Vintage and Antique Chairs

Today I am sharing vintage and antique chairs from my home, my mom’s home, and from the homes of two cousins.

Set of two antique chairs in a parlor

I’m sharing chairs for this month’s Lifestyle of Love Blog Hop hosted by Cindy of County Road 407. This is an every other month themed series where we share our love of antiques and vintage.

Graphic for blog hop focusing on explaining how to use vintage items for home decor.

The theme this month is chairs and footstools and at the end of my post, you’ll find links to the chairs and footstools that my blogging friends are sharing. I’m really looking forward to enjoying these posts!

If you arrived from Emily of LeCultivatear, welcome!

My Home

I don’t have a lot of antique chairs because Mr. SP finds them uncomfortable. I do have my maternal great-great-aunt’s dining room chairs. You’ll see more of her furniture when we visit my mom’s home.

My dining room table was purchased at an auction by my paternal grandfather, refinished, and given to my parents when I was a child.

Dining Room Decorated for Winter

I agree with Mr. SP that these chairs aren’t comfortable, but they sure are pretty.

Antique dining room chair

Mama’s Home

Mama’s home is filled with antiques. The only modern pieces of furniture that she owns are a sofa and two recliners.

This is my paternal grandparents’ dining room table and chairs. They were purchased second-hand by my grandparents in the early 1950s.

Granny made a flower arrangement for my parents’ 1969 wedding reception using the glass bowl on the table.

Don’t miss reading the history of Mama’s antique china cabinet.

Vintage dining room table and chairs

My grandmother made all of the needlepoint chair covers.

Needlepoint on a dining room chair

Mama’s parlor furniture originally belonged to Aunt Lillian, the aunt that raised my maternal grandmother after her mother and brother died of typhoid fever. Granny’s father was killed in Pittsburg a short time later.

The parlor furniture was purchased by Phillip and Lillian Rodes when they married in 1890 from Barksdale Furniture Store in downtown Waynesboro. The chairs originally were covered with black oilcloth.

Vintage and Antique Chairs and table

This furniture was in our formal living room when I was growing up. I remember my grandmother telling me that she would rock in the chair and could hear Aunt Lillian pumping water from the well and would feel guilty for not helping.

Antique Loveseat

Mama bought this chair at an auction when I was a child. She refinished it and has reupholstered it several times over the years.

Bragging on my Mama. She recently removed paint from all of the doors, trim, and the fireplace in this room. She did an amazing job and the woodwork looks so good now.

Antique Chair

This chair belonged to my paternal great-great-aunt who raised my grandmother. Both of my grandmothers were raised by aunts. My paternal great-grandmother was institutionalized by my great-grandfather and she never came home. My aunt suspects that what was really wrong with her was postpartum depression.

That great-grandfather went to West Virginia and had a second family. I once went to an eye doctor who had the same last name and we looked very much alike. She looked at me and said, “Do I know you?”. I am convinced that she is a relative.

This used to be my dad’s desk chair.

Vintage and Antique Chairs

This chair was one of the original dining room chairs used at the family farm in Maryland. You’ll see the replacement chairs later in the post.

Vintage and Antique Chairs

Stacey’s Home

My cousin Stacey’s home is beautifully decorated with vintage and antiques.

Stacey inherited our maternal grandmother’s dining room table and chairs. Our grandfather’s dad made the table and the chairs are from Clure Furniture in Madison County, Virginia.

Handmade Dining Table and Clure's Chairs

Stacey is an incredibly talented seamstress. She made her own wedding dress at our grandmother’s house using an antique foot pump sewing machine.

Stacey’s daughter uses our great-great-aunt’s kitchen table as her sewing table.

1950's Kitchen Table and Chairs

On Stacey’s heath is a stool that she inherited from her husband’s great aunt. Todd and Stacey were told it was a shoe shine kit. Last summer when Stacey and I were antiquing, we saw a very similar chair and Stacey was surprised to find out that it is really a potty chair.

Antique Potty Chair

Beth’s Home

My cousin Matt and his wife, Beth, live in an 1857 farmhouse on a working farm that has been in our family since 1896.

