Vintage Aprons

Vintage Aprons by

Do you wear an apron?  I don’t for simple meal preparation but when I’m really cooking, as in a multiple dish meal, I love to pull out one of my many aprons.  I have fond memories of my mom in her cute aprons and also of both of my grandmothers wearing aprons as they cooked.

My mom’s friend Mary recently sent five vintage aprons to me in exchange for a dog pillow that I made for her.  All of these aprons appear to be new and never worn.  Mary is not sure where they came from but Mama and I feel certain that they belonged to one of her relatives.  I’m guessing that these were “good” aprons saved for a special occasion and ended up never being worn.

Vintage Aprons

On a recent warm day I hung the aprons on my neighbor’s fence so that I could admire them.  The three below are very dressy!  Can’t you see a dressed up lady in her hose, heels, and pearls serving her guests while wearing one of these?

Vintage Aprons from the 1950's

This is my favorite of the bunch because of its bold colors.

Vintage Apron

This is Mama’s favorite.  It’s handmade and has handkerchiefs sewn along the bottom edge.  I think Mama should keep this since she likes it so much, don’t you?

Vintage Apron

These green ruffled aprons I can imagine were just for show.  I can imagine a lady preparing dinner, then changing into her nice outfit with this apron for dinner.  Or perhaps she would put on a pretty apron when it was time for her husband to get home from work.

Vintage ApronVintage Apron

This pink apron is pretty in person and I should have ironed it to better show it off.  I think this one is handmade.

Vintage Apron

Do you wear an apron?  I always feel more serious about my cooking when I’m wearing one.


  1. I wear an apron when I’m making something messy or cooking with nice clothes on. Mine go up around my neck though, because I need that kind of help. I love these aprons. They remind me of Mrs. Cleaver on Leave it to Beaver. How much are you selling them for? You can email or PM me.

  2. I wear aprons every day but most are chef aprons but those aprons would be nice to serve in I like you like the bright colored apron. It would be nice to use to get a pattern from too so more people could enjoy. The handkerchiefs one is lovely and would be fun to reproduce with the right handkerchiefs.

  3. I love aprons :). I have 3, and wear them for bigger meals, or when I remember. I just love the one with the blue handkerchiefs on it!

  4. Wow, how neat are these! I always forget to wear an apron, but I really should! However I couldn’t imagine ever wearing some of those fancy ones. I would be more scared to get the food on them and not care about my clothes as much!

  5. My mom used to make organdy aprons with braid trim (often with silver/gold threads in it) for the local church bazaar. My Polish grandmother wore a bib-top apron and it had knife slits in the top from holding the Jewish rye bread (a huge loaf) in her L arm and cutting towards her chest with a HUGE knife in her right! Great memories!

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