Lake House Guest Bedroom Decor

This summer I have been working on finishing decorating our lake house guest bedroom. The room is finally complete and I am excited to share the end result.

Lake House Guest Bedroom Decor

I decorated this room with a vintage and feminine theme.

The rug is from Boutique Rugs and the bedspread and shams are from Amazon.

Lake House Guest Bedroom Decor

The headboard came from Amazon but is no longer available. This one is similar. The headboard is missing finials that go on each end post and they must be stuck in a shipping crate somewhere in China. Eventually, they will arrive.

The brass sconces aren’t wired. A puck light is in each one and they can be turned on with a touch of the finger or by using a remote.

Upholstered headboard with two lights hanging over it

An antique washstand that I purchased with my first teacher paycheck serves as a night table. My cousin gave me the tole painted tray.

Antique oak washstand used as a night stand

My niece, Reese, stays in this bedroom when she visits. Reese is a VCU senior and is also a Gold Rush dancer.

The other picture is of me and my beloved cat, Miss Prissy, taken on Christmas Day in the early 90s.

Reese Ahalt and Paula Skulina with Miss Prissy

Lane Furniture Company used to give each local senior a cedar chest. This is my grandmother’s from the 1930s.

In later years, the cedar chests did not include hardware. My mom received one of these but the program stopped by my senior year in 1987.

Antique small Lane cedar chest

This lidded container was my grandmother’s.

Antique bird and flower lidded container

I used a vintage postcard found at The Graphic’s Fairy to make this wall art.

vintage boating postcard enlarged on a canvas

The chandelier is from Home Depot and you can learn how to install bifold closet doors here.

Lake House Guest Bedroom Decor

Mama gave me the antique oak dresser and she bought the oak mirror at a store at the lake.

Antique oak dresser and mirror

My cousin scored the lamp at a flea market in Florida over the summer. The shade is from a shop in downtown, Lynchburg.

My grandmother did the pressed flower picture and the mirror belonged to a relative.

Vintage items decorating an antique oak dresser

My grandmother was raised by her Aunt Fannie and Aunt Fannie served as my dad’s grandmother. I am pretty sure that that cake stand is in my pantry.

vintage birthday photo

These are childhood pictures of my mom and dad.

vintage childhood photos

You can’t tell because of the lighting, but the room has a lake view.

Lake house guest room decor

Mama purchased this painting for me at the same shop where she purchased the oak mirror. The painting came from a tobacco plantation in Chatham, VA.

Antique floral painting

Behind the door is a picture of me enjoying a SML sunset and a luggage rack made with cherry harvested from the family farm in Maryland.

SML sunset picture and handmade luggage rack

I’m so happy to have this space complete and it has been a pleasure to have guests enjoy this room over the summer.


  1. Love everything about this room! All the memories you’ve included, wow! The very first thing I ever bought antique wise on my own was a washstand!!! Love the chandelier. Your niece is lovely. I was Captain of my dance drill team back in high school, mid 70’s, so I can appreciate her dedication! Your parents pics are precious! Big TX hugs!

  2. Your guest room is so inviting! I bought a washstand exactly like that so many years ago-my first antique purchase. It served many purposes o Ed the years from small buffet to toy cabinet.

    1. Thank you so much, Peggy! My washstand has a mirror but I had to remove it to use as a nightstand because it looked awkward.

  3. What an inviting room! I especially love that you have family heirlooms in use and/or displayed throughout your home. I have one of those small Lane chests they used to give away (I graduated high school in 1977). It is the plain version without external hardware, but it does have a lock, and I’m proud to say that I still have the key 🙂

  4. Paula, this is my favorite of all your makeovers Comfort, coziness & fond memories abound.
    My Mom use to help her friend stuff the envelopes and address the letters to the recent graduates for them to pick up their cedar chest at their local Lane retailer. In Altavista it was Schewels.

    1. Thank you so much, Dean! It’s neat that your mom helped to send out the invitations for picking up the cedar chests to the seniors. I was really disappointed that when I was a senior the program had stopped.

  5. Oh my word, where do I start with this room. I love the toile tray, so pretty. The mirror and the piece your mom found is beautiful. But having the chest from your grandmother is truly amazing. So many blessed treasures in this room for your niece.


  6. Looks great! I remember some of those things! I always loved that picture of your dad! I also have one of the luggage racks, didn’t Mr.Ahalt make those? I can’t remember.

    1. Granddaddy had someone down the road make the luggage racks. They sure are handy! It made my day to see your comment.

  7. Lovely, and how special to have so many meaningful pieces in the room. What guest wouldn’t be happy in such a peaceful room, especially with a lake view!

  8. Can’t believe you found the headboard on Amazon! It is so lovely. That is so interesting about Lane giving chests to local seniors- so cool. Room turned out great!

  9. You did a great job on this room. It looks so cozy and full of family heritage. I have my mon’s Lane chest from when she graduated from high school in Scottsville. Your luggage rack is identical to one we got as a wedding gift from Mom’s best friend in Williamsburg.
    I have so many fond memories of summers on Smith Mountain Lake, from my college days. Your posts help to take me back in time to those days!

  10. You have taught me so much about mixing vintage, antique, and family pieces to make such a lovely setting. Thank you for all the things that you share. Praying for your helath.

  11. Paula, I have a whole bunch of vintage postcards from my grandmas travel around the world. I should get them out! They are all written and with the stamps. You gave me such a great idea!

    1. I am so glad that I inspired you, Melba. I inherited my great-great aunts’ postcards and love to use them for decorating.

  12. What a sweet haven for your niece and other guest. A charming room filled with so many meaningful treasures. Your toile tray is fabulous … I love it so much! xo

  13. Your guest room is absolutely beautiful, Paula. It is cozy, inviting, and the perfect place to relax. Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ’s.

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