Pink and Green Thrifty Treasures

A thrifty bargain is something that I just can’t resist. On the way home from our OBX Easter weekend, we stopped at a few antique and thrift shops.  It’s great to break up the long ride home with a stop or two knowing that there’s the chance to find something fabulous.

I couldn’t resist a set of four emerald green glasses for just $8.00.  I have a set of twelve of this pattern in amber that I use frequently.  Green will look good for any season.

Emerald Green Glasses

My mom and I did some thrift shopping weekend before last where I discovered a flat pink planter marked USA for only $2.00.  I’m planning to use it for spring decorating.

Pink Planter

Two new Goodwill stores recently opened in my town and I’m hoping to visit both over my spring break with the hopes of finding more treasures.  I’m not patient enough to look through the clothing for a bargain, but I frequently find books for just $1 each that I donate back after I read them.  I also check out the household section and every once in a while find something that I like.

What’s your latest thrifty treasure?


  1. I recently bought a brand new lamp at Goodwill. It was a beautiful eggplant color but I have nothing to match that color so I spray painted it cream…It is beautiful! P.S. I have probably 100 pieces of that emerald glassware…plates, etc. I love it!

  2. I buy books all the time. We have a Goodwill store that is strictly a used bookstore, they do have some odds and ends, knick knacks and picture, but no clothing, shoes or furniture. I love to go to that one and have bought way more books than I know I will even get around to reading this year! Love those glasses, green is my fav color!

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