New Pots for Fall

I’ve been looking for new pots for my front porch for the past two summers and couldn’t find any that were just right.  I had two perfect pots from Harper’s Statuary and Water Gardens in Harrisonburg that my mom gave me long ago, but one broke two winters ago, forcing me to use two other concrete pots that I’ve had for a good while.  Those pots were ok, but not quite the shape or size that I really wanted.

Just before I went back to school, Mama and I went to Harpers to see if I could find pots that that really appealed to me.  I quickly found a pot shape that I liked and then agonized over the paint color that I wanted.  A week later, two pots were made and specially painted by Harper’s just for me.  My sweet Mama drove back to Harper’s to pick them up and then made a special delivery to my house.  They’ve sat empty for a few weeks, but now they are on display in their new home sporting two yellow mums.

I picked this color of pot because I thought that it blended will with both my brick and our driveway and sidewalk.

I am so happy with these!  Now if I can just get the deer to leave my mums alone, I’ll be all set.

Did you notice our grass?  It has really stared to grow!  The last few rainy days have also made Crabgrass grow along with the new pretty grass.  A pre emergent herbicide applied in late winter along with a fertilizer feeding will take care of it.  A frost will kill the current plants, I need the pre emergent application to prevent seeds from germinating next year.

We moved the two pots that were on the front porch to the wall behind the patio. 

This will probably be their new home.

I had to dodge rain showers to take these pictures.  That’s a good thing because it’s dry around here and we can really use the moisture.

This weekend I hope to change the plants in my other planters to fall.  It’s time for mums and pansies!  Do you have similar plans?


  1. I love youe new pots. They really make your front entrance very pretty. If you figure out how to keep the deer away let me know. I have been battling them all year!

  2. They look so great, I also like the color of the pots, perfect for fall! Love how your front entrance looks.

  3. You made an excellent choice! The color is lovely and mums are my favorite for fall. Your new grass looks really great, too.

  4. Nice, Paula. Your posts are stunning! I do have similar plans, but I need to wait a few weeks before I plant fall color.

  5. Oh I love the pots! And mums are some of my favorite flowers. Now I am itching to go buy some…maybe this weekend! Thanks for inspiring me (and this morning’s cooler temps helped too!).

  6. How nice that the garden center painted the pots for you!! They really look great with your brick. Your house is very pretty!

    Crabgrass is tough…the only way to treat it is to prevent it. In the fall I switch out my pots to pansies and mums…we sound a lot alike!!


  7. I’ve been wanting to buy me some mums, I pass two garden centers every morning and by the time I get home in the evening, they’re already closed ๐Ÿ™ But I’m so anxious to get some too. I love the way yours look ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Your new pots are gorgeous. I LOVE the shape! So pretty!

    I am soooo ready for mums. Send some of those rain showers down this way. I miss rainy days.

  9. those are really nice Paula!! Their hight is much better for the front of your house than your other ones.
    Its really going to glow when your mums start to show their color!!
    Arent Moms the best!!
    Enjoy them! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. so. stinking. cute. i wish my cape had your curb appeal! i’ve got yellow mums waiting to be planted…thanks for reminding me, lol. your new urns are perfect for those!

  11. What a sweet mom!!! Your pots are so pretty and look wonderful on your front porch! Love your back area, the slate is so pretty!

  12. Your home just oozes curb appeal Paula. Love the pots you chose and what a cozy patio you have in the back! love the hardscaping you chose.

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