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Dollar Store Inspired Valentine’s Day Pillows

Decorating for the season and for holidays is one of my favorite past times.  Not only do I enjoy decorating my home, I also like to decorate my porch. 

Felt hearts purchased from the dollar store inspired me to make two Valentine’s Day Pillows to use on my enclosed porch.

Dollar Store Inspired Valentine's Day Pillows by virginiasweetpea.com

Usually I use drop cloths to make envelope-style pillow covers.  For a change, for these pillows, I used fleece and really like the softness.

Dollar Store Inspired Valentine's Day Pillow

Don’t these pillows look great on my black rockers?  The one on the left is a Craigslist find and the one on the right is from Goodwill.  It needed some TLC and now is one of my favorite chairs for relaxing.

Dollar Store Inspired Fleece Pillows for Valentine's Day

The red table was found curbside on my way to school one morning.  You can bet that I did a quick turn around to grab it before the trash truck came. 

Of course, it wasn’t red when I found it, you can see its “before” state here.  I picked up the faux copper jello mold at Estates Revisited a few years ago.  I’ve never made jello with it but do like using it as a part of Valentine’s Day decor.

Fleece Pillows Embellished with Felt Hearts from the Dollar Store

Would you believe that this project cost me just $2?  I had everything I needed in my craft stash except the felt hearts.valentines-day-pillow-from-dollar-store-felt-heart

For more details on how to make these pillows, check out a similar project, Dollar Store Decor to St. Patrick’s Day Pillows.

Easy St. Patrick's Day Pillow


  1. So cute! I bet the felt feels so good as pillows. I love how you are always decorating your porch for the different holidays. However, I think you need a wreath to complete the look! 😉

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  3. I love the dollar store, but have never thought of this (if I have ever even seen the felt shapes, I never gave them a second look). I’ll definitely be on the look out now….cool project!!!

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  5. Those pillows are adorable!! Amazing what people say they pick up at Dollar Tree, but ours never has the same things. At least I don’t see it. I love that table you found on the curb too! Wow, the good things people throw away! I would have made a U-turn too.

    1. I couldn’t turn the car around fast enough to grab that table! It was filthy but after some TLC, was good as new. I find Dollar Tree to be hit or miss. I usually find a lot of things there that I didn’t know that I needed. 🙂

  6. I love your porch all decorated for Valentine’s Day. Those hearts are great for projects. I often leave Dollar Tree with the thought that if only I were more creative. My only idea is to stick it on my door! KI; love that you painted that table red, too. I don’t think I’m that adventurous. I just bought a little table at Goodwill and am debating how to paint it.
    I’m pulling out my Valentine stash to decorate today.

    1. Thank you! Valentine’s Day decor certainly brightens up these dull winter days. Good luck with your Goodwill table project!

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  8. Very cute, Paula. They look good on the chairs/rockers. The little side table made me smile, my parents had one just like it! What a sweet memory you gave me today. Thanks, it was just what I needed 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Rachelle. I found the red table on the side of the road and after giving it a makeover, sold it in a shop I used to have.

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