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Fall Door Decor – DIY Crow

It is finally starting to look and feel like fall in my area.  It’s still been blazing hot but the mornings have had a hint of cool in the air giving us a taste of what is to come.  Over the weekend I had some time for a DIY project, my first since going back to work on August 8, and I made a DIY crow for our front door.

Fall Door Decor - DIY Crow - virginiasweetpea.com

I typically hang wreaths on my front door but I’m liking the look of my DIY crow.  (You can see my fall wreath from last year here.)

Fall Porch with DIY Crow

I made my crow last Friday night and finished the project on Saturday.

When I got ready to hang my crow on the door, I realized that the front porch desperately needed cleaning, which meant hauling out the ladder, hose, bucket, sponge, and cleaner and giving everything a good scrub. 

We love our Chippendale door and railings (another DIY project) but they aren’t the easiest to clean.  After I got everything cleaned and my crow in place, I added some mums to my urns. 

Pumpkins will soon be placed around the urns but I’m not quite ready for that much fall,  I have to slowly ease into it!


My DIY crow didn’t take a lot of time to make and while I was at it, I actually made two. 

The second one is a surprise for a friend at school who last year told me that she’d love to have a crow to hang on her front door.  I can’t wait to gift her with a crow today at school!

DIY Fall Crow - Learn how to make this for your door!

Making my DIY Crow took just a few hours of my time and gave me great pleasure because I hadn’t had a craft or DIY session for weeks.

How to Make a DIY Crow


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Pine Board (1 x 16 x 3) – Mine was $7.38 at Lowes.

Crow Template


Random Orbit Sander

Sand Paper

Black Paint  (I used Behr leftover from a Rocking Chair Makeover.)

4 Ply Jute Cord

Staple Gun (An electric one is great!)

Ribbon  (I found mine in the fall décor section at Walmart.)

Glue Gun


1.  Enlarge the crow silhouette using Block Posters to the desired size. 

I printed mine to be two sheets of paper wide. Tape the sheets together and cut out.  Trace the crow onto the wood. 

You can see that I purchased a larger sheet of wood than what I actually needed.

Supplies Needed to Make a Wooden Cut Out Crow

2.  Use a jigsaw to cut out the crow. 

How to Make a DIY wood crow (Tutorial)

3.  Sand the crow using a palm sander. 

Use sand paper for the intricate areas on the edges of the crow. 

Paint the crow and after the paint dries, sand, and then paint a second coat.

4.  Attach jute cord to the back of the crow using a staple gun.

How to Make a DIY wood crow (Tutorial)

5.  Hang the crow and enjoy!

DIY Crow for fall decor

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Wooden cutout crow painted black with an orange bow hanging on a door.

How much fall decorating have you done?  My living room is ready for fall and I love how it turned out.


  1. Thank you for sharing crow template. Also found out about Silhouette Garden and Block posters, think they’ll be very handy.
    Maybe can get hubs to cut out crows for me so can use one, gift others. How sweet of you to give one of crows to your friend at school. I love giving things to people when they don’t expect it. Have to leave cutting out up to hubs as my eye sight not as good and have arthritis in hands and wrists.
    Your crow looks very handsome hanging on your door, look forward to seeing what else you make for your home. Earlier this week got my Fall decos out of shed, didn’t use as much as I used to, wanting to keep things less cluttered, easier to put away.
    Have a wonderful Fall weekend

    1. Thank you so much, Tasha! I’ve moved him to my porch and he’s hanging against a brick wall and I like him even better there!

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  3. I LOVE THIS PROJECT. It helps to love crows which I do. I had a few baby crows when I was a bird rehabilitator and they are engaging and smart. I pinned your crow also. Best wishes Linda @Crafts a la mode

    1. Thanks, Linda! I’ve heard that crows are very smart. It’s so cool that you used to help to rehab baby crows. My cousin is an intern at a wildlife rehab place nearby and just loves it.

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