Cross Stitched Valentine’s Day Tea Towel


Cross Stitch Valentine's Day Towel by Sweet Pea


Did you cross stitch in its 1980’s heyday?  I adored cross stitching and remember staying up until the wee hours of the night to finish a section.  I recently pulled out some of my old cross stitch pattern books and embroidery floss and made a tea towel  for Valentine’s Day.

To cross stitch on fabric, ‘>waste cloth is basted over the fabric, the cross stitch is completed, and then the waste cloth is removed.Heart with Waste Canvas

Wetting the waste cloth makes the threads easy to remove.  Since I cross stitched a few small areas at a time, I trimmed away the excess waste cloth and then carefully pulled out the threads one at a time.  Wetting the waste cloth for this small project wasn’t necessary.

Heart Trimmed

Heart with Waste Canvas being Removed


Do you recognize this heart design from the 80’s?  My friends and I had all sorts of home accessories with hearts.

Love on Towel


I made my tea towel out of a scrap of drop cloth.  The cross stitching took a few hours finishing the towel with a few straight seams was a breeze.

Cross Stitch Valentine's Day Towel


My towel will hang from my stove until February 14.

Love Towel on Stove

Have you decorated for Valentine’s Day?  This is it for me, so far!

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  1. I was in the thick of the cross stitch craze! I did lots and lots of projects, but I haven’t taken up the needle and floss and waste cloth in years.

  2. I was one of those late-night cross stitchers in the 80s! I love your heart tea towel, just beautiful, great job!


  3. I still do needlework on occasion. I love your little tea towel. It’s so sweet!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  4. This is darling! I do samplers, not as much as I used to, but they are fun and relaxing.


  5. I remember taking a class and making one small needlepoint that said Home Sweet Home with a heart on it and then my baby was born and that was it for taking classes…lol.

  6. grizzleybeargardener says:


  7. So pretty!

  8. You did a good job. This towel is so pretty and sweet!

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