Pumpkin Carving: Part Two

I hadn’t carved a pumpkin in a long, long time until Saturday night at our party.  I had forgotten how much fun it can be!  Some of our guests used patterns from books and some created their own designs. 

John made a Cyclops pumpkin.

Mr. SP made a pirate pumpkin.  (Freehand I must add.)

Elsie made a scary face.

Kevin made a pirate (with a stencil).

I made a cat with a stencil.  I hope this will last for Halloween.  (Note that I cut the bottom out of my pumpkin instead of the top.  Someone has watched too much Martha over the years.)

I think that Keith should get the prize for the best carving skills.  Look at this beauty!!

This party was so much fun.  I think we might have to make it an annual event!


  1. I think this would be an awesome annual event. And after seeing all the fun y’all had, I’m thinking we should make it an annual event around here!

  2. Those are too cool! I love the white one and you area clever girl to cut the bottom out! I never carved pumpkins as a child so I’m having fun creating those memories with our family. Happy Halloween!

  3. Oh, what fun!!! You have really crafty friends! Love Mr. SP’s pirate. I’m so impressed with his artistry! That wolf is cool looking! Very impessive!

    Love your top in that picture. Those colors looks reallly good on you. I laughed out loud at your Martha Stewart comment! HA!

  4. that looks like good fun .We have one of these parties to go to this coming saturday – your pictures are getting me more excited for it!!!
    You all did a great job on them – think I like that wolf one the best!!

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