Pastiche at Main :: A Must Visit Shop in Lynchburg

Pastiche at Main Logo

Pastiche at Main recently opened in Lynchburg, VA and I like the store so much that I thought I’d share it with you.

Lynchburg’s downtown has really come alive in the past few years.  If you are in the Central Virginia area, it’s a destination that you won’t want to miss.

Pastiche at Main Storefront


Pastiche at Main is owned and operated by Haley Pavao.  Haley has a degree in interior design and worked for years in the industry.  She opened Pastiche at Main to provide local talent with a place to sell their wares.  If you like vintage or repurposed items and appreciate hand made, this store is for you.

Pastiche and Main Owner


A welcome sign on the street invites customers into the store.

Welcome to Pastiche at Main

Pastiche at Main was originally a jewelry store.  Aren’t the old floors neat?  I love Hailey’s book page light fixture and sheet draped ceilings.  If you look at the back of the store, you can see Haley’s basket light fixtures hanging over the sales counter.  Look behind the counter and you can see the jewelry store’s vault.

Pastiche and Main Store


Are you ready to shop?  Haley kindly let me photograph her store for you to enjoy.

Pastiche at Main12

Pastiche at Main5

Pastiche at Main14

Pastiche at Main1Pastiche at Main2Pastiche at Main3Pastiche at Main4Pastiche at Main7Pastiche at Main9Pastiche at Main10Pastiche at Main11Pastiche at Main13


One of the store’s vendors painted the map of downtown Lynchburg on this wall.  Local businesses are encouraged to add their card to the map at their location.

Wall Art at Pastiche and Main

Cards on Chalk Map


I think I need this mug.

Coffee Mug at Pastiche and Main


I had to laugh at the rotary phone that is for sale.  We still use one of these in our guest bedroom.  I take it to school every now and then because many students have no idea what a phone used to look like.

Vintage Telephone


I hope you enjoyed this tour of Pastiche at Main.  If you’d like updates on the store, be sure to follow on Facebook.


    1. Lynchburg is probably about 3.5 hours from Winchester. You could make a day of it by stopping in Staunton and Harrisonburg, too.

  1. Thanks for taking us with you Paula, what a GREAT shop! I love the rotary phone. My mom has my grandmothers rotary wall phone in her kitchen and I just love to hear it ring, love to talk on it, and love to dial it…so many memories of Granny!
    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend…

  2. What a fun place! We have something kind of like this where I live, but it is only open about twice a month. Her hours are much better. Too bad she is so far away from me. 🙁

  3. great photos! great post! thanks so much, Paula, for stopping in and highlighting the shop and all of Haley’s hard week! We love being a part of the store!
    Leah (Regeneration)

  4. hi SweetPea going through some blogs & saw yours,Started reading on candy canes than read little more things you have saw Lynchburg,Ha! You a Va. lady to I added you to my favorite blogs ,by way I’m from Roanoke ,have good week end.Keep up good work excellent job……..

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