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17 Antique Easter Postcards

I’m excited to share with you the antique Easter postcards that I inherited from my grandmother. Most of the cards in the collection belonged to family members and I love decorating with them.

Graphic for blog post sharing 17 antique Easter Postcards

Antique Easter Postcards

I’m sharing both the front and the back of each postcard. I enjoy trying to read the message and also looking at the stamp and postmark.

Cross Postcards

We’ll start with my very favorite of all of my antique postcards. This is my favorite because it’s my favorite Easter hymn. I had the hymn playing as I wrote this post.

Christ Our Lord Is Risen this Holy Day Antique Postcard

This is the back of the postcard. This card isn’t addressed to a family member. My aunt and I are not sure where my grandmother got it.

Christ Our Lord Is Risen this Holy Day Antique Postcard - Back Side

I often display this card at Easter. You’ll soon see some postcards that are making their first appearance on the blog.

All Easter Joys Be Yours Antique Postcard

This was sent to my great-great-aunt in 1909. Her name here is spelled Willie but on other postcards it is spelled Willye.

All EasterJoys Be Yours Antique Postcard - Back Side

I don’t think that I have ever displayed this beautiful postcard.

A Loving Easter Wish Antique Postcard

When my aunt reads this blog post, she will have to let me know if Mrs. Holland was a family member. I think she may be Willie’s sister but I am not sure.

A Loving Easter Wish Antique Postcard

I love the pretty blue flowers on the cross.

Best Easter Wishes Antique Postcard

This is another postcard that belonged to Lizzie Hughes.

Best Easter Wishes Antique Postcard - Back Side

This postcard is another sent to Lizzie Hughes.

Easter Greetings Antique Postcard

I somehow missed scanning the backside of this card. It isn’t postmarked and I learned from a blog reader that when an antique card isn’t postmarked, it was sent in an envelope.

Easter Postcards with Text

This is a nice message to send to friends or family at Easter.

Happy Easter Antique Postcard

My aunt may be able to tell me who B may be. This card was sent to Willie after she was married. B could be Bessie, one of Willie and Fannie’s sisters..

Happy Easter Antique Postcard - Back Side

I love the colors used on this card. I know this is likely from the bible but I don’t know where. My googling resulted in 1 Corinthians 5:8 but the text doesn’t match.

Easter Greetings Antique Postcard

Note that here Willie’s name is spelled Willye. Willie’s sister Fannie raised my grandmother. My aunt and I have noticed that Fannie’s name is sometimes spelled Fannye.

Easter Greetings Antique Postcard - Back Side

Note the reference to women’s suffrage in this card. My former teaching assistant gave me this card. It belonged to her aunt.

An Easter Prophecy Antique Postcard

Tulip Street is in White Rock Hill. Lynchburg has seven hills and White Rock is one close to downtown.

Back side of An Easter Prophecy Antique Postcard

Does this card make you smell Easter Lillies? I always enjoy seeing them in church on Easter Sunday.

The Lord is Risen Antique Postcard

This is another postcard addressed to Lizzie Hughes.

The Lord is Risen Antique Postcard

I didn’t realized that a Peace Lily has religious Easter meaning until writing this post.

Hearty Easter Greetings Antique Postcard_

Lulie is one of Willie’s and Fannie’s sisters. Her portrait hangs in my guest room.

Hearty Easter Greetings Antique Postcard - Back Side

German Easter Postcards

I shared this Happy Easter german postcard in my Easter family room post. I love the bunnies!

Ein frobes Osterfest Antique Postcard

Hattie sent this card to Mrs. Dodenhoff (this is Fannie) and also to Willie. Note she used Willie’s first name and Fannie’s last name when addressing the card.

Ein frobes Osterfest Antique Postcard - Back Side

Happy Pentacost

Frohes Pfingstfest Vintage Postcard

Hattie also sent this postcard. Note that it says “Best wishes to your dear niece.” This could refer to my grandmother (raised by Fannie) or to granny’s sister, Constance, (raised by Willie). The girls weren’t separated really because Fannie and Willie lived very close to each other.

Frohes Pfingstfest Vintage Postcard - Back Side

Other Easter Postcards

I’ve never seen an Easter card with a hen and a rooster on it but it makes sense. The eggs have to come from somewhere.

Easter Greetings Antique Postcard

This is another postcard sent to Willie before she was married. Note that it is sent to her place of employment, Heironimust department store. (Very interesting article on the history of this store.

Easter Greetings with Rooster - Back Side

This card was never sent.

To Greet You at Eastertide Antique Postcard


A Joyful Easter Antique Postcard

Another postcard sent to Mrs. Holland. It looks like Willie sent this to her mother? This doesn’t make sense to me because Willie’s mother’s last name should have been Compton.

A Joyful Easter Antique Postcard - Back Side

Someone had a lot to say to Willie, they even used the front side of the postcard for their message.

Best Easter Wishes with Girl in a Green Bonnet

It is interesting that a two cents stamp was used on this card instead of a one cent stamp like the other cards have.

Back side of an antique Easter postcard

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

We’ll end with this resurrection of Jesus Christ postcard.

Easter Greetings with Jesus Antique Postcard

This postcard looks to have been sent to Lizzie’s mother.

Easter Greetings with Jesus Antique Postcard- Back Side

I hope that you enjoyed seeing these mostly antique Easter postcards.

Have a wonderful Easter!


  1. I love all of these, but my favorite is the cross with the pink flowers! Not to be sacrilegious, but Crawford just got home ans his hair is so long he looks a lot like the strawberry blonde Jesus postcard. :)Happy Easter! Xoxo

  2. This was such a treat, Paula! I would love to have the postcards my Nana wrote people through the years. I do remember always getting them from her when he would vacation in Hawaii and back east. I especially love the white lilies. I’m amazed at how pretty the backs of a lot of these postcards are. Thank you for sharing these with us. Happy Easter!

  3. All of these postcards are such treasures. You are so fortunate to have this piece of history from your family. They are all so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. When I was about to start high school, my best friend moved to another state. We would send postcards to each other, and it was pure joy to receive one in the mail. Your collection of Easter postcards makes me think of those days. It’s a lost art. I’m amazed at the collections you have, and I love hearing your stories.

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