Kitchen Hutch with Vintage Farmhouse Decor

Decorate a kitchen hutch with vintage farmhouse decor.

The hutch in our kitchen is a favorite spot to display some of my vintage collection.  After I removed the Christmas decor from these shelves, I decided to display some favorite vintage kitchen items, many of which belonged to my grandmothers.

Kitchen Hutch Styled with Vintage Farmhouse Decor - Vintage farmhouse style kitchen decor fills a kitchen hutch.

Vintage on the Kitchen Hutch Shelves

I filled the shelves on this hutch with vintage kitchen items.  I’m not positive that I love this “filled-to the-brim” look but I am positive that I like having some of my vintage things out instead of in their usual spot on the storage shelves in my basement.

Farmhouse Hutch Styled with Vintage -

Bottom Shelf

We’ll start on the bottom shelf because it holds my newest vintage find, an old Coke crate.  I recently purchased this at an antique shop in Amherst, Virginia.  I don’t regret buying it, but I should have asked my mother first because she has one in her basement that she would have given me.

Vintage Coca-Cola crate with an antique scale and small collection of vintage graters.


I filled the Coke crate with vintage rolling pins that my old neighbor gave me when he moved.

Vintage Coca-Cola Crate filled with Antique Rolling Pins -


The kitchen scale belonged to my paternal grandmother and the chicken salt and pepper shaker was my maternal grandmother’s.  I am so lucky that both grandmothers passed along old things to me!

Vintage Kitchen Scale with Chicken Salt and Pepper Shaker -

The neighbor who gave me the assortment of vintage rolling pins also gifted me with his vintage grater collection.  These are a just a few of those that he gave me.  You can see more of what he passed along to me here.

Collection of Vintage Kitchen Graters

Middle Shelf

The middle shelf holds items that were in use not too many years ago.

Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Decor -

The coffee percolator and can opener were my maternal grandmother’s.  A neighbor gave me the cast iron corn stick pan when it didn’t sell at her yard sale.  Of course I was thrilled to take it off of her hands!  The waffle iron in the middle of the shelf belonged to one of my grandmothers but I can’t remember which one.

Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Decor -

Shortly after we were married, my husband bought this coffee grinder for me in a local antique shop.  He was told that it came from a Lynchburg estate.   The tag on the front of it says, “Peugeot Freres Valentigney Doubs”.   A quick search tells me that this was made in France and is worth at least $75.  Mama gave me the Mrs. Smith’s pie pan and  I purchased the Swan salt and pepper shakers locally a long time ago.

Peugeot Freres Valentigney Doubs Antique Coffee Grinder

Top Shelf

The top shelf holds more vintage goodies.

Kitchen Hutch Styled with Vintage Farmhouse Style Decor

Who doesn’t love a thermos?  The thermos to the left was found in a dumpster and I purchased the one on the right in Bedford just before Christmas.  The canister was one of my paternal grandmother’s wedding shower gifts.  See more of Granny’s 1938 wedding shower gifts here.

Vintage Red Plaid Thermos with a 1938 Kitchen Canister

I love old Mason and Ball jars and often display them on the small shelves on the sides of my kitchen cabinets.  My very favorite jar is the “Lynchburg Standard Mason” jar from my town.

Vintage Lynchburg Standard Mason Jar from Lynchburg, VA -

The little green pitcher is Czechoslovakian.  Granny used the Coke caddy to carry extra flowers for her flower arrangements when she competed in garden club competitions.

Vintage Coca-Cola Drink Caddy with a Czechoslovakian Pitcher and Gills Hotel Special Coffee and Chicory Tin from Norfolk, VA -

Hutch Top

The top of the hutch holds a picnic basket that I found in a trash pile, a tin that I usually use in my pantry to hold extra rolls of plastic wrap and foil, and an enamel pitcher that belonged to my friend’s mom.

Kitchen Hutch Filled with Vintage Farmhouse Style Collectables -

Table Centerpiece

The centerpiece on my table was originally a wreath that I made for our front door out of Sweet Gum Balls.  This Christmas I sprayed it with Rustoleum Spray Glitter in Silver (affiliate link) and used it as a table centerpiece with a red candle.  To change the look to winter, I switched the candle to white.

Winter Wreath Crafted from Sweet Gum Balls and Sprayed with Rustoleum Silver Glitter Spray Paint. -

If you enjoyed seeing these vintage items, check out more of my vintage posts here.