1857 Ahalt Maryland Farmhouse

Growing up, the highlight of summer for me and my brother was spending a week on this farm. My cousins spoiled us and we had the best time being there.

When I was growing up, nine people lived in this home and the kitchen had a long table. Beth and Matt have a family of three with another on the way and are using a smaller table with the chairs I remember from my childhood.

Vintage Table and Chairs

This is the same room in April 1969. My dad and granddad are seated side by side.

1969 Dining Room in an 1857 Farmhouse

Thank you to Mama, Stacey, and Beth for helping me with this post.

I so much enjoyed sharing antique and vintage chairs with you today. Next on the tour is Christy of Our Southern Home. Christy is a long-time blogging friend and I love her decorating style.

Antique and Vintage Chairs and Footstools

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  1. Thanks for sharing!! I have so many of the oak pieces you shared. I love the red 50’s kitchen table your niece uses for sewing…super cute!!
    Hope you’re enjoying some better weather this weekend..sunny days here in California!
    Best to you!
    June G.

  2. Once again you’re blessed with wonderful family pieces you can share with us. Love the beautiful “parlor furniture” and so fun that the mid-century kitchen set is still in great shape and being used as a sewing table. Have a fun Valentine’s weekend!

  3. I love the 2 chairs that match style but one is a rocker. I can picture that black oil cloth! I think it’s pretty clever that your mom found that wide chair (loveseat?) that looks so similar in style. I agree with Mr SP. I have an antique oak table but my oak chairs are new with a nicely cushioned seat. I inherited a set of Hitchcock chairs, well the gold painted fruit at least makes them look like Hitchcock if they aren’t really Hitchcock. I use them for our Christmas Eve family dinner but I have to make sure the big guys in the family sit on the oak chairs!

  4. Paula, you have very similar chairs to mine. I love the ladder backs and those quilted vintage chairs are just priceless. I hope you are feeling well today, thinking of you, Ann

  5. As always your heirloom pieces never cease to amaze me, Paula, wow – they are all show stoppers. You know I’m in love with the pink set and I can’t believe your Grandmother did all the needlepoint for the seats. That is so cool and such a gift to have them too. Hope your Valentine’s weekend is a special one, CoCo

  6. Oh my gosh, Paula! I am in awe by all these beautiful pieces. I am most impressed by the needlepoint chair covers your grandmother made. They are gorgeous!

  7. I’m always amazed at your rich family heritage and love to hear all the stories that go along with the antiques. Love that detailed side chair with arms, but oh, what a sad story:(

  8. How wonderful to have so many things from family and to have family helping in a post. I can’t trust my family to do that. We are complete opposites in every way. Loved those needle point seats and the other wonderful stories. Like your grandmother not helping with the water. LOL. And wow, those are seriously old chairs but in such great shape! Thank you for joining in this month. Love your posts.

  9. Paula, how wonderful to look around your home and have all of these beautiful memories. I love seeing the chairs and hearing your story as well as seeing the photos that your mom gave you.

  10. You have the most incredible heirloom pieces, Paula. I just love that your grandmother made all the needlepoint chair covers. They’re beautiful. I can’t even imagine the work it took your mama to take all the paint off of the doors, trim, and fireplace. Absolutely amazing!

  11. You are so blessed to have family pieces and they have so much history. The needlepoint is amazing.

    Bravo to your mom for the job he did on the doors and molding!

  12. Thanks for sharing your pieces with us! I love that you’ve kept so many of your grandparent’s things. I cherish the few pieces that I have from my grandmother.

    Love the look of your home! Looking forward to reading more content from you in the future.

  13. Another beautiful post! The needlework chairs are an incredible work of art…they are stunning! I’m looking for an antique chair to put in my bedroom and you gave me a few ideas. Thanks for sharing this today, Paula!

  14. Hey Paula, It’s wonderful that so many of your family members share your love of antique and vintage furniture! I loved seeing all the different pieces from different homes! Have a great week! Donna

  15. Hello! I loved the tour. I absolutely love antiques and the family history behind them. I love the color of your dining room. Do you mind sharing the color/paint brand? Mine has been red for years and I loved it but I’m ready for a change and I was looking for a blue but do a terrible job picking out paint colors in the store.
    Still keeping you in my prayers! Take care,

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