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Vintage Inspired Football Theme Mantel

Vintage Football Themed Mantel

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I wanted to do something unique for a fall mantel this year.  Vintage football items combined with modern day crafting gave me just the look I wanted.  To be honest, I’m in love with what I created!

I used my dad’s 1949 Tudor Tru-Action electric football game as a “wreath” for over the mantel.  This game is like new, has all of the pieces and the box, and I can imagine that the picker guys would go nuts over it.  I wouldn’t have known this, but Mr. SP informed me that the goal posts in 2012 are in a different position than they were in 1949.
1949 Tudor Tru-Action Electric Football Game

I am pretty sure that my brother had a game similar to this in the 1970’s.  I recall the metal vibrating to move the players around the field.
Electric Football Game Rules

Welcome to Sweet Pea field!  Mr. SP’s Wisconsin Badgers are playing my Virginia Tech Hokies.  These two teams will play for real in 2016.  I haven’t been to a football game since 1989 and I predict that my next Lane Stadium game will be Hokies vs. Badgers in 2016.  I’m quite positive that things have changed on game day since 1989.Sweet Pea Field

You know you have a good husband when he helps you make a faux football field.  I had no idea how to line or number the field, so Mr. SP helped me make the numbers and glue them into the proper place.  He also set up the players.   I had no clue as to how to arrange them!
Sweet Pea Field W vs VT

When I was very young, I taped two VT schedule coins to an index card.  Mama saved them and gave them to me when she moved.  Now they are a part of my fall mantel.
1973 and 1974 Schedules1973 Virginia Tech Football Schedule1974 Virginia Tech Football Schedule

The “Tech Triumph” picture to the left on the mantel is framed sheet music and it’s quite old.  The football helmet to the right was my granddad’s.
Vintage Theme Football Manetel2

I crafted a VT and Wisconsin pennant banner out of felt and twine.
Virginia Tech and Wisconsin Pendant Banner

This football toy was my grandfather’s when he was a child. It’s got to be nearly 100 years old.  He made the stand for it so that my grandmother could display it.
Vintage Football Player

You can see that the colors in my living room go very well with Virginia Tech’s colors.  Note the original box for the electric football game.
Vintage Theme Football Mantel3

I am really lucky to have vintage treasures like these to use and enjoy.  Even though I’m not a football fan, my mantel has put me in the fall football spirit!

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  1. With all your memorabilia, you had no choice but to create this mantel display. It’s a clever way to showcase these treasures that might otherwise sit in a box. I’m glad they are out where others can enjoy them.

  2. LOVE this, Paula!! What a fun and special mantel. I’ve seen pics of my mom’s father wearing a football helmet much like the one on your mantel. And I think it is too sweet that Mr. SP helped you with your project. 🙂

  3. I would have no clue how to arrange football players, either!

    My dad went to Virginia Tech and now we live just up the road a bit…

    But Morgan went to UVA, so we’re a bit at odds when the two play!

  4. How lucky you are to have those things that belonged to your grandfather. I have a picture of my dad with his high school football team and also a picture of him playing in a game. He was wearing one of those soft like helmets. I was at Tech from 71-75 and have ONE of those schedule coins. We have season tickets to the games and are already anticipating the match-up with Wisconsin! (The date keeps getting moved back.)

  5. Paula, this is awesome. Of all your vintage treasures (which I really have to work hard not to covet!), I think these are some of my favorites. I love the way you’ve used them here.

    So you’re not a football fan? I never was a particular fan until my youngest son got to be about 10 years old. He became an avid fan, so of course I got interested–and now our whole family loves both college football and NFL! It’s fun to ask Lee questions when I don’t understand what’s going on (which is pretty often). Now that I know more about the game, I really enjoy it.

    Have you ever heard Andy Griffith’s comedy routine “What It Was, Was Football”? It’s an hilarious account of a college football game. 🙂

  6. OMG — I have that same football game hanging in my office. It was my dad’s also. Too special of a treasure to leave in the box for sure!


  7. I absolutely love all of it!!! Your Virginia Tech stuff is awesome!!! I love the coins, and your fathers old game and helmet.

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