Vermont on My Mind

It’s no secret that Vermont is one of our favorite states.  Our first trip there was an inn-to-inn bike trip for our honeymoon.  We’ve gone back nearly every year since 1994, either for a summer trip or in the winter to ski.

It broke my heart when I saw on TV some of the devastation Irene left in her wake last weekend.  It’s so sad to lose lives and old buildings that can never be replaced.

I’ve had a small collection of Vermont prints and a plate that I’ve been meaning to hang in a group all summer.  School started and I forgot all about it until today.  A rainy Labor Day Monday was the perfect opportunity to hang this grouping.
Now when I walk into our family room, I’ll be reminded of all of the good times that we’ve had in Vermont over the years.

I won the graphic print in the middle by CaPow from Holly’s blog, Homebody, earlier this year.

I found this plate in an antique shop when we were in VT for a ski trip.

The two smaller prints are cards that I purchased at a B&B where we stayed on one of our bike trips.  We rode our bikes through this bridge and stopped at either this very store or one very similar to it for drinks.  I hope the covered bridge survived Irene!

Do you have a special destination state?  Vermont will always be ours!


  1. I like what you did with your Vermont things. Hurricane Irene did so much damage. It’s hard to imagine. Now a tornado warning has just been announced for Henry and Pittsylvania County. Nature can really wreak havoc.

  2. I’ve only been to Vermont once. But loved it. Hopefully I will have an opportunity to go again sometime. It is sad to see the reports from there last week.

  3. Now you have me thinking…not sure if we have a favorite state to visit. Going to ponder this for awhile!
    I love how you have saved your memories and made them part of your everyday! Great idea.

  4. Oh, I love your “new” wall! Those prints are fabulous!!! I love stuff like that. T is not much of a traveler, but I love Texas. 🙂

  5. Hi Paula, Vermont is soo lovely!! I was only there once but it was breathtaking to say the least!
    Oh yes, my favorite place to go is Boston! I call it ” my home away from home”

    I love your wall grouping! The scale of your pictures is perfect for that spot. And those postcards are super cute – love how its art work and not a photo!

  6. That is so cool that you have a little tribute to your special destination state hanging on your wall. I love how it looks.

    We’ve never been anywhere. Seriously. We went to Elko, NV once to look at a potential job – but that was lame!

    I hope your covered bridge survived as well.

  7. What a great idea. Sadly, we don’t get out much. We used to have a Texas flag up in the boys room. Does that count?

    Love your mementos! Isure was sad about the covered bridge that got washed away. I’ve always wanted to go to Vermont.

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