Pink and Green Spring Mantel

Even though the calendar hasn’t rolled over to spring, I am more than ready for it to arrive. Our living room is ready for the new season with a Pink and Green Spring Mantel.

Pink and Green Spring Mantel

Today’s Pink and Green Spring Mantel is part of a monthly Pinterest challenge hosted by Cindy of County Road 407. Each month Cindy selects a picture from Pinterest and challenges our group to create our own version of the look.

Pinterest Challenge Spring Graphic

Many thanks to Cindy for hosting this challenge

If you arrived here from Lora B. Create and Ponder, welcome! I am sure that you enjoyed Lora’s tips for creating a spring mantel.

Our Inspiration for this Challenge

This month we were challenged to create a spring mantel inspired by this mantel designed by Deborah of Hip and Humble Style.

Hip and Humble Style Mantel

Deborah made her own cherry blossom branches for her mantel.

Features that I noted from our inspiration picture were a mirror, candles, flowering cherry blossom branches, and green plants.

Pink and Green Spring Mantel

I can’t type pink and green without thinking of the 80s preppy look. I can remember wearing a pink and green wrap-a-round skirt with a green Izod shirt and Papagallo purse with a monogrammed pink and green cover. Oh, and don’t forget the Aigner sandals.

I love the pink and green spring mantel that I created!

The Mirror

Our inspiration picture used a round and modern mirror centered above the mantel. My style is vintage, so I used my favorite antique mirror that usually hangs over my mantel. I had taken this down for my winter mantel and since I love it, I was glad to have it hanging over my mantel once again.

Mantel decorated for spring with pink and green

Cherry Blossom Branches

Our inspiration picture has a white pitcher filled with flowering cherry blossoms that Deborah crafted. I like a symmetrical look, so I placed a vase of flowering branches anchored with split peas on either end of the mantel

Mantel decorated for spring with pink and green


Our inspiration picture includes Ivy planted in a white pot. I added green to my mantel with the split peas in vases, eucalyptus in the center of the mantel, and a boxwood ball in one of my garden urns on the hearth.

Mantel decorated for spring with pink and green


Since I was going with a pink and green theme and since I like a symmetrical look, I added pink candles to both ends of the mantel.

Mantel decorated for spring with pink and green

My neighbor gave me the taller glass candle holders when she moved. The other glass candle holders are an antique shop purchase from long ago.

Last Look

Along with my pink and green spring mantel, my living room is celebrating upcoming spring with new chairs.

I replaced the wingback chairs that were in this spot with these linen covered wingback chairs from Wayfair. I’m loving the updated look!

Living room decorated for spring

Many thanks to Deborah of Hip & Humble for this month’s garland inspiration photo and thanks to Cindy of County Road 407 for organizing this challenge.

Next up is Katie from Let’s Add Sprinkles.

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  1. So pretty, Paula! Love your new chairs; they freshen up the whole space! Love the peas in the vases; great color green + texture!

    1. Thank you so much, Lora! I’m happy to have this room looking like spring even if the real thing is still several weeks away.


  2. Paula I am in love with the color combo you have your Spring mantel dressed. So pretty and happy. I love the pink flowers in the vase with peas. How fun. Everything looks beautiful!

  3. I LOVE your pink and green mantel, Paula… it doesn’t look ‘preppy’ at all! LOL! (I remember espadrilles (sp?) more than the Aigner sandals… wonder if that’s because we come from different parts of the States?) Using the split peas as fillers is a wonderful idea, and is perfect for your green/pink theme! Pinned!

    1. Thank you, Julie! Oh my goodness! I forgot all about espadrilles! I think I had a pair of kelly green ones.


    1. Thank you, Michelle! I’m loving having this room look spring-like even if true spring is still weeks away.


  4. Okay, I’m literally laughing out loud. I think we had the exact same outfit, shoes and all! Although I still can’t pronounce the name of them. I was a total preppy and wore pink and green ALL. The. Time. Ha!

    I love your mantel and how seriously happy it looks. The new chairs look great too. So glad you always join in. Great inspiration. Pinned!

    1. We are long lost preppy sisters! As soon as I decided to go with pink and green, I couldn’t stop thinking about my preppy days.


  5. I love the two vases of blossoms and anchoring them with split peas is such a fabulous idea to continue the pretty green in your vignette. So pretty.

  6. LOL! You totally took me back to the 80s with the description of Izod and all those other brands of yesteryear! Your mantel is the perfect balance between vintage and contemporary, though. It’s simply stunning, Paula! The color combo really works well in this room, and I’m definitely borrowing the split pea idea someday and giving you credit for that. Love the new chairs, by the way!

  7. Paula, your mantel looks wonderful with all the pink and green!! I like the split peas as filler ~ they are the perfect color and really make the pink blossoms pop. <3 It is nice to put our favorite mirrors back up on the mantel, isn't it? I am actually thinking of swapping out my French mirror for spring/summer for a white one I dry painted a few years ago. Thought it'd be a nice change.

    Happy to be with you on the Pinterest Challenge again. Happy almost spring!
    Barb 🙂

  8. I adore pink and green for spring! Your mantle is so pretty. i just love the idea of using the split pea as a vase filler. I am still in love with your new chairs. I’ve got my eye on them. Our loveseat in our bedroom hasn’t held up well with Bentley constantly squishing down the back cushions. I like that these have a solid back.

  9. You created a beautiful mantel for spring! I especially like that you used the split peas in your vases. I’m visiting from Inspire Me Tuesday.

    1. It is really starting to feel like spring in Virginia. Even though we haven’t had a true winter, I’m ready for warm weather and flowers.


  10. What a fresh spring mantel! I love the colors of pink and green together! What a great idea to use split peas in the vases! I would never have thought of that!

    1. I’ve had those split peas for years. I keep them in my craft cabinet just for this purpose and they work great to anchor stems. Thank you for your kind comment!


  11. Paula, this is so beautiful! I love the pink and green combination for a bright and cheerful spring look. And the split peas as an anchor in your vase are so cute and clever! Your new linen covered chairs are gorgeous as well. The room is so vibrant and inviting! Thanks for sharing and linking up with me.


  12. I love your pink and green mantel, Paula! Using the green peas to anchor the flowering branches was so clever. Congrats! You’ve been featured this week at Celebrate Your Story!

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