Last Post before Vacation

I’m supposed to be wrapping presents, but I’m taking a break to blog. We are leaving tomorrow night for Okemo and I’ve been busy doing laundry and cleaning. I still need to pack. Oh, and I’m having Mr. SP’s family over for dinner tonight. I really should not be blogging right now, but I want to share a few more Christmas decorations.

I love decorating our kitchen shelves for the holidays. One side has small Lenox Holiday items and the other side is a Santa theme.

My grandmother gave me the chalkware Santa. Poor thing has lost most of his paint. He is probably from the 20’s or 30’s. The ornament beside it was my brother’s first Christmas ornament. It has the wrong name on the back. My parents were originally going to name him George Frederick, but at the last minute changed their minds. The ornament has George Frederick written on the back by my grandmother.

I love my Santa boots! I didn’t buy a single one this year. I’m always on the lookout for Santa boots.

The Santa mug has been in my family for a long, long time. The aunt that raised my grandmother always put candy canes in it. It was passed on to Mama who did the same thing for us. He’ll have to settle for cinnamon sticks this year.

I’ve collected Lenox Holiday dishes and accessories since I was in high school. All of these are gifts from family or friends. People love it when you collect something! I especially love the Mr. and Mrs. Claus salt and pepper shakers. They were a gift from my in-laws last Christmas.

I made a rustic centerpiece to go with this table runner. I wanted to use the runner because Mr. SP’s mom made it and I know that his dad and sister will like seeing it on our table. The arrangement will be dried out and will have to be replaced by the time I’m home from Okemo, but it will look nice for the family dinner that I’m hosting tonight.

I hope to give y’all a snow report from Okemo. We are so excited to get to go on vacation and I can’t wait to hit the slopes! We have a whole list of things that we want to do while we are in Vermont. One thing that I want to try is cross country skiing. Mr. SP used to ski to class when he was in college. He says that I’ll really like it. We’ll see. Unfortunately, I’m a really slow learner when it comes to physical activity.

Have a good week!


  1. Oh I am SO LATE to this post, and Christmas is gone and your vacation! I can’t wait to read all about it! You were very ambitious before vacation. I love these Santa collections though. So cute!

    1. This was an old post! Seeing your comment on it made me go back to read it and I enjoyed seeing how I had my vintage things displayed that year. It also made me crave travel. I haven’t been anywhere in a long time. Happy 2017!


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