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Vintage Cowboy and Indian Mantel

Vintage Coyboy and Indian Mantel by Sweet Pea

I will freely admit that I enjoyed my 4th of July mantel through both June and July.  After two month’s enjoyment, it was time for a change.  I usually like to do a beach themed mantel in the summer but this year wanted to do something different.  I spotted a vintage Straight Arrow game from the 1950’s that belonged to my dad in my attic and it inspired the creation of  a vintage Cowboy and Indian themed mantel.

Vintage Cowboy and Indian Mantel - Full View


My dad must not have often played this game as it is in mint condition.  Don’t you love the graphics?

Straight Arrow Game


The game pieces and spinner are also as cute as can be.

Straight Arrow Game Pieces

Straight Arrow Game Spinner


After I found the game in the attic, it didn’t take long to find a few more Cowboy and Indian things.

Vintage Cowboy and Indian Mantel


My dad’s quiver and bow are in excellent shape.

Quiver and Arrows





An old pot, my dad’s childhood drum, and an Indian basket belonging to my grandmother were next added.

Vintage Cowboy and Indian Mantel - Right Side View


I don’t know the origin of this pot but I do know that Mama inherited it from some family member.



You can tell that my dad enjoyed playing with this drum.

Vintage Drum


Granny received this basket as a gift at a birthday party in Norfolk in the 1920’s.

Vintage 1920's Indian Basket


After hanging the bow on the wall, I needed something else to fill in the empty space.  I found a tooled holster in Mr. SP’s gun cabinet.  This was a gift and he’s never worn it to my knowledge.

Vintage Cowboy and Indian Mantel - Front View



The music cabinet on the left side of the mantel displays some of my antique Ball and Mason jars.  (All given to me by my grandmother or mother.)

Living Room with Cowboy and Indian Themed Mantel


Vintage Ball and Mason Jars


The table to the right of the mantel holds an old lantern that my grandfather used on the farm and two Ransburg pieces that I picked up at a local estate store.

Ransburg Mexican Pottery


I love being able to use my vintage things in a display.  It’s nice to be able to enjoy them and having them in one spot is a conversation starter when guests come over.

Vintage Cowboy and Indian Mantel - Side View


I know my grandmother would be as pleased as punch if she could see that I’m displaying the toys that she so carefully saved.

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  1. How fun! I love your theme and love the stories behind each piece. In a few weeks, we’re FINALLY moving to a home with a fireplace/mantel, so I’m getting excited for all the fun decor projects that will be taking place.

  2. I’m pleased as punch as well. What an adorable mantel theme. My hubby loved playing cowboys and Indians when he and his brother were youngsters, your mantel reminds me of the pictures I see of him and his brother in their cowboy outfits.

  3. Had to come back over Paula to thank you for sharing at Amaze Me Monday!!! Hope you’ve had a great first week back to school!!!

  4. My mother had a basket very similar to the one you inherited from your grandmother. If you look closely at the coins, I believe you’ll see that they have Chinese figures on them. When I looked it up online, many call them Chinese sewing baskets. I’m enjoying your blog!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this tidbit with me! The buttons on my grandmother’s sewing basket do indeed have Chinese figures on them. I’m so happy to learn more about this basket. Thank you!


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