-great aunt.  I know that she would be pleased that they’ve been passed down through the family and are still being enjoyed.
  Vintage Santas and Santa Boots in my Christmas Kitchen by virginiasweetpea.com #christmaskitchen 


My grandfather had the cherry pie safe made for me just about the time that I got married from wood harvested from his home place in Maryland.  I also have a dresser made from the same wood.
Vintage Christmas Kitchen by virginiasweetpea.com #vintagechristmas  


The scale belonged to my grandmother and most of the cookie cutters were hers as well.  I picked up a few at a thrift shop once when they were too inexpensive not to buy.  The Santa was my brother’s first Christmas ornament.  We lost him in 2002 so this has special meaning to me.
 Vintage Scale Decorated for Christmas by virginiasweetpea.com  #vintagechristmas


The last punch set of my collection only has four cups.  It’s actually easier to display this way.




On Thanksgiving night I adorned oranges with cloves.  I love how they look in my grandmother’s wooden bowl with greenery.Cloved Orange Centerpiece


Before you go, invite you to check out my Christmas living room.  I decorated the mantel with the theme, “Four Calling Birds.”
Four Calling Birds Mantel by virginiasweetpea.com


The outside of our home is decorated for the season.  I love it when I get home after my husband so that the lights are already on for me to enjoy.
Christmas Tree on Porch4


I so much enjoyed sharing my kitchen with you.  24 other bloggers are sharing their Christmas decor in this week’s Home for the Holidays tour.  You’ll find the list of blogs participating below.  Be sure to visit each one for Christmas eye candy and inspiration.





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  1. Paula, your collections are all beautiful and I love that many of them were handed down through the family. I’m drooling over your vintage punch bowls, too. Your kitchen is beautiful and filled with so many treasured holiday items. I enjoyed the tour and learning the stories behind your collections. Simply stunning!

  2. What special things you have displayed, Paula! I’ve seen those punch bowls before and now you have whetted my appetite to search for a set. I love the “family’ items you have. That makes them so meaningful. I have some of the same Christmas cookie cutters that you displayed. This year I hung them on my vintage tree as ornaments. Merry Christmas.

  3. Paula,
    I am enamoured by your punch bowl collection sand the Sanat boots! They are so COOL. Thanks for giving me ideas for my kitchen 🙂
    Happily pinned.

  4. I agree with Jen, you are killing it with the Christmas decor! Love all the Santa boots too! I have one and for some reason I never come across any at thrifts stores. I am on the hunt for more now though!

  5. Your kitchen is fabulous…and extra cozy with your christmas decor. I love all of the special, sentimental touches! I think it’s so neat that you started collecting the Lenox when you were just a teenager…and those punch bowl collections are really cool.

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  8. What a lovely home! Your kitchen is so beautiful! Love all of your vintage touches you added to your holiday decor.That photo of the outside of your home is gorgeous…..it reminds me of the photos from the Saturday Evening Post! That was before my time,but I have seen those in antique shops…you house looks like a Christmas card!

  9. I love your collection of punch bowl sets! Thanks for the tour through your kitchen. It’s perfectly lovely. I found you at Met Monday and notice you enjoy cooking and sewing. I’m off to look around your site…nice to meet you! 🙂

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