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Magnolia Wreath Styled for Fall

Labor Day is over and the fall season is here!  Today I’m sharing my first fall project of the year, a Magnolia Wreath Styled for Fall.

DIY Magnolia Wreath Styled for Fall - Learn how to make a wreath like this one for your home. virginiasweetpea.com

This wreath is on my enclosed porch which serves as the main entrance to our house.  

We have a front door but the only person who uses it is the mailman!  Since this wreath is on our porch, we will see and enjoy it when we are entering or leaving our home.  

Our sunroom porch is also easily seen from the street, so I hope that the many people who walk or drive by our home daily will enjoy it.

Fall Ideas Tour - 25 Bloggers Share Ideas for Decorating Your Home for Fall

I’m sharing my wreath as part of a Fall Ideas Tour.  You’ll find links to all of the projects shared this week at the bottom of this post.

This is what you have to look forward to:

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Magnolia Wreath Styled for Fall

I typically make a fall wreath using a grapevine wreath form but this year wanted to do something different.  

I made a Magnolia wreath just like I often do at Christmas and added fall stems and florals to it.  

Since Magnolia dries nicely, this wreath will last all fall and I may even be able to save it for next year.

Fall Porch Decor with a Magnolia Wreath Styled for Fall

This wreath wasn’t hard to make and if you have Magnolia available in your area, you’ll be able to easily make a wreath like this for your home.



Fall floral stems (Mine are from Michaels)

18″ Wire Wreath Form

Floral Wire


Supplies Needed to Make a DIY Magnolia Wreath Styled for Fall


1.  Cut Magnolia.

You will need a lot of Magnolia.  After I used all of the stems in my tote, I had to cut more to finish my wreath.

Cut end pieces that look pretty.  Bypass any that don’t have a full set of leaves or those with holes in the leaves.

Southern Magnolia in Lynchburg, VA

Cut the pieces so that they are all about the same length and so that you have plenty of Magnolia stem to wire to your wreath form.

Southern Magnolia in Lynchburg, VA

Pull off the bottom few leaves from each stem.

Southern Magnolia in Lynchburg, VA

2.  Wire Magnolia to the wreath form.

Attach wire to the wreath form.

How to Make a DIY Magnolia Wreath

Then wire Magnolia to the form one bunch at a time.  Be sure to wrap the wire around the form several times to hold the stem in place.  In the picture below, I have added four stems of Magnolia to the wreath form.

How to Make a DIY Magnolia Wreath

Continue adding Magnolia until the wreath is full.

Tip:  When it is time to add decorations to your wreath hang it so that you can see exactly how each item will look as it is added.  When a wreath is decorated while flat on a table, it often looks different when it is hung on a door or wall.

Tip for Wreath Making - Hang your wreath by a nail on a wooden ladder so that you can the decor as you add it.

3.  Add Fall Florals

I cut the stems off of the three fall blooms that I purchased and wired them to the back of the wreath individually.  I then added in sprigs of the fall filler above and below the flowers, wiring each stem to the back of the wreath.

DIY Magnolia Wreath Styled for Fall - Learn how to make a wreath like this one for your home. virginiasweetpea.com

Enjoy Your Wreath

I love how the fall florals and foliage that I chose complement the brick wall on our porch.

DIY Magnolia Wreath Styled for Fall - Learn how to make a wreath like this one for your home. virginiasweetpea.com

The wooden crow hanging to the left of the door is a DIY project from last fall.

DIY Magnolia Wreath Styled for Fall - Learn how to make a wreath like this one for your home. virginiasweetpea.com

If you are a regular here, then you know that I love vintage and I also love to decorate with items that I inherited from my grandmother.  

My grandmother pressed and preserved the maple leaf and made it into a card when she lived in a nursing home.  I’ve displayed it every fall since she gave it to me many years ago.  

The gold maple leaf is from Vermont.  I display it all fall and then on our tree at Christmas.

