Sherman’s January Visit to the OBX

Sherman Skulina at OBX in January by

A few weekends ago we visited the OBX  (Outer Banks of North Carolina) for a weekend.  We got really lucky with the weather and had temperatures that were fairly mild.  Sherman adores the beach and took numerous walks there.

Sherman Skulina loves OBX

Sherman can’t resist getting in the water.  I think he couldn’t figure out why the water moved so much or why it tasted so bad.   Getting chased by a wave is doggie fun!

Sherman Skulina loves the waves at OBX


Sherman thinks that playing in the waves is almost as fun as digging holes in the sand.

Sherman Skulina digs OBX


Sherman wasn’t crazy about the long ride in the car to and from the beach but he sure likes it after he is there.

Sherman Skulina loves the OBX


What a fun time we had!  We took long walks and even ran into a few dogs that wanted to play.

Sherman Skulina OBX in January


We love going to the beach in the winter.  It’s fun to be there when things are quiet and all there is to do is take a walk and relax.  As always, we look forward to our next OBX visit.


  1. We moved to Wilmington, NC, in the fall and just adopted a puppy who looks very much like Sherman! We’ve sent off a DNA test to see what breeds she has, but haven’t yet received the results. What does Sherman have? He’s beautiful, and looks so very happy!

    1. We were so surprised when we got Sherman’s DNA results back! We were sure that he would be a Rottie/Shepherd mix but he ended up being mostly Lab and Shepherd. His results also showed “mixed breed” that wasn’t identified, so Rottie could be in there! I hope you’ll let me know what breed your dog ends up being!

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