Kitchen Hutch Last January

Last January I styled these shelves with pieces from my vintage green pottery collection.  Which look do you prefer?  I think I like last year’s look best but I’ll leave these shelves as is for now.

Farmhouse Hutch with Vintage Green

I’ll be back on Thursday with the first Power Tool Challenge of 2018.  We are sharing organizing projects and I made an rolling under bed storage drawer that I can’t wait to show you.


  1. Oh my goodness – the corn stick pan reminds me that my grandmother had one and used it frequently. Now I wonder what became of it. Maybe my sister has it. I enjoyed the tour of your shelves. Lots of goodies.

    1. Thank you, Wendy! I was happy to get these things out of the basement and into the kitchen where I can enjoy them.

  2. I love all of your beautiful pieces! I like both looks, but prefer the latest version. The more you look, the more details you see. The green makes me think spring so I would use it in March.

  3. I love that white hutch. The openness really appeals to me. I always enjoy seeing your vintage items. I’ve had some of them before passing them on, like the Mrs. Smith’s tin and the cornbread pan. Just a small pang of sadness but I just don’t have room for them now! Fifteen years ago the vintage hutch would have been my favorite, but today I have to choose the green items. Funny how my tastes have changed.
    Just a side question for you: have you seen any crank ice cream makers that were made in Danville? I’ve seen 3 at different Goodwill stores and even bought one years ago at an antique store. The funny thing is none of us remember that company. (I grew up in Danville.) But the box clearly says Made in Danville, VA.

    1. I will be on the look-out for crank ice cream makers. I haven’t seen any but haven’t really been looking. My mom had one and I wish that I could look to see where it was made but someone stole it from her barn.


  4. I love your hutch and all the antique collection you have. You display everything very. well. I loved the green pottery. Take care.

  5. I love all your vintage items…I have a couple of coke crates from my grandfather’s store one is like yours and the other has the dividers for bottles and have one of the metal coke 6 pack … Thank you for sharing

  6. Thank you for sharing your treasures and your memories. What a great way to keep the memories of loved ones alive. Although I like the green pottery display, I love the vintage/antique display; The colors, textures, and different heights just keep your eyes moving from shelf to shelf. I hope you have a list describing all your treasures to pass onto your children so the memories aren’t lost.

  7. I love all the vintage items you are displaying in your hutch this season. They all look so decorative grouped together despite the fact they were originally designed to be utilitarian.

  8. I love vintage items, and I love that your’s have such a story behind them! I have several vintage items, but most have been picked up at garage sales. A few years ago, when my aunt and uncle were visiting, my aunt noticed my vintage look, and a few weeks later, she sent me a sifter that belonged to my grandmother. That, of course, is my favorite piece, because I know the story that goes with it!

  9. I definately like the look of last year’s hutch. This year’s just looks too cluttered to me although the items are all pleasing to the eye by themselves. Maybe just subtract a few, such as the heavier-looking ones. I think the hutch needs more open space.

    I love the wreath that you made with Sweet Gum Balls. We have one of those trees in our neighborhood and I am always picking them up to use for fall displays, etc. I never tho’t of making a wreath out of them, though! I need to see if I have enough to make one. Probably smaller than yours, though. But by next Fall I should be able to collect quite a few more.

    It was a fun post. Thanks.

  10. So much vintage goodness displayed on your hutch, Paula! I especially love your crate of rolling pins! Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm! Pinned!

  11. I do love all your vintage items and the white hutch show them off nicely. And change is good! I love displaying all my vintage and antique memories.
    🙂 gwingal

  12. I love it all! I hope you will come over and link up this post on Thursday for Thursday Favortie Things So I can feature it next week! The party starts at 9:00 a.m. on my blog. Leave a comment with the number of your link up. Hope to see you there!

    1. Thank you, Bobbi! I’ll most likely leave it like this for a while and then switch it back to the green.


  13. I like last year’s styling and this year’s equally. They both look great. I especially like that you know the history of a lot of this year’s items. Great job!

    xo Dianne

  14. the green styling is very pretty and calm but for my tastes I am over the moon for the vintage items. I have a number of those items myself and am looking for a couple of others (your mom’s cola crate! ?) and I have never seen a metal coke bottle carrier. The stories/memories behind the pieces is just the best! thanks for sharing.

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