Something Vintage

Every time my mother comes to see me, she brings me a little something. On Sunday it was a bag of Gala apples from a local orchard. I’ve had one each day at lunch, but what I’m really looking forward to are the Fuji apples. They’ll be out later this month.

When she came earlier this month, she brought me this cute little canister that belonged to my grandmother. It was one of Granny’s wedding shower presents, which means it dates back to the late 1930’s. I love the color, design, and how the top is worn on the edges.

Sometimes what Mama brings is not so great, like old prom dresses. I’m expecting a pile of old yearbooks on her next visit. I have my 20 year class reunion coming up and I need to “study” before I go. I don’t often see my old classmates and I’ve forgotten a lot of them. It will be fun to look back through them, look at all of the pictures and notes friends wrote, and reminisce.


  1. What a treasure! Love the canister!

  2. love Love Gala apples. They are the only apples that hubby will eat. He isn’t big on veggies or fruit.

  3. How sweet of your Mom! I have been studying up this year as well! LOL

  4. How neat! Your mom sounds really sweet!

  5. HH – She is a sweetheart and she’s one of my best friends!

  6. I think it is pretty funny that you never have an idea of what your mom is bringing to you 🙂

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