Living Room Update with New Chairs

I have been wanting to replace the wingback chairs in our living room with something more modern for a long while. I finally bit the bullet and bought new chairs for this space and I’m thrilled with how they look.

New Chairs for our Living Room

I replaced two wingback chairs in our living room with two Ivo 30″ Wingback Chairs in Beige Linen from Wayfair.

Living room decorated for spring

I love how these chairs look in our living room!

Our Old Wingback Chairs

Our old chairs were wingback chairs that my mom snagged for me at her church’s auction for $4 each. I had them recovered and they have served me well for many years.

Winter mantel, wing back chairs with white fur pillows, a table with an antique glass compote filled with silver pinecones.

These chairs are in great condition but I was tired of both their style and fabric.

What a Difference New Chairs Make

I love the lower profile of my new chairs. The old wingback chairs somewhat blocked the view of the mantel and these do not.

Wayfair Ivo Wingback Chair in Beige Linen in a living room

Their linen fabric also makes the room seem lighter and brighter.

Wayfair Ivo Wingback Chair in Beige Linen

I also like the nailhead trim along the sides and arms.

Wayfair Ivo Wingback Chair in Beige Linen

Like the new chair that recently purchased for our family room, the seats on these chairs are somewhat hard.

I find the chair comfortable enough to sit on for a short time, but not one that I’d choose to relax in night after night.

Sherman is the main family member who uses this room and he has claimed the sofa, so these chairs are mostly just for looks.

Wayfair Ivo Wingback Chair in Beige Linen in a living room

Are you wondering what I did with the wingback chairs? They are currently in a room upstairs until I decide their fate.

This post gave you a sneak peek of my spring mantel. I’ll share more on that next week!

How to Update a Living Room with New Chairs


  1. Paula, I love the new style and the brightness these chairs give your room. Your chairs are so much more updated and stylish. These chairs allow more viewing of your mantel and room, great job picking them….enjoy! 💛

  2. Love the new chairs Paula. They really do make a difference in the look of the room. Who would think that just replacing 2 chairs could change the look of a room? 🙂 I really like the style of the chairs. Can’t wait to see more of your Spring mantel.

    1. Paula,

      Loving the new chairs. They are lighter and brighter. I noticed right away they let the details on the fireplace wall show better. Made your curtains a show piece too.

      Love the peek at your spring mantle.


  3. The new lighter chairs look terrific. I was eyeing some similar chairs but was hesitant to order something I haven’t actually seen or sat in so I definitely appreciate your photos and comments about the comfort factor. I’m not looking for something to lounge in all the time…just sit for short periods of time occasionally so I found your post to be quite helpful. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Sherry! If you just need chairs for sitting in for a short period of time, these will work just fine for you.


  4. Oh wow! What a huge difference, I LOVE the new look! I honestly can’t believe how the chairs transformed the room and seems like everything came together perfectly. I loved the other chairs too but your new ones are truly perfect for your living room!

    1. The chairs are pretty but hard. I bought them for their looks, so being hard doesn’t matter to me. They are comfortable for sitting and chatting but I wouldn’t buy them if you want a chair that you plan to relax in for multiple hours a day.


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