End Table Makeover (Themed Furniture Day)


This end table got a makeover with Velvet Finishes paint in Luxurious.  virginiasweetpea.comAnother month has passed and it’s time for another round of “Themed Furniture Makeovers”.  Each month a group of friends challenge each other to makeover a piece of furniture with a theme.  This month’s theme is small tables.

In February my teacher assistant kindly gave me some of her aunt’s vintage things that other family members didn’t want.  Among the treasures was an end table whose design I really liked.

Vintage End Table


I lightly sanded the table to get rid of a few dings and worn spots that it had on the edges and then gave it three coats of Velvet Finishes paint in Luxurious.  To protect the table, I used Velvet Finish’s Protect, a non-yellowing polyurethane.End Table Makeover with Velvet Finishes Paint virginiasweetpea.com


I really like this color and love how smooth it feels to touch.  I am 100% pleased with this end table makeover.

This table got a makeover with Velvet Finishes paint in Luxurious.  It is even prettier in person!  virginiasweetpea.com


After I finished this table and prepared to take pictures of it, I realized that I didn’t have a lamp to use that coordinated with this table’s design.  I picked this one up at Walmart especially to use for these pictures.  I can always use another lamp, so I didn’t mind having to buy one.

End Table Makeover with Velvet Finishes Paint.  virginiasweetpea.com


This pretty decanter was a gift from my friend when her mom moved out of her home.  The book is out of print and hard to find.  When I’m curious about the history of one of Lynchburg’s older homes, I pull this out to do a bit of research.  Mr. SP bought this long before I met him.  If you’ve ever been in my basement, you know that it looks like a combination of an antique and junk shop.  I found this pocket watch on a shelf and am not sure where I got it.  It probably was my grandfather’s.

Vintage Liquor Decanter and Lynchburg An Architectual History Book.  This book has a wealth of information but is very hard to find.  virginiasweetpea.com


To see more “Themed Furniture Makeovers from this year and last year, click here.


I’m counting down the days until school is over for the summer so that I can have some time at home to complete  projects to share.  I have a few started and a lot of ideas, just no time to implement them.  Ten more days…I can do it!


Scroll through the links below to see the small table makeovers that my friends completed.


  1. I love the lines and details of this table! t is just beautiful! Plus the color you picked is gorgeous. I need to try Velvet Finishes pint. I have a few painting projects in the works and this might be the ticket!

    1. I have four colors of Velvet Finishes paint. If you want to use one of them for a project, let me know.


  2. Paula this is so lovely. This color looks great. I have one of these in the barn…..now you’ve given me an idea. 🙂

    1. I wish your barn were closer to me, Beth. I’d like to find a match to my table to have a pair.


    1. Thanks, Angie! Summer is just around the corner. Next week is only four days and one of them is a field trip, so it should fly by quickly.


  3. Your table brings back memories of my grandmother’s living room. She had an end table just like that. It’s really a nice design for a table and you did it proud with your Velvet paint.

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