Cozy Winter Home Tour – Part Two

I’m back with part two of my cozy winter home tour. If you missed part one, you can see it here.

Cozy Winter Home Tour

Family Room

I so much enjoy decorating our home for each season. Our family room is the perfect spot to get cozy on a sofa and watch the snow fall.

Winter decorations in the family room

The coffee table centerpiece is a wooden bowl filled with faux snowballs and twinkle lights.

Faux snowballs with twinkle lights in a wooden bowl

The end table holds a winter vignette that includes a DIY snowman candle holder, a vintage beer can from Mr. SP’s collection (see more here), and a red glass candle holder, most likely either Blenko or Fenton, that belonged to my grandmother.

Winter vignette in the family room

On top of the pie safe is another winter vignette.

The lantern was my grandfather’s and the covered bridge tray was found in a local antique shop.

Winter vignette

The postcard and candle were purchased in Vermont.

Pure Maple Syrup Candle and Vermont Maple Syrup Postcard

The other coffee table and corner are also decorated for winter. My grandfather made the wooden piece under the candle for my grandmother to use for Garden Club floral design competitions.

Family room winter decor

The light was my grandmother’s and Sherman found the deer antlers. I purchased the vintage radio at a neighbor’s yardsale.

deer antlers displayed on a vintage radio

Sherman relaxes in his leather chain in this corner most nights.

Family room winter decor

A winter vignette decorates the table. Mama gave me the spool, the needlework was found in a New Mexico thrift store, and I made the frosted candle.

Winter vignette in the family room

The pie safe is also decorated for winter. The Coca Cola lumber art is from the 40’s. I left my Econolite in place from Christmas and added my grandfather’s pipe and tobacco holder and a small bottle.

Mama’s family lived on a farm and threw their trash into the gullies on the farm. If you know where to dig, what was trash and now is a treasure can be found. This small bottle is one treasure that I found.

Winter vignette in the family room

Frosted branches a european plate complete the display.

Winter vignette in the family room

This corner is decorated for winter. Read about the winter art here.

Winter decor in the family room

The postcards are from Vermont and the blue bible was given to my grandmother on Christmas Day in 1926.

Ski Vermont postcard vignette

Breakfast Room

Our breakfast room is where Mr. SP works when he works from home. He prefers to go to work but we’ve had winter weather this month that has forced him to stay home. Sherman thinks he is staying home to pet him, so he is by his side all day long.

Winter decor in the breakfast room

The table centerpiece is a toolbox that my dad made filled with pinecones sprayed with faux snow.

Pinecones in a Wooden Tote Winter Table Centerpiece

I have a growing collection of suncatchers that I love to display on the breakfast room windows.

Snowflakes Suncatchers on 3 Windows

I love the winter snowflake suncatchers that I ordered from Etsy. Get a sneak peek at my Valentine’s Day suncatchers here.

Stained glass snowflake sun catcher

I so much enjoyed sharing my cozy winter home tour with you. I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Dear Sweetpea,
    Your decor is wonderful. I look forward to what you use to make your home so charming.
    and my prayer circle continue to pray for you. Hope you get into the trials.
    Blessings, Loretta

  2. All so very unique and so personable. Nice find with that tray and I love the wall art behind Sherman’s chair! I also love the tool box display, nice work dad! I am curious about your breakfast valance style curtains? I love the way those hang on the windows. We’re those handmade or bought? If bought do you recall where or the name on them?
    How are things with you personally? I haven’t seen an email from you recently and I don’t know if I’ve missed anything. Hope everything is going in the right direction! 🌸🙏🏻🌸

    1. I made the valences using a Pate Meadows pattern. I tried to look up the pattern name but their website is down right now. Emails are being sent every time I share a new post. I found out last week that chemo isn’t working, so I desperately need for the clinical trial in Fairfax to start.

  3. Paula, your home is so pretty. I just love how you have incorporated things from your grandparents into your decor. No matter what style of decorating we use, those things ALWAYS will fit in well.

