The Best Foods for Body and Brain

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It’s the back to school time of year.  Have you ever thought about which foods are good for both your body and your brain?  I was surprised by a few that I found on an infographic on TheBestColleges.

Who knew that eggs were good for studying?  If you have a child at home, breakfast for dinner might be a good idea!

Ever have trouble sleeping?  Try almonds as they contain magnesium which allows the muscles to relax.

And for the chocolate lovers out there, dark chocolate offers stress relief by improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure.

These tips are great for anyone, not just a college student!

The Best Foods for Body and Brain

Feeding your body and brain is important not just for students but for adults as well.

Does anything on this infographic surprise you?


  1. That’s all great info. I’ll have to spend a little more time with it and really look it over. I’m always thinking about what foods to give the kids before school, in their lunches etc. Thanks! ~Kim

  2. I’m thinking the garlic is good for stress because if you eat enough of it, people keep away from you, thus relieving some of the stressors in life. 🙂 I love avocados, so that is a great thing!!

  3. That is interesting info Paula! Thanks for entering the Mohawk Carpet G-way… I won a Mohawk rug from Dukes and Duchesses a couple months ago and I love it!

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