Fall Decor including a pressed maple leaf, gold maple leaf, pumpkin, and pine cones that look like roses.

Would you believe that this pumpkin is from fall of 2015?  I cleaned and waxed it after I purchased it in 2015 and stored it in our basement.  It was still good in 2016 and now is being used again in 2017.  

I picked up the pine cones that look like roses under a tree at nearby Randolph College.  

The green vase is a Goodwill find.

Pine cones that look like roses.

I save my gourds each fall and dry them in my basement over the winter.  Since I’ve done this for years, I have a large collection of dried gourds to use for fall decor.

Dried Gourds in a Vintage Wooden Crate

I spend a lot of time on this porch, especially in fall when the temperatures cool down.  

This gorgeous pillow is from Emory Valley Mercantile.  The throw is vintage and belonged to my grandmother.

Fall Porch Decor

The pillow on the chair to the right is from Walmart as is the one on the bench with the Mason Jar.  I found them in the outdoor section and they were just $5 each.  

The lumbar pillow is an easy DIY and was made using inexpensive flour sack dish towels.  

I’ve grown tired of my teal bench but will embrace it’s color until I have the energy to give it a new paint job.

Fall Porch Decor

I hope today’s post has inspired you to make a fall wreath for your home.

Handmade Magnolia wreath decorated with fall florals

Be sure to check out the ideas shared each day this week!

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  1. This little wreath has stolen my heart and has me eyeing my neighbor’s magnolia tree. If I get caught during the great magnolia leaf heist, my defense will be simple. Paula made me do it. LOL…. Seriously, this is a great wreath. I love it!! Wishing you a blessed and happy Fall. Susie from The Chelsea Project

  2. What a beautiful fall wreath! I don’t typically think of using magnolia to decorate for fall but it works perfectly, and as the foliage fades and turns bronze it will be even more beautiful. I can’t believe your mini pumpkin has survived for an unbelievable two years. I always hate tossing some of my mini tiger stripe pumpkins at the end of the season that are in such good shape. I’m going to experiment with cleaning and waxing a few this year to see if I preserve them.

    1. I think cleaning and waxing the small pumpkins helps them to survive and I also think that storing them in the open helps as well. We run a dehumidifier in our basement year-round and that environment seems to be one that the mini pumpkin liked. It works great for small gourds. I spread them out on newspaper and by spring they are dried out.

  3. I am excited to visit your blog today. There are always so many thins to love.
    Such a good idea to use your magnolia wreath for Fall. I looks pretty no matter where you display it.

  4. Your wreath is absolutely beautiful, Paula! I have never used fresh magnolia to create a wreath and had no idea how pretty it was and that it dried so nicely. I do have a fake one 😉 but fresh and real is much nicer!

    1. I am all for faux Magnolia but to buy enough to make what I wanted to make just wasn’t going to happen. Lucky for me, I have two huge Magnolia trees, so my supply is endless!

  5. Wow, Paula, this is one of the prettiest wreaths I’ve seen for fall. I love it! The magnolia leaves are beautiful, and you have just enough color with the flowers. Bravo!

  6. Very pretty! Love how large it is and how it makes a statement on your porch. Visiting from Create Bake Grow and Gather party.

  7. i am totally impressed- i made a pine wreath in that manner a couple years ago and was like never again will i wire branch after branch on a wreath frame!!!! and your wreath looks gorgeous with the warm colors!

    1. I’m glad that Magnolia grows where I live but I’ll have to say that it is a super messy tree to have in my yard. The mess is worth it because it is green year round and I love to decorate with the leaves.

  8. Such a beautiful wreath! I have a magnolia tree in my yard, so it would be something I could try in the future. Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial with us on The creative Circle Link Party!

    1. The wreath is now a few weeks old and it isn’t as green nor is is as fluffy but it’s still pretty. In fact, I kind of like it better now that the leaves have more of a greenish-brown tone. I’ve made Magnolia wreaths at Christmas time and kept them hanging until spring. The leaves dry nicely and keep some of their color.

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