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Farmhouse Hutch with Vintage Yellow Pottery

Back in January, after I finally finished putting away all of my Christmas decor, I was left with a blank slate on the Farmhouse Hutch in our kitchen.  I change out the decor here seasonally and I also use this hutch to display some of my vintage collectables. 

One thing that I love to collect is vintage pottery and I have never displayed my vintage yellow collection on this hutch.  I’m enjoying having all of my yellow collection in one spot!

Farmhouse Hutch with Vintage Yellow Pottery - See a collection of vintage yellow pottery displayed on a farmhouse-style hutch. Vintage mixing bowls on top of the hutch add to the charm of this display. #vintage #vintagedecor #vintagepottery #farmhousedecor #USApottery #mccoy #mccoypottery #watts #cooksonpottery #abingdonpottery

Farmhouse Hutch with Vintage Yellow Pottery

It’s been a while since I’ve shared our breakfast room.  This room and our kitchen used to be painted a butter-yellow color and this fall got an update with a new paint color.  I went with “Ballet White” by Benjamin Moore as it blends nicely with our kitchen backsplash.  I am really pleased with the update!

Farmhouse Hutch with Vintage Yellow Pottery - See a collection of vintage yellow pottery displayed on a farmhouse-style hutch. Vintage mixing bowls on top of the hutch add to the charm of this display. #vintage #vintagedecor #vintagepottery #farmhousedecor #USApottery #mccoy #mccoypottery #watts #cooksonpottery #abingdonpottery

You may remember when I first shared this hutch a few years ago.  It belonged to my friend’s mom and I purchased it to makeover and then sell.  I ended up liking so much that I kept it.  When I shared it the first time, I styled it with some of my mom’s Blue Ridge Pottery.

I’ve also shared it styled with my vintage green pottery and another time with vintage farmhouse decor.

Vintage Yellow Pottery with Vintage Mixing Bowls displayed on a Farmhouse-style Hutch #farmhouse #vintage #vintagepottery #vintageplanters #mccoy #nortonpottery #abingdonpottery #USApottery

A few of these pieces belonged to my grandmother who was an avid gardener and garden club member.  She arranged flowers for church and also for garden club competitions.  Most of my yellow pottery collection along with the mixing bowls on top of the hutch were picked up here and there at antique shops and thrift stores.

Farmhouse Hutch with Vintage Yellow Pottery - See a collection of vintage yellow pottery displayed on a farmhouse-style hutch. Vintage mixing bowls on top of the hutch add to the charm of this display. #vintage #vintagedecor #vintagepottery #farmhousedecor #USApottery #mccoy #mccoypottery #watts #cooksonpottery #abingdonpottery

Vintage Yellow Pottery

When I gathered all of my vintage yellow pottery pieces, I noticed that the colors ranged from light yellow to dark yellow.  I used the lighter pieces on the bottom two shelves and the darker pieces on the top shelf.

Light Yellow Vintage Pottery – Bottom and Middle Shelves

I’m sharing each piece of pottery, starting with the bottom shelf.

Vintage Yellow Pottery Collection #vintagepottery #vintageplanter

This diamond shaped pot has no marking.  Someone once told me that if a pot has no mark, it could have been one that a florist used.  

Vintage Yellow Planter #vintageplanter #vintagepottery

This piece is a console bowl by Abingdon USA in their Fern Leaf pattern.  I often use this in fall filled with gourds.

Vintage Abingdon USA Fern Leaf Console Bowl #abingdonusa #abingdonusapottery #vintageconsolebowl

This pot also has no marking on the bottom of the pot.

Vintage Yellow Flower Pot #vintageplanter

Moving on to the middle shelf, we have a Cookson Pottery Paisley planter marked “USA CP-1507” and a McCoy planter.

Cookson Pottery Paisley planter marked USA CP-1507 and a McCoy planter #vintageplanter #cooksonpottery #McCoy #cookson

The footed planter in the center of the shelf is a Cookson Pottery piece marked “CP-92-USA”.  This belonged to my grandmother.

Cookson Pottery CP-92-USA floral patterned glazed footed planter #vintageplanter #cooksonpottery #cookson

To the right of the planter are two more pieces that belonged to my grandmother, an unmarked duck and a Norton USA planter.

Norton USA Vintage Planter and an unmarked Yellow Duck Planter #vintage #vintageplanter #nortonpottery

Dark Yellow Vintage Pottery – Top Shelf

I prefer the dark yellow of the pottery pieces on the top shelf. 

Vintage Yellow Pottery Collection #vintagepottery #vintageplanters

Both of these pieces are Cookson.  The pot on the left is marked, ” CP USA 356″ and the one on the right, CP USA 356″.

Vintage Cookson Yellow Pottery #vintagepottery #vintageflowerplanter #vintageplanters #cooksonpottery #cookson

This piece has no mark.

Unmarked Vintage Yellow Flower Pot #vintageflowerpot #vintageplanter

I’d love to know more about this McCoy planter.  It reminds me of two things:  either a dinosaur or a gravy boat.  What do you think?

McCoy Planter #mccoy #mccoyplanter #vintageplanter

Mixing Bowls on Top of the Hutch


I used three old mixing bowls to fill the space on the top of the hutch.

