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I can’t believe that another week has flown by and I didn’t even post one time. We are leaving Monday after work for Vermont for a ski vacation and I’ve been a busy little elf trying to finish up my shopping. The names that are left on my list will receive Vermont maple syrup or maple candies.

One decoration that I use almost every single year is an apple cone form to create a Williamsburg inspired centerpiece. Here’s a picture of the cone from the Williamsburg Marketplace website:

I love the traditional look but I don’t love wasting all of the fruit to use on the form. This year I decided to experiment with faux fruit. I hot glued faux apples and lemons to the form and then filled it in with fresh greenery. You can see in the picture that I need to stuff in a little more boxwood, but I really like it and I’m not going to have to waste a dime on fruit that will get thrown out. The pineapple is also faux. I bought that at the now closed Buffalo Springs Herb Farm in Raphine, VA.

Another favorite decoration is my Swarovski snowflake “tree”. Since our first Christmas together in 1993, Mr. SP has given me a Swarvoski snowflake ornament. I display them on a thorny stick that my grandmother used to use in church arrangements. The current year always goes in the middle at the top. I love these so much that I leave the display out until March. If I’m home during the day and the sun is at the perfect angle, the room is lit up with sparkles.

Does anyone else have trouble taking a picture of their tree? Maybe I need photography lessons. Our tree looks the same from year to year. I thought about buying some different color balls this year to change it a bit, but I decided that I like our traditional red and gold ones. Do you remember the tree skirt from this summer? I am so glad that Mama gave it to me. It brings back great childhood memories. I can just see my grandmother patiently glueing all of it together for her grandbabies.

I hope everyone enjoys this December weekend. This time of year is so much fun with all of the Christmas activities going on. I’m going to get my house tidies up before our trip, plan my Christmas Eve menu, plan a menu for a small gathering of family Sunday night, make one more arrangement, and go to the library. I’m also running today and playing tennis both in the morning and evening. Mmmm… as always, I think that I’m trying to squeeze in too much for one day.


  1. Beautiful decorations!
    I had been to the Buffalo Spring Herb Farm a few years ago, and didn’t know it had closed. It was such a great place to visit.
    Have fun in Vermont.

  2. I love the Williamsburg form.
    The snowflakes are so pretty!
    I too have trouble taking pictures of my tree. I imagine that it is too sparkly! 🙂

  3. I love all of your decorations. I have a Williamsburg form that my grandfather made many years ago. He copied it from the original. It is so great and I love your idea of gluing fake fruit. I also like seeing a variety of fruit. I have always used red apples. Have a great vacation!

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