Vintage Treasures from a Dumpster Dive

Dumpster diving?  Oh yes I did!!  My friend Suzanne and I started our run the other morning and noticed a dumpster in front of an empty house formerly occupied by an elderly couple.  The couple moved into a retirement home in another city and someone is working on cleaning out the house.  Before we ran, we peeped into the dumpster and saw vintage treasures.  After running, we couldn’t resist climbing  in the dumpster to save a few things from the landfill.  If you like vintage things, keep reading to see what I found!

My favorite find is a Coke calendar from 1968 – 1969.  The graphics on it are incredible!  The lady of the house was an elementary teacher and many of my finds are classroom related.  Since this calendar starts in September, I assume she got it at school.

September 1968 Coke Calendar

October 1968 Coke Calendar

November 1968 Coke Calendar

December 1968 Coke Calendar

January 1969 Coke Calendar

February 1969 Coke Calendar

March 1969 Coke Calendar

I’m not sure if April is missing from the calendar or if I forgot to photograph it.

I was born on Monday, May 26, 1969.  My mom thought she could make it until the school year ended in June but I had other plans!

May 1969 Coke Calendar

June 1969 Coke Calendar

July 1969 Coke Calendar

August 1969 Coke Calendar


I found a lot of vintage magazines.  The gardening ones gave me a laugh because they recommend using outlawed pesticides like DDT to kill pests.

Vintage Magazines


Groovy covers from McCall’s that actually kind of look current for 2013!

McCall's Vintage Magazines from the 1970's


These maps are all from the 1950’s.

Vintage Maps


Life Magazines from 1950 and 1968

Life Magazine


I found several books including this Better Homes and Gardens Garden Book.

Better Homes and Gardens Garden Book


I washed this fabric as soon as I got home and am sure that I’ll soon find a use for it.



I love the graphics on both the cover and inside these coffee brochures.



The posters below are Coke and are from 1963.

1963 Coke Lumber1963 Vintage Coke Transportation


The following posters are a 1963 set produced by Coke.  The graphics were too great not to keep!   The first three are my favorites.

Coke Our America Oil Gives a Thousand Benefits

Coke Our America Transportation Develops Highways

Coke Our America Motion Pictures

Coke Our AmericaCoke Our America Making a New WorldCoke Our America Motion Pictures for Social ValuesCoke Our America Preparing and Presenting Motion PicturesCoke Our America Technical and Scientific UsesCoke Our America Transportation Creates New Wonders


I couldn’t resist saving two cans that aren’t incredibly old but are still charming.

Old Tins


The man of the house must have received this as a gift and never used it.  Why I saved it, I’m not sure.

Seaforth for Men


Suzanne and I are running again today and I’m hoping that more will be added to the dumpster.  We are sure to dive in if we see any other salvageable treasures.

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  1. Great treasures! The cover photo on the 1950 Life magazine is so sweet. (I’m constantly decluttering my house so my children won’t be throwing out stuff when I’m gone!)

  2. oh my goodness, I’m so full of covetousness of it all, the coca-cola posters and that Vietnam map my hubby would appreciate. If you sale that, let me know! Let me know of another dumpster find you may know of 🙂

  3. Oh wow! Why would anyone want to throw all those treasures away! I definitely would have jumped right in there with you. I hope you do save some more of these wonderful items. When my mother in law passed away, my husband went over there one day and just called St. Vincent De Paul’s Church and had them just come load everything away! He didn’t even give me a chance to go through anything! I salvaged just a few kitchen items. I was so angry with him!

  4. Oh my, I would have been jumping in right after you! What FUN and great finds!!! My birthday is in May too, the 4th! How about that!! Hope you have a GREAT Saturday…

  5. The owners would probably be pleased that you wanted their “trash” and can make good use of it. I hope you can find more good stuff. Just be careful in that dumpster!! Shannon

  6. Great finds! I love the Coke prints, too.
    I recently started following your blog after seeing your post from 2010 about the fabric headbands. I re-pinned it and actually made one tonight. Such a great and inexpensive DIY! A friend bought several recently and paid $6 each for the same thing.

    1. I’m so glad that you found my blog through my headband post. I need to make a few more for myself.

  7. GAH! I’M SO JEALOUS! LOL! I have been searching high and low for vintage maps for the boys room redo! -_-
    Enjoy your treasures!


  8. What amazing finds! I would have skipped all the way home with those treasures! I think the BHG book is my fave although it’s a toss up between that and the planters can. What a lucky girl you are!


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