Farmhouse Hutch with Vintage Yellow Pottery - See a collection of vintage yellow pottery displayed on a farmhouse-style hutch. Vintage mixing bowls on top of the hutch add to the charm of this display. #vintage #vintagedecor #vintagepottery #farmhousedecor #USApottery #mccoy #mccoypottery #watts #cooksonpottery #abingdonpottery

This bowl belonged to my friend’s mother and is marked with a 12 on the bottom.

Vintage Mixing Bowl marked 12 #vintage #vintagemixingbowl #antiquemixingbowl

This large yellow mixing bowl was my grandmother’s and is marked, ” York P Made in USA”.  I was curious about this mark and discovered that the P stands for Pfaltzgraff and that Pfaltzgraff is the oldest operating pottery in the United States.  The mark that this bowl has indicates that it was made in the 1930’s.  Unfortunately, Granny once let someone serve drinks from this bowl at a party and it was returned to her with a crack.

York P 1930's Pfaltzgraff Mixing Bowl  #antiquemixingbowl #YorkPmixingbowl #antiquepfaltzgraff

The last mixing bowl is a Watt that I purchased a long time ago at an antique store.

Antique Watt Mixing Bowl #wattmixingbowl #antiquemixingbowl #wattpottery

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I hope you enjoyed seeing my yellow vintage pottery collection and also seeing my new kitchen paint color.  

I’d love it if you would pin this post for others to discover!

Farmhouse Hutch with Vintage Yellow Pottery - See a collection of vintage yellow pottery displayed on a farmhouse-style hutch. Vintage mixing bowls on top of the hutch add to the charm of this display. #vintage #vintagedecor #vintagepottery #farmhousedecor #USApottery #mccoy #mccoypottery #watts #cooksonpottery #abingdonpottery

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  1. Paula, your pieces are so pretty and I love the way you have them displayed on your hutch! You always have so many interesting pieces. I will have to pay attention to any markings next time I am out shopping. Have a great week!

    1. Thank you, Shelley! I love collecting any color of vintage planters but most of what I have is either green or yellow.


  2. I remember when you had a green collection in your hutch and I adored it. I also adore the yellow collection .

  3. I have a console dish in a very light pink…with no markings, I think. I should share it sometime.
    Do you have any other Pfaltzgraff pieces? York is near me. I have quite a bit of it (not old or valuable, though) and find it in thrift stores around here, often.

    1. Your light pink console dish is perfect for spring decor. I only have one Pfaltzgraff piece. It’s great that you are able to find Pfalzgraff in thrift shops!


    1. I’ll bet that duck was used for a flower arrangement for a baby! My grandmother saved a planter that she received a flower arrangement in when my father was born and then she made an arrangement in it for my brother when he was born in 1970. Mama used it for my niece when she came along in 1999.

      I love your coffee station idea. I used planters on my coffee station but they don’t match like your pin. That is a great idea! Here is mine:


  4. Oh I love vintage yellow pottery! I am in a yellow mood, I just shared a post all about daffodils. I will have to drag out my yellow McCoy pieces now. Your dining room looks so pretty!

    1. Thank you, Amber! I enjoyed your daffodil post and I’m looking forward to seeing your spring decor when spring finally arrives.


  5. An interesting and lovely assortment. They look especially nice on the unusual hutch. It’s open sides make it a great display piece as it lets so much light fall on the items on the shelves. I have never seen one like it. Thanks for sharing it and your pieces of vintage yellow pottery.

    1. I also haven’t seen a hutch like this one. I’m glad that my friend sold it to me and that I was able to give it a makeover. I’ve really enjoyed displaying things on it.


  6. Thank you for sharing your awesome collection AND including the pictures of your other stylings, too. I have several “collections” of things packed away and this is an inspiration to rotate something else out for a while! Also gives me an excuse for a bit of spring cleaning!

    1. My cleaning usually gets interrupted by the need to redecorate. I’ll dust something and then end up redecorating it. Ha-Ha! I hope you get a lot of cleaning AND redecorating completed!


    1. Thank you, Julie! We enjoy this room and I enjoy changing out the display on the hutch from time to time.


    1. Thank you, Laura! I’m enjoying the yellow for now but knowing me, I’ll change it out to something else before too long.


  7. Oh wow! I had to pop over to your hutch makeover to see where you started. I am so glad you kept this piece. It is just beautiful. I wish I could find a backless piece like this, I would have not been able to pass it up either. I love the makeover you gave it.

    1. Thank you, Christine! I’ve really enjoyed having this hutch in my kitchen and changing out the display on it from time to time.


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  9. I love green and yellow so your hutch is a wonderful place to display your collections of green and yellow vintage pottery. I love your valance too. Did you make it?

    1. Thank you for solving the mystery of the “dinosaur” McCoy piece! I’ll update my post with the information!!


  10. The fresh new paint really brightens your breakfast room! And that hutch is so gorgeous! I love that it has open shelving –so unique! Your pottery and dishes are lovely. I collect ironstone and some of my pieces are not true ironstone but close enough for me! I say if you love the piece then buy it even without the markings 🙂 You have a beautiful collection! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Cindy! I also like ironstone but I’ve resisted the urge to collect it. When I see bloggers using it in their decor, I also wish that I’d collected it long ago when it wasn’t so crazy expensive.


  11. Your pottery is gorgeous and so dreamy! Love how it adds boho vibe and vintage spark to the room. I sincerely enjoyed reading about each piece, especially about the ones with the emotional story and sentimental value behind them. The new color of the walls really compliments different nuances of yellow pottery. Thank you for sharing the story of this lovely space in your home!

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