Farmhouse Style Vintage Ladle Upcycle

My farmhouse friends and I are back with another round of farmhouse inspired projects.

Farmhouse style can be interpreted many ways and I loved the projects shared last month.  If you missed last month, I shared how I used a vintage window from Black Dog Salvage to frame Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazine covers from the late 1930’s and early 1940’s.  This piece hangs in my father-in-law’s room at the lake and he loves it.

A month has gone by and It’s time to share a second round of farmhouse style projects.


Best of Farmhouse Friends


My aunt and uncle spend the winter in Florida and love to go to flea markets there.  My aunt passed along a vintage ladle that she purchased and never used.  Instead of displaying it with other vintage red or green handled kitchen tools, I repurposed it into rustic farmhouse style wall decor.

Farmhouse Decor - Vintage Ladle Upcycle - Get the details at virginiasweetpea.com


The ladle is attached to a piece of weathered pallet board with electric fence staples.  Two screws could serve the same purpose, but any true farmhouse would go with a farm, and most any farm has at least one section of electric fence.  🙂 DIY Farmhouse Decor - Ladle Wall Decor - virginiasweetpea.com


The ladle holds a sweet bird nest filled with faux eggs.  The nest is real.  My students love to bring this type of thing to science class and usually don’t take it home.  This teacher is happy to use their finds for decorating!

Birds Nest in a Vintage Ladle


Imagine the years of use that it took for the paint to wear away from this handle.

Vintage Ladle Handle Detail


I think that this would look great in a kitchen decorated in farmhouse style or on a porch.

Vintage Ladle Repurposed into Farmhouse Decor - virginiasweetpea.com


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  1. This is such a neat idea! How cool would it be if a real birds nest was built in that? The ladle is such a good find too. I love that the paint has worn off of it. I wonder how old it is!?

    1. It’s from a flea market in Florida, so I’ll bet it came out of some retiree’s house who moved down there and died. I’d guess that it’s from the 30’s or 40’s.


  2. What a sweet idea, Paula! I really love the bird nest!! Have quite a few myself and my kids bring them to me whenever they find them in the yard!! Have a good weekend!

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