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I love getting magazines that inspire me to decorate, cook, create, garden, or exercise.  Country Living is one of my favorite decorating magazines.  This month there is article on a DIY North Carolina Home with an idea that I just can’t get out of my head.  I have no place to implement this idea in my current home, but if I ever get to build a lake home, I’d like to use it.

A young couple remodeling a lake house made their own barn style sliding doors with salvaged doors and hardware from a home improvement store.  I love this!

Country Living was kind enough to include the how-to for this project and it looks pretty easy.  I’ll have to pin this picture for future reference and be sure to keep the page from the magazine.


Another idea from this home that I’d like to use is to decorate with an old classroom map.  The homeowner purchased her map from Ebay.

Doesn’t the map make a nice accent on the wall? 
Living Room
I like the idea of a white room like this one but I don’t think it would be practical for our lifestyle. I don’t think that white chair would stay white for long at my house and I can only imagine what a white floor would look like after a few weeks of bare feet tramping over it after walking back and forth to the dock. I’ll need a dirt colored floor!
Have you been magazine inspired lately?

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  1. I love barn doors. I’ve been trying to figure out if I could do one in my house somehow. Not sure it would really work though. What a great idea to use regular doors.

    Also love old maps.

    Paula, do you look at the blogs on Lots of inspiration there.

  2. Paula, that’s hilarious! I have the SAME pics pulled out and in a folder for our next house! I was thinking those doors might be fabulous on a pantry too

  3. The barn doors are really neat! I’d love to have them in my home, maybe in place of French doors. Love the map, too, they make a lovely focal point in that white room. When you have your lake house you will be surprised how little you use your furniture as you’ll be living it up outside all the time!


  4. The old school map is really neat, still spring-loaded it seems. I would love to find old maps of Smith Mountain Lake before it was SML.

  5. As much as I love, love, love blogs, I still love real paper magazines. There’s just something about holding them in your hands, being able to tear out photos. So much inspiration in one slim volume, right? I love these ideas that you’ve shared!

  6. I LOVE barn doors! I have many versions of them pinned on my pinterest “Dream House” board, but I’ve never seen any made out of regular size salvaged doors. That is so smart! I’m with ya on the white – I love it, but it would be dirt colored after a day with us.

    I love, love love my magazines too! So much inspiration!

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