    I am so sad to hear about your health, but very hopeful that you will get into the clinical study. When will you find out? Am I correct to assume you had to apply to get into the study? Do you do that through your oncologist? My dear friend’s son was in a clinical study but I never learned how that process works. You are in my prayers daily. I just want you to be healthy. I pray it is in God’s plan for you to be healed. You are such a beautiful person and I know you have so much more to offer our world. May God watch over you, sweet Paula.

    1. I love your family pieces and you always amaze me when you know every detail about each. I have some that I need to make notes about before I forget their story. I love those snow sun catchers. Beautiful.

  4. Paula, your home is so cozy, warm, and inviting! I couldn’t choose a favorite vignette because they are all well thought out and beautiful. Your home is such a reflection of you: your heart for teaching and your love of people. Thank you so much for sharing yourself, your family, and your adventures with us. You are a joy and a treasure.
    You and your family are in my prayers daily.

  5. Sweet Paula, it saddens me that your news wasn’t what we prayed for, however, I do believe that God’s mighty healing hands will bring you strength when you need it most and the health you’ve been missing out on. As always, I will continue with my “Knee Mails” to our Heavenly Father on you and your family’s behalf.
    Your home always looks amazing, and frankly I don’t know how you manage it, but well done! I especially love your “Made in Canada” maple syrup can and your granddad’s pipe. I too have my granddad’s pipe and it’s original delft blue pipe holder, from The Netherlands dating back to the late 1800’s. Considering my dad came from a family of ten and I am the youngest out of nine, I feel blessed to have this among my cherished treasures. We live in the midst of Amish and Mennonite country near St.Jacobs Ontario Canada, where sugar shacks and sap lines, Canada’s version of liquid gold, are as familiar as oil lines and drilling rigs in Texas. Maybe one fine day, my social friend, you’ll make it up to the great white north, were we’d love to show you the beauty of our area, share a meal with schmecks appeal, and hit the local markets and antique shops.
    Until next time, keep your faith up higher than your chin and know that you have an army of prayer warriors on your side.
    Your friend in the Great White North,

  6. Really a pretty Winter look. It is Wintery without being cold. Your home still looks warm and cozy. Thinking of you and praying for the clinical trial. God Bless You and your Family definitely includes Sherman.

  7. Paula..I spotted the tool “caddy” right away and new someone special had to have made it. I have one very similar that my husband made on my table as well. Also the green picnic basket…all precious! I agree with the others your home is lovely and welcoming.
    Continued prayers for you and your family.

  8. Hi, Paula! Love all your sweet vignettes and the stories that go along with them. Also love that Sherman helps you forage for decor!!! How on Earth did you come up with awesome family room valances? I’ve never seen any so pretty uet unfussy! Praying for renewed strength for you as you enter the new clinical trial. Also praying for your sweet mom! Big TX hugs ❤️

    1. Thank you so much, Stephanie. Mama and I so much appreciate your support. I made the valences in our family room using a pattern from Pate Meadows.

  9. So lovely and wonderfully cozy, Paula. Once again, what makes your decor so special is the personal connections you have to every piece.
    I am praying that you go that spot in the clinical trial, Paula.

  10. I really like the pinecones and all of the green dishes on display! And the stained glass snowflake!

    Very pretty!

    Thank you for sharing this at the Sunday Sunshine Blog Hop

    Ridge Haven Homestead

  11. Oh my, I love your decor! It seems like a cozy place to be!

    Our decor is a mix between my husband and me, so it’s not that cohesive. I hope to change that soon!

    And good luck with that next chemo as a bridge to the clinical trial! You are in my prayers!

    Visiting from the Homestead Blog Hop!

  12. I always love seeing you beautiful decor and learning about all of your pieces, Paula! You created such a cozy and welcoming home, and those snowflake suncatchers are amazing! Pinned!

  13. I also love to decorate my home with family keepsakes and found treasures. I display items that make me smile when I see them, which I imagine you do as well. I love your vignettes, and your seasonal displays! I don’t have quite the flair for decorating that you do, but I’m working on